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  1. felipe is just a giant pos berating fish, being annoying, bitching, cheating, etc really classy guy!
  2. Such a great guy and great pokerrrrrrrrr. So well deserved. Congrats Dave!!
  3. improved since he sees AJ in the hijack and is oi
  4. just wanted to say this was an awesome read so far and i have always been a big fan! hopefully ill think of some questions soon
  5. noone cares about following people in live tourneys alex
  6. lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  7. Favorite Online Poker Memory: Probably winning my first ever live package to PCA earlier this year in a 33$ 3x turbo. idk why but i was sooooo happy Least Favorite Online Poker memory: Getting 11th Back in 2006 in the FTOPS Main AA<99 for CL. All time favorite MTT: early 100r on stars...so fun so soft Best things you did with your poker money: staking people and watching them grow into allstars! Worst things you did with your poker money: Rhino/Lending people $/ dropping out of school Favorite everyday feeling you might get from poker: favorite everyday feeling...hmmm Least favorite everyday feeling you might get from poker: just being tilted about making a mistake, playing poorly in every pot i play against kleath, seeing idiot regs winning tournaments Never wanna see at your tables again: ryanbluf
  8. What do you think some of the highest true ROIs are in: super tuesday, afternoon 109 fo, 5k napt mohegan, sunday 500? I feel like you are one of the guys I have played the most with. I think you are pretty sick and don't like seeing you at my table! Have you noticed any leaks/things you think I could improve on? This has been a really good read so far. Thanks
  9. blockers to 99 and 88 tho
  10. in for a smaller buyin one without all these bosses if someone wants to start a thread and organize it
  11. lol @ all u idiots who are getting on deluxs back for keeping this closed. its clearly a friendly post and lol if u cant realize that. of course he doesnt actually think he is the best turbo player in the world. pretty funny how arrogant some of you guys are
  12. i once got first place $ in a mohegan 500 with 6 or 7 people left
  13. this post is awful. the post would be good if you also posted a video with how hard your laughing after you post submit

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