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  1. Good for him. Glad to see you coming around.
  2. This post is aging well.
  3. This is not the first student organization at a university? RT2 in here dropping knowledge.
  4. lol they restricted comments #virtualsafespace These kids are learning fast… 1. Make accusations based on feelings, not facts. 2. Shut down anyone that disagrees.
  5. Kyle killed a serial pedophile that raped little boys, good karma will forever be on his side. I’m not a religious man, but if I was I would say Kyle is Jesus Christ your savior.
  6. He did kill a racist
  7. This is actually real lol
  8. acp

    black jogger

    Arbery’s dad: ”all lives matter, not just black lives” BLM: “slow down alt right daddy”
  9. hookie = OT’s moral compass teach me
  10. Wine is made from grapes.
  11. acp

    black jogger

    lol’d at those two words being associated
  12. acp

    black jogger

    It wasn’t blocked by the judge per se, it was not in accordance with the law.
  13. acp

    black jogger

    Another good verdict!!!! Once I learned they didn’t lawfully execute a citizen arrest, this case didn’t interest me as much anymore, it was pretty much in the bag they would be found guilty.
  14. I don’t mind being the guy without a mask in a store, I just cringe knowing an employee might ask me to put one on and then I have to go Karen on them.
  15. I was going to watch this before learning it was a musical. But since you don’t think I’m the target audience, I’m going to watch it out of spite.
  16. Haven’t you learned to not rely on initial reports? Pretty soon you’re going to be telling us his mom was actually driving with a plastic bag on her head.
  17. acp

    black jogger

    Oh shit, the defense just brought up Arbery’s khaki shorts and long dirty toenails. This is might be the turning point for proof Arbery was killed as a result of self defense.
  18. Yah was supposed to emphasize it isn’t stupid, I should have put a zero.
  19. On a scale of 1-10 for stupidity (10 being worst)… - Citizens legally carrying = 0 - Citizens rioting and looting = 10
  20. acp

    black jogger

    Now that lawful citizen arrest defense is possibly off the table, it is seemingly a win for prosecution and justice for Arbery. If interested, this is a great live stream of closing arguments with lawyers providing commentary.

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