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  1. I miss the days when there were homeless people at ESPN final tables Not one interesting hand all night. Only moves were a light 3 bet or two and they all folded in every marginal spot (which they were pretty much always right to) I think it would be better if they killed Nov 9. That way they're all tired, can't train for months. Might actually get some blowups and isn't that what we all want to see
  2. Tell Buch about all the world's secrets then laugh when he comes on here and no one believes him
  3. West top 5 (I think Memphis takes a step back) is insane. Have no idea who's coming out but LAC is gonna take the 1 seed since their bench won't kill them anymore. SA/GS don't care enough and Hou/OKC don't have enough regular season depth. Battle for 7/8 seeds has some fun up and coming teams with NO & Utah. East finally more competitive from 2-10 and hoping for a Cleveland injury or two to really make things interesting. Mil, Bos, Tor & Indy in some order 5-8. Think Bulls will be in that 2-4 range with ATL and Wash but will take longer than some are expecting for Hoiberg system to flourish while struggling to maintain top 10 D. Too much depth in the front court and not nearly enough guards. Snell and McBuckets can't replace Dunleavy. How Rose plays is key, has to attack a lot more and get to the line. Settled for too many shots cause he's scared to get injured but just doesn't have the touch and his shots have no arc. Jimmy's gonna be even better. Everyone is too high on Niko going into the season. If Pau and Taj are coming off bench they're gonna kill other team's backups. Thursday prediction: Bulls 105 - Cavs 96
  4. Brother lives out in Vail and have a friend whose parents have ski in/out condo there so gonna do my annual 2x a season trip there. Also wanna go to Tahoe again since last time I went I got food poisoning first day, but enjoyed the whole ski during day gamble at night aspect. Last time I went tho snow wasn't so great. When's the best time of season for Tahoe? I think we did Heavenly last time, what are the other good mountains there? I snowboard if that makes a difference.
  5. Problem is he can't play any D, I think Dunleavy should have a beast season if he can get healthy. 3's are gonna be flying, hopefully Rose can shoot better and let Jimmy run more of the show. Most interesting is how Hoiberg is gonna handle the big man rotation. We have 4 legit bigs that need minutes and I doubt be we see the Noah/Gasol pairing anymore thankfully.
  6. TMobile is the nuts for international travel. You don't have to do anything and you get free unlimited texting and data in basically the whole world. You just land and it hooks you up to some local provider. Data is usually a little slower than at home but in Tokyo and Seoul it was basically the same, even worked in the subway which never happens in Chicago. I think I was even able to use the hotspot feature to connect my laptop. And if you don't want to have TMobile in the US cause it's a little worse than ATT you can sign up for a month or however long you are traveling then cancel after cause there are no contracts. Online I have read that if you are never in the USA and basically use it as an international phone they may cancel you but I was overseas for like 3 months and nothing happened.
  7. damn OT got old and responsible real quick some of us still enjoy some good ol jaybone whooty hunting tales keep up the good work
  8. Met him a couple times and was surprised how quiet and polite he was. Introduced himself every time but can't blame him as I do that to everyone in poker and he's one of those characters that you never forget. Besides that I just remember the grills and his purple car (I wanna say Lexus) that looked like it belonged in a rap video.
  9. http://waitbutwhy.com/2015/08/how-and-why-spacex-will-colonize-mars.html Probably the most interesting thing I've read this year. Takes a couple hours but I had no idea going to/colonizing Mars was even a possibility in our lifetimes.
  10. Ill take bulls +6 for 300. please confirm and pm if you want escrow before tip
  11. LVPD sorry I saw you changed up your package so didn't send. I'll take whatever you have left/wanna give me
  12. Bump me up to 20% of LVPD and if anyone backs out on you snaggs ill take their share
  13. This. I'll prob take whatever % is left of snaggs and 5%+ of LVPD
  14. If you're not terminally ill wouldn't wanting to kill yourself make you automatically not competent? Our entire evolution is based on survival
  15. Yeah the amount of time spent on sports by the average adult male is nuts and it's so useless. At the same time I kinda feel bad for chicks because there is no female equivalent to sports for women. Even with how useless it is at least you always have something to talk about/bond with other guys about. I went to Brazil for the WC this summer and it was awesome. Dudes from all over the world and it gives everyone a good excuse to go somewhere with your buddies and just have fun party etc. Girls really have no equivalent and I think it's part of the reason girls are such bad friends and secretly all hate each other. They have to get a lot more creative to have reasons to get together and hang out, dudes can always just use sports. So yeah sports are really dumb yet awesome at the same time.
  16. Yeah I don't mean to be so negative or a downer and it's nothing personal about you, I just find that most people fall into one of the two categories and rarely do you find overlappers.
  17. No matter what you're gonna end up having some generic pointless life. Either lazy depressed bum who sits around thinking about this shit all day and does nothing about it because you're a lazy depressed bum, or active idiot who does a bunch of stupid meaningless things. I've found that the active idiot lifestyle makes me more content, and I've given up on the hope that I'll actually accomplish one of those legit/hardcore things. Also I think that because of how you are, the chances of you actually doing something legit is higher if you get out and start doing shit (even if it's pointless/dumb) then sitting around.
  18. When I step back and look at basically everything I do in my entire life it makes me feel like an idiot. I mean we all signed up for P5s originally to get better at a card game. Think of how intense some of the arguments on this site have been over what play is best/who is better at poker. In the end though its really the same for 99%+ of the world population unless you're some kind of high level scientist/doctor/inventor of something important. The rest of us are just chasing experiences, money and social status which at its core is the pursuit of the best possible pussy we can get and the need to fill time because basic survival is easy for most of us. I always hoped having kids may change my perspective some but I kinda doubt it. I've found it best to not think about it too much and stay as busy as possible.
  19. I'll take both of these and can settle before or after the game. Can you both confirm with amounts and pm me if you want me to send before kickoff.
  20. want pats for $100-$500. can send PP before game
  21. Fck unlucky man. Yeah I got $$. Nice runs and next time you'll get all the whooty
  22. Jaybone packages such sick value. Add in entertainment and markup should be 50%.
  23. More Jaybone busting fools and mackin on whooty less analysis on incomplete hand histories

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