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  1. GLGL J.B. Grindier Don't forget that The deep stacks are your baby.
  2. Rocco....he has an awesome story. Great things coming for him!
  3. I remember playing a lot with RhoNin on Stars and always liked Appst. Congrats on the scores
  4. She is def a deceiving person. I could see her being a cheater along with most other chicks in poker from all of the tales that have been spread around the last year, etc. dont out her like adz did kling....thats dragging a name through the mud. there are better ways to go about it because one doesn't want to stoop down to that level.
  5. seems like in this case it would be an mtt on the regular schedule or something added. No sngs or 180 mans.
  6. As far as I know they are comped separately for each mlife casino you play at regarding poker.
  7. Thanks for posting that link wacky. I'm most likely going to try Poker Income out.
  8. Glad you are going for it Appst. Wish I would have had the balls before. Now I have a serious gf and doubt I will ever have a serious chance, but who knows!? Life can take one on some crazy turns. Enjoy it, man, and work/grind your arse off! Don't take it for granted! Make your own luck and maximize your resources! GL
  9. What were the payouts? ICM wise it's a terrible call on villain's part and a bad shove on your part because you know he will call you from previous hands (AQ, A10, etc.). You took a higher variance line, when you could have let the shortys bust out. If you win this hand, though, you are not making this thread. In the future when faced with this situation (lots of shortys, high blinds, vs 2nd CL) just fold. I know all players are short, but most are super short. Fold>shove>call sb- >2bbs bb- 17.5bbs (hero) utg- 4.5bbs mp- 4bbs co- 7.5bbs Btn- 16.25bbs (villain)
  10. Always have liked Tony Hawk! Surprised to hear rumors that he is a douche irl. Hopefully not true. About the pic, I dont think there is anything wrong. She is def in no danger at all!
  11. BigRiskky 2012-12-13 22:24:38 Got excited about being big chipleader 11 left in FTOPs event. Got less excited busting 11th. #hmmm #variance #foundzen
  12. TJ mutha fuckin Mullens He is a "G U-nit"
  13. Repeat of last year's SEC title game for UGA. Start out hot, then get crushed by the superior team (LSU). bama 34-17
  14. Too bad, CaMacho was pretty sick. This guy never gave up. He just kept the pressure on! Biggie "Swift fists like Camacho/ the head haunch-o"
  15. My friend works for a college athletic department in the same conference as Grinnell, the team this player plays for. I have personally seen Grinnell play. They do not play defense! They give free layups every time. Grinnell presses up until half court, if the opposing team makes it past half court, Grinnell just gives them a layup. On offense all Grinnell does is chuck 3's. They usually sub 5 guys in and 5 guys out every few mins, but this guy must have played the whole game. I text my buddy about this stat this morning and he said "I'm embarrassed to be a part of D3 athletics. Grinnell is such a piece of shit." My take is that scoring 130+ points must be soooo fun. You just get to come down and chuck every single time! They still won by 50+ points, so they must have been playing the middle school girls team from Egypt.
  16. Dan Smith is just siiiiick....POY Saw SirSwish in Hammond last week-
  17. Brooklyn NBA Jersey looks pretty cool, tho-
  18. No, I don't like that vest either. Weird, it has a hood on it, too.
  19. Going on now. Check it out if you like him. http://www.youtube.com/user/jayz/featured
  20. def wasn't Hartley's fault. Packers aren't even close to playing their best game. Watch out when the packers click! They will return to dominance fairly soon. Oh, and future refs officiating Packer games: Get your head's out of your asses now so you can call a fair game.
  21. LOL, ^^^this pos would be posting right ahead of me rooting for the opponent. Die Bullara
  22. what a fucking joke that play was. Fuckin Harrell....obv have rodgers, benson, jordy in fantasy. Big Siiggghhh

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