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  1. Funny that is your answer to this whole problem. Did you not read the chat or see my screen captures? The site gets exposed. The money returns to account. Should be end of story.... How many other players do you do this to that go unexposed? Corrupt system. Corrupt program. Chat representatives that wouldn't know their head from their asses... Not a one I have ever talked to on your site can give any logical explanation to questions. Total corruption.
  2. Here's the story: I was playing a small private game on Black Chip Poker $2.20 buy in with rebuys. I started the day with $5.28 in my account. I busted once and bought back in. I won the tournament. The prize was $10. When I looked in my account, I had $6.28. I contacted support. They circle jerked me for an hour and basically said hand count when you made a deposit. Subtract all your tournament entries and fees. See if you have any $$ left. My question to them was...Can you buy into a $25 tournament with only $20 left in your account?? If you have $0 in your account but you are still playing a tournament and you win it, for $10, shouldn't you have $10 in your account?? I only played 1 tournament yesterday and have not played anything since. Read the chat...its comical! https://sabercathost.com/4Xda/bcpstupid.pdf Here is my account after, my only transaction for the day, and a screenshot of the win. https://sabercathost.com/4Xdh/outs5.png https://sabercathost.com/4Xdi/outs3.png https://sabercathost.com/4Xdj/odds.jpg
  3. Congrats on your cash (I went out in 61st in the same tourney). You do know that the Atlantis is primo expensive!! I hope you have a HUGE bankroll! This certainly wouldn't be the first big tournament I'd choose. (I played this in 2006) Good luck, you will need it! Steve
  4. Mods, delete this thread as it has been closed
  5. This is Steve Jewell aka Dontquit. I’m placing my Las Vegas 2016 package up for investment. I’m seeking a 60% investment and will play if I receive 50%. My Bio: I have been playing poker with increasing intensity since 2001. I have had good success online. In 2006 I won a freeroll outlasting over 10k entrants for a 12k package to the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure. http://www.pocketfives.com/profiles/dontquit/ In live play, I know how to navigate deep fields. This year started off with a bang as I won the HPT Ameristar East Chicago Main for $211,777. I just finished the return trip for the HPT with placing 71st in Event one this last weekend. They had over 1200 entrants. http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=248308 Las Vegas Package: Events: Monday 6/20: Venetian 3M $3500 (2 bullets) Tuesday 6/21: Planet Hollywood 700k $600 (2 bullets) Weds 6/22: WSOP PLO $1500 Thurs 6/23: PH 150k PLO $600 Total buy in $10,300 X 1.2mu =$12,360. 1% minimum. 1%= $124 5%= $618 10%= $1236 Any unused bullets will be refunded with markup Updates on Twitter @dontquit I will also post in this thread weekly updates. I accept Paypal, Chase Quick Pay, and Venmo Please include your name on your payment so I know who is sending. All payments are requested to be received by May 31st. If payment has not been received, your name will be removed from the reserved list and next up alternate will take your place. **All winnings will be subject to taxes. Before paying out, you will need to provide me a signed W-9 form with your name, address, social security number or tax id number. You can find form here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf Then early next year you'll receive a 1099-MISC noting the income. If you are not willing to provide this information, I will withhold what my accountant directs me based on my income (30% minimum) **All sponsorships, bonuses, and endorsements will be solely mine.
  6. I see this....and don't necessarily call it a bad beat...just unlucky. You did get your money in with the best of it..and in poker that's all you can ask. He drew out on you..it happens. We all can tell stories of guys chasing to river...drawing on bad odds...hitting their 2 outs for a huge pot. It happens. You just have to play solid poker...try and forget the bad cards. Good luck
  7. totally agree. Pushing in this spot is not the thing to do...you're just begging to get lucky. One out makes you huge...but you're probably not against another flush draw in that situation. You're also drawing to odds that may not be correct.....very weak play....retry....regroup....
  8. Tekno, After reading this...I think its the right play at the time...at best you could be dominating his small pair...at worst....you could be dominated by an overpair....and possibly it could be a coin flip. You two are both the big stacks at the table....if its me..I lay it down and pick a better place to rip this guy a new one!

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