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  1. I love to bake & cook... definitely think that watching cooking shows, Food Network, etc has helped me learn a lot of tips & techniques. Plus, the more you watch the more you'll be able to put things together on your own.
  2. I haven't done one of these for a while and someone inquired a little bit ago, so I thought I'd post here in case anyone else has been wondering. Jake's been doing very well lately. For almost his entire life, he threw up 4+ times per day, and the past few weeks he's stopped throwing up almost completely (relatively speaking). He only has "bad days" once in a while, usually right after his treatments. His appetite has increased, and combined with his lack of vomiting he's packed on a bunch more weight. He's still a skinny little guy, but over the last month has put on well over 2 pounds and weighed 23.6 pounds the last time he was on a scale... for him, that's huge! He's talking more and more and getting much braver about everything. I think all the weight he's putting on along with the fact that he appears to feeling better has really made him less anxious about life in general. The most recent MRI was done on the 3rd, and the results were favorable in that the tumor hasn't really changed size at all. We're told that no change is a "positive outcome." I'd clearly love to have MRI results come back one day and the whole thing just be completely vanquished, but I understand that's not very likely and thus I accept that this is good news for Jacob. What is also good news is that while the tumor appears to be unchanged in size, the amount of necrotic tissue seems to be increasing with each scan. That's an indication the chemo is helping kill the tumor from the inside out, and we're hopeful that it will basically collapse in on itself at some point. This collapse may be aided by another surgery in the near-ish future. Jacob's oncologist is going to send the MRI up to a surgeon in Denver (the same surgeon we visited in April for a consult) so they can discuss his options. The oncologist seems to think that this current chemotherapy regimen may have plateaued, and it makes me think in the coming weeks we will either see a new set of drugs, start seriously discussing another tumor resection, or both. Thanks again to everyone who inquires about Jacob. He's a bright and fantastic kiddo and his brothers are also doing well. I don't post any of this with intent to worry or dampen spirits. Most days we sail right along without ever worrying about a thing, and the only moments that "get to" me I've always got someone there for me.
  3. Hi brahbrah, you're such a legit poster, look at you. I don't have avatars turned on... don't think I'm going to.
  4. meh i'm not big on the avatary things. eventually. :)
  5. I can post without getting really confused. Hooray! Maybe I'll have a p5s renaissance.
  7. for all i know he's like, the number one most popular poster in teh wurld now. i couldn't log in for a while, p5s was broken or something.
  8. http://www.xtranormal.com/ Pretty sure :)
  9. I have been reading threads for like 15 minutes trying to find something to post, just for mr blonde's sake. I found it. Hi africam! Hi blonde!!
  10. I am way behind as usual in teh OT but I want to say I'm sorry to all those who have had their trust breached recently. OT has proven themselves over and over again to be a community who gives to those who need it and I'm so sad to see that trust and togetherness abused. It's heartbreaking and I understand how many of you are probably very angry and hurt. That having been said: What you did for my family and Jacob is the most amazing thing and I want to make sure that everyone knows that even tho I'm not on here every day, OT is still like a second family to me and I 100% intend on following through with Jacob's Aces. We are at a standstill with founding our "own" charity right now but are exploring other options and for the time being I think the money will go into some sort of interest-bearing account so that it can continue to grow and down the road when it's large enough to fund a true 501 charity that will become a reality. Saw a lot of posts questioning trust around here and it made me want to remind everyone that you have done a Very Good Thing for a very sick little boy (who is, thank God, improving) and that Very Good Thing will help countless other kids in the future. While OT may tread more cautiously in the future, I want to thank everyone again from the bottom of my heart for having the love and generosity it took to donate so much and let you all know that if you ever want to know the "status" of the plan, you can PM me, skype/aim me (if I'm on, lol) or shoot me a FB message. It is not just Jacob's organization, it is very much yours and I want to make sure you feel you can always contact me about its progress.
  11. Spoke with Jacob's primary oncologist yesterday and he discussed Jacob's most recent MRI (done 1/4/10) with us. Said that the spinal metastasis has stopped and it appears that some of the spinal masses are gone. Also said the primary tumor in Jacob's brain is slightly smaller... this is actually tremendous news because the pathology of his tumor is such that we would happy if it just stayed the same and never grew. I do not know the exact numbers but when they reassessed his disease in October, they told us that the "new" diagnosis lowered his "potential outcome" (that's scary illness code of chance of surviving) by about 15%. Basically, we were staring a pretty bleak cancer in the face and Jacob is responding to his treatments better than we could have dreamed he would. I am grateful he is in the hands of such capable, experienced and intelligent doctors. On top of that I can't thank p5s enough for all their thoughts, prayers, encouragment, support, and financial support in this extremely difficult time for Jacob and our family. We still have a long road in front of us but it is looking much more manageable today and I am very happy to share this news with everyone
  12. <3 Sick run, make sure they give you your $10k in the little wrapper stack. So hawt.
  13. Hai lil bro AG summaries pretty much ownnnnn, did you see the one she did for me about OT? I heart AG.
  14. We send holiday cards if my husband initiates it, I'm too forgetful. We write all the addresses ourselves, except the return address that we stamp on.
  15. Ya, I wasn't sure what the definition was for that thread either. My answer accounted for people who I have slept with and also told "I love you." Whether or not I meant it is another thread entirely.
  16. When did you get your start? I had my first "serious" (lolhighschool) relationship when I was I was 15, so I have 13+ years of sexin' under my belt to accumulate. Just wondering because each additional year probably gives a person at least one more partner on average. Probably much higher than that because of some of you whores out there.
  17. I lived in an apartment here on the first floor and the second floor ppl above me had a yappy little pissant of a dog and it pooped over the edge of their balcony and the poop landed on my porch. so fucking gross, and they wouldn't stop it because i couldn't get a hold of them EVER. so the miserable little beast just sat outside all the time and wailed and shit and I still think I hate dogs a little more because of it. Moral of the story is: I hate everyone.
  18. i'm really, really bad at reading timestamps btw, i thought this was tonight when it was last night. but ya, apparently my brother and i loaded up mounds of bad karma in a past life or something, because i can't think of too many terrible things we've done in this one :p i just talked with him on the phone and he sounds like they're both dealing with it okay. frustrating that the casino won't even bother with the tapes. i mean, i understand, i guess, but still rawr.
  19. oh and fwiw, i turn the ring into security every time, i couldn't live with myself if i didn't. but that's me. and i'm sure some ppl are thinking, "no, you wouldn't." but yes, i would. recent case in point: i was at a casino here and was getting ready to go home after having a losing night. stopped to use the restroom before leaving and in the stall i find a cashout ticket for just over $500 in the bathroom. looked at it, thought about how easy it would be to stick it in my pocket and go cash it in, but then knew i would be eaten from teh inside out with remorse and feeling shitty about things if i did. so off to security i went and right when i got there, some lady came up to the desk crying and asking if someone had turned in a $500 slot ticket. anyway. point is MAYBE someone will be honest, even though they prolly won't :( also, my bro's girlfriend is THE GREATEST. and i have not always been close with her or even friends with her--- but over the years she has proven again and again that she loves my brother unconditionally. if you knew my bro like we knew him you'd know how this incident is making him feel like shit, and watching him hurt makes her hurt, which is why she's crying. no one should assume she's mad at him or "needs" a ring. i love my brother and i love his fiancee and i know they'll get through tonight and forever very happily.

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