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  1. I just want to apologize to this thread. I initially showed interest in becoming a captain upon announcement and then basically things at life and work got extremely hectic and I disappeared. I am sorry it wasnt my intention, good luck to everyone in the competition.
  2. I believe you should weather the storm at the low stakes. Play great fundamental poker and in time you will win your share.
  3. What do you think the minimum amount of volume is that someone can play, and expect to become a good player with a few big scores, thank you.
  4. mjarose

    Should I limp?

    great feedback! thanks guys
  5. mjarose

    Should I limp?

    after talking strategy with my friend, while trying to find the obvious leaks in my game, he says that I am limping too much. Is there ever a time to limp or is it just not something that I should do at all. thanks
  6. I qualified for the 1 million guarantee satty on full tilt. 1-50th get a seat into the 600 + 40 tourney. If I win a seat can I unregister and get tourney dollars, thanks.
  7. would you play the $40, thats winner take all for 1st out of 10 or the $75, 400 for 1st 200 for 2nd
  8. i know its crazy but im going to be in AC for the state wrestling championships and only have 100 bucks for gambling....if you had to pick one what would you do.....1/2 no limit....MTT or SNG.....
  9. Although being a Physical Education/Health Teacher in NJ I do not support or like Chris Christie, I hope he does something right and the Bill passes..
  10. There is supposed to be a decision today, we will see if that happens shortly http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2011/03/your_comments_gov_christie_exp.html
  11. I know there are a millions different tips to becoming a better player, but if If you were allowed to give just one tip to improve someones game what would it be...thanks
  12. i broke it in months ago, and have played poker quite a bit on it, with no effect on my picture at all..
  13. no burn in TV looks just as good as when I bought it..
  14. HDMI Ok pics later def.....
  15. I played poker on my new 50 inch Plasma yesterday and I have to say anyone due for a new TV, make sure there is a PC option, it was really an incredible investment..
  16. how about custom skins, right now I am using the cardrunners skin..
  17. I love playing 6 maxs on Tilt, they have every other tourney possible but curiously no 12, 18, 24 etc.. 6 max SNG tourneys these would be great BR builders..
  18. what I have been doing also most recently is keeping a written log book. This helps me stasy focused and stick to the plan as I do not want to write down -negatives which I highlight in red. I know there are so many online excel tools but the old school style of keeping a written log book has helped me so much more stay focused on the goal.
  19. Thank you, I hope that I can keep this consistency up...although I truly love MTTs, I guess I need to stay where I am profitable for the time being..
  20. thanks a lot everyone for the feedback, much appreciated
  21. over my last 885 games I have a ROI of 14% and over 1k profit in the low limit of 5-15$ SNGs mostly 6 maxs.....I used to play 1 table and have recently increased it to 2 tables..i was wondering what weekly/monthly profit should I be able to realisticly obtain if I focus exclusively on these SNGs, and should I go be playing at least 4 tables.....thanks for the feedback and advice, its appreciated..
  22. hey Maven, was wondering what the 3x turbos were, thanks..

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