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    actually, check out Harrah's Cherokee in Cherokee, NC... they use machines that take out 10% rake of every pot up to $5 i believe for 1/2 games, so no worries about tipping the dealer, and it also allows for their live games to increase their hands/hr significantly higher than any other standard live poker game. it's pretty freakin dope to say the least because you're sitting next to everyone as usual, just no more cards or chips [its all virtual on your own little screen in front of you around the table and then a global screen with everyone's chip stacks, the board, etc. (and as an added bonus, when all-in it even shows your percentage to win the hand after every street for the n00bs)]. i have no idea why i decided to basically advertise harrah's cherokee poker, because i have no affiliation to them, im just saying for those of you who haven't checked it out or know what im talking about, its worth it to! here's a picture that sort of gives you an idea of what's going on, apparently they have these tables somewhere in vegas as well: http://media.cardplayer.com/image/p/PokerPro_AngleDk2_Medium_.jpg
  2. you c/c the turn, so what kind of river were you looking for? in these live 1/2 games, especially soft ones (which 98% of them are), it's really pointless to try and "guess" what your opponent has considering there's so many great spots to chip up. you need to have more of a plan on the turn. by calling the turn, you should be looking for a river that bricks every draw because you're thinking you're good. I agree with kev in that im c/r flop wanting to get it in (and if you're beat then it's a cooler), but flatting the flop and seeing that turn you need to either c/f or c/r there, and if you c/c (because you're disguising your two pair) you need to be thinking you're good by calling. as played and seeing that absolute perfect river card in terms of every draw he might have had not getting there, im snap calling his river bet. ultimately though i'm saying you need to play with a plan, especially, as stated earlier, in these soft 1/2 games where chipping up is generally pretty easy. im probably never c/c the turn in this particular instance, unless again im planning on c/snap calling any blank on the river (although i do this probably <1% of the time). i definitely don't think it's horrible to fold the turn if you have some sick read or something, but calling the turn to fold to this river card is pretty terrible imo
  3. trying to be involved to the community is perfectly fine. but trying to contribute to it by posting a very standard, repetitive, and obvious question will lead people like graps to think you dont understand simple concepts like being results-interested and/or understanding that spots like these are extremely redundant when considering a higher amount of volume being played. take criticism constructively or maybe youre right when saying you shouldnt post anymore.
  4. I feel like you're making your decision on a gross read that you have, which is ok I guess, but because you bet enough on the flop to be giving yourself better than 2.5 to 1 on a call to his shove I think you have to call. if your assigning his calling range in the bb there pre to qq+ then you should go ahead and check the 'check/fold' box unless obv the turn/river helps you.
  5. he knocked out jymaster.. he must have been running like a thug
  6. there are a lot of articles and threads around that talk about the EV of particular spots and whether or not calling/folding/raising/etc are appropriate for certain situations. all of these are simply based on ranges you put on the villain based on the action in a hand, and on the image of you and your opponent(s) at the table. what i believe you mean by going with your "feeling" is you're instinctively and maybe unconsciously putting the villain on a range based maybe on the way he played a certain hand, or maybe on his image at the table, and you played the hand accordingly. what you probably need to also understand is that the equity values that determine the EV of spots are solely based on whether or not the play (usually calling or folding) determine if that play is profitable or not in the long run. I.e if you are getting 3 to 1 to call an all-in, and based on the range you put the villain on you have 30% equity, you should call the all-in because the EV of that spot is positive (if you're getting 3 to 1 on your money you only need 25% equity for it to be a break even play, anything above it is +EV). another thing to take into consideration that is important, especially in sng's, is ICM (but again it is ultimately just another type of statistical way of determining if a play is the right play.)
  7. doyle's gonna pick the world up and then drop it on your fu**in head!
  8. Stage #276556342 Tourney ID 5644637 Holdem Multi Normal Tournament No Limit 1,200 - 2010-07-14 18:31:49 (ET) Table: 3 (Real Money) Seat #2 is the dealer Seat 1 - RAVIC77 (12,454 in chips) Seat 2 - 901SHAOLIN (16,284 in chips) Seat 3 - 77BEZEL (63,943 in chips) Seat 4 - WHATL3Y (77,130 in chips) Seat 5 - SHOTGUNNED (76,929 in chips) Seat 7 - PAULZ22 (17,266 in chips) Seat 8 - ARNIS714C (36,953 in chips) Seat 9 - 1K2DAY (122,127 in chips) RAVIC77 - Ante 100 901SHAOLIN - Ante 100 77BEZEL - Ante 100 WHATL3Y - Ante 100 SHOTGUNNED - Ante 100 PAULZ22 - Ante 100 ARNIS714C - Ante 100 1K2DAY - Ante 100 77BEZEL - Posts small blind 600 WHATL3Y - Posts big blind 1,200 *** POCKET CARDS *** Dealt to WHATL3Y [Js Jd] SHOTGUNNED - Folds PAULZ22 - Folds ARNIS714C - Calls 1,200 1K2DAY - Folds RAVIC77 - Folds 901SHAOLIN - Folds 77BEZEL - Raises 4,200 to 4,800 WHATL3Y - Calls 3,600 ARNIS714C - All-In(Raise) 35,653 to 36,853 77BEZEL - All-In(Raise) 59,043 to 63,843 WHATL3Y - **HHHEEEEELLLPPP** ok first off i have been playing with sb for a bit and he hasnt gotten out of line at all. i sucked out 99>JJ earlier in the tourny to him but obv dont think he had gotten tilted from that considering it was an hour or so earlier. no read on initial raiser. idk if my flat was really bad, or ok, but if i 3bet the sb, obv im not folding to his shove and i wouldnt have been asking this question. just was wondering if i could get some advice on what to do as played (im leaning towards fold in most situations, but i could be way wrong).. ALSO, is 3betting pre a better option here? (im thinking so after thinking about the hand for a while)
  9. im gonna bump this and ask what p5ers are still in, and stacks would be dope too
  10. I agree with this mainly because ive been fairly deep (<200 runners left) in sunday's 3r several times and notice signs of strength to be very strong, especially with a non-reg/non-solid player 3bets 4x+ in mid/semi-late position to a standard raise. In saying this, I was wondering what OP or any other people would do if he raises to, say 45-55k here..? imo i feel like its much easier to widen his range slightly and shove with that 3bet than a 4.3x 3bet as was played, i think mainly because it shows competency much more often than a 4x+ 3bet especially since we're talking about a 3r. Feel free to discuss/flame/agree my post, but just speaking from some experience in this tourny
  11. what do you do here? no reads just got to the table.. also after you give me your input on what action i should take, and given that its a $3 mtt on stars, what calling range do you give the sb (not really worried about the initial raiser at this point) there to a 3bet thats not a shove (which i really really dont think i should do based on my stack and villains') as well as a calling range based on me shoving.. thanks PokerStars Game #46053115341: Tournament #284561357, $3.00+$0.30 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XI (125/250) - 2010/06/27 11:36:38 ET Table '284561357 116' 6-max Seat #4 is the button Seat 1: WHATL3Y (6095 in chips) Seat 2: Juan Rdo. (4320 in chips) Seat 3: paranaita (35259 in chips) Seat 4: lashrlog (10445 in chips) Seat 5: lehegalle (3840 in chips) out of hand (moved from another table into small blind) Seat 6: katimba (22613 in chips) WHATL3Y: posts the ante 30 Juan Rdo.: posts the ante 30 paranaita: posts the ante 30 lashrlog: posts the ante 30 katimba: posts the ante 30 katimba: posts small blind 125 WHATL3Y: posts big blind 250 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to WHATL3Y [6c 6s] Juan Rdo.: folds paranaita: folds lashrlog: raises 435 to 685 katimba: calls 560 WHATL3Y: ????????
  12. just sat down at the table and get this, from what i feel, is a pretty common spot i come up against in micro tournies.. more times than not i feel like its a snap fold with my pos etc, but i mean i guess because it is a $2 tourny and its kinda hard to put villain on a specific range in these tournies i wanted to get opinions on how you play this out.. thanks for any responses: PokerStars Game #44742558762: Tournament #274587643, $2.00+$0.20 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level II (15/30) - 2010/05/28 16:03:13 ET Table '274587643 53' 9-max Seat #4 is the button Seat 1: sibiryk (3000 in chips) Seat 2: burton717 (2925 in chips) Seat 3: fahrllord (3000 in chips) Seat 4: Räm. (3015 in chips) Seat 5: WHATL3Y (2970 in chips) Seat 6: KillBill110 (3200 in chips) Seat 7: moneymarc815 (3260 in chips) Seat 8: Mnemon_78 (3000 in chips) Seat 9: medhi999 (7970 in chips) WHATL3Y: posts small blind 15 KillBill110: posts big blind 30 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to WHATL3Y [Jd Jh] moneymarc815: folds Mnemon_78: folds medhi999: folds sibiryk: folds burton717: calls 30 fahrllord: folds Räm.: folds WHATL3Y: raises 90 to 120 KillBill110: raises 360 to 480 burton717: folds WHATL3Y: ?????
  13. just got 18 handed this hand and villain is new to table (with huge stack as shown). hes CL and im in 4th or 5th, cant remember... just can't really figure out most optimal play here: flatting pre, 3-bet to 95k then calling to shove (obv not 3bet/folding and turning AQo into a bluff pre right??), 3-bet shoving, folding (cant see this being right)... anyways, thanks for any insight PokerStars Game #43906671845: Tournament #270882099, $3.00+$0.30 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXXII (7000/14000) - 2010/05/10 19:49:01 ET Table '270882099 97' 9-max Seat #9 is the button Seat 1: smkriscunas (194383 in chips) Seat 2: asdf78 (435780 in chips) Seat 3: sypbmw (451301 in chips) Seat 4: levcsi25 (1690860 in chips) Seat 5: cDavids (162469 in chips) Seat 6: caincain29 (234256 in chips) Seat 7: WHATL3Y (451540 in chips) Seat 8: Spoker88 (291328 in chips) Seat 9: JyLuK (374020 in chips) smkriscunas: posts the ante 1750 asdf78: posts the ante 1750 sypbmw: posts the ante 1750 levcsi25: posts the ante 1750 cDavids: posts the ante 1750 caincain29: posts the ante 1750 WHATL3Y: posts the ante 1750 Spoker88: posts the ante 1750 JyLuK: posts the ante 1750 smkriscunas: posts small blind 7000 asdf78: posts big blind 14000 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to WHATL3Y [Ad Qs] sypbmw: folds levcsi25: raises 28000 to 42000 cDavids: folds caincain29: folds WHATL3Y: ?????
  14. kinda sucks that the library closes
  15. ^^^ EDIT: here's one I had earlier but it got deleted i guess cause of the bad words :/.. this should be better :)
  16. I don't contribute as much as I wish I did, but read a lot and ^^^^
  17. i really wanted to holler "JERRY JERRY JERRY" earlier in this thread but im too late :/
  18. let me guess, you called, he flipped over A8/88 and you're trying to think about whether or not you should have folded and are asking for advice.. stop being results oriented imo and realize you are only behind here as played when youre faced up against some lucky donk who doesnt know anything about getting value out of his/her hands... please don't think about folding this here
  19. oh goodness, here goes an hour long break to fix the problem
  20. alright.. now im back in and pretty much playing 5 handed on my $3r table...

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