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  1. its jaybone. he sucks. lol
  2. there is a small chance i'm doing something wrong
  3. politics are the worst. lol. trump or obama guy walks in to the party. me. im watching this boring baseball game leave me alone lol
  4. was good until the celtics lost on Tuesday
  5. horford has been so good this postseason. smart has re-upped his game too miami is just another lay up on to the championship
  6. he is a douchebag that puts cheese wiz on cheessteaks
  7. patriots vs afc east tuck ya head under ya pillow throw a penny into the local lake and pray
  8. i have always said how lucky the reets that do this shit are so dumb. killing random people is as bitch move as it gets i've never shot a gun once but i can guarantee i'd wipe out everbody
  9. @wantagolf am i gonna be talking too my self in poker discussion? #FreeOT a bunch of white people want it to happen immediately
  10. im not pn team whithe trash
  11. send missile to poor people in philly instead of ukrriane
  12. they call steakncheese cheesestaeks wit wiz lol
  13. as much as i wanted to say shit these are the people walking around who bring a hammer to a gun fight
  14. yo when the easglesgle beat NE fly eagle i just bit my tongue at the store when some retard would walk in. i wish they knew how annoying they are and the price i would have paid in cash to smash their head into the cash register
  15. or he's stealing donkwoods money from a bitcoin ATM lool
  16. i'd ask em but he is busy managing a strarbucks somewhe at the moment
  17. just eat at quiznos for a few weeks lol do they still exist or did that child molester from poppa johns sin the ship?

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