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  1. No, it won't. These petitions are posted by individuals, not by the states themselves. They say you will receive a response if it reaches 25k signatures. In reality, you get a template response that means nothing. It's less indicative of what states want and more indicative of what ignorant rednecks want.
  2. Can't wait to deal with the bullshit of explaining to the DOJ/IRS that the $$$ in my FTP account is my backers and not mine...
  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/22/technology/zuckerbergs-property-status-post-marriage.html?_r=1&smid=tw-nytimes&seid=auto
  4. Wow, even your average is high for me. I will be doing some tweaking this weekend I think. What about CPC? Any advice on their bidding system? I've noticed that much of my ads are shown in early morning on the west coast and the Reach is quite far below Impressions. Do you know of any way to customize when your ads are shown? Maybe bid higher?
  5. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of CTR's do you all have on FB?
  6. I think your line was fine and a flop shove isn't optimal. Wouldn't mind flatting raise on flop and leading turn as well as I think you are more likely to get action from someone bluffing the flop if you bet turn as opposed to just letting the opp check back turn after you.
  7. I graduated at 50+. Student loan/college system is a fucking scam
  8. Love the clever Vandy fans who are making WHITE AND BLUE "UK2GAY" shirts. Kentucky by 140.
  9. I think if they can get past the issue of pros owing money and whether or not that $ will go towards paying back players or going to the investors, there isn't much else in the way of them coming back to the US or at least the rest of the world.
  10. I’ve thought about this subject a decent amount and feel like I can add to it since I’m in a completely different place than I was 6 months ago. I lived in Vegas for a few years playing poker and loved it. Black Friday was absolutely the worst thing that could have happened to me at the absolute worst time. I was on my largest downswing ever being backed and had lost enough of my personal roll to where I didn’t have the ability to travel anywhere besides Vegas and LA. The WSOP was kind of my last shot at trying to get something going and needless to say, I didn’t get it going. I kind of floated around for a few months after that trying to grind up a roll playing cash and staying consistent, but it wasn’t working. Eventually I decided something had to change. I didn’t want to wake up 5 years down the road (I was 24 at the time) and still be playing poker live in the casinos in Las Vegas. I just didn’t see myself getting to any level of personal success doing that. For the record, I definitely thought that online poker gave me the extra chance to succeed and make a large amount of money player poker. Without online poker, I didn’t see the ability to progress as a poker player the way I wanted to and build a career out of it. I didn’t want to have a wife and/or kids and be grinding 2/5 at Bellagio lol. I moved back to my hometown and gave up poker and focused on getting my shit back together and getting a career going. Luckily, I have a degree and had something else to fall back on. I’ve since got a job that I love and gives me a lot of freedom and have started to play poker again a little bit on the weekends. I’ve got to say, taking several months off from poker was the best thing I could have done. Playing is fun again. I still don’t really have a concept of the money but it’s nice to be able to not worry about losing and just having fun with it. I don’t wear headphones while playing anymore. Talking and interacting with people at the table is fun. I don’t tilt when people play bad vs me and get there. Time off really has changed my entire outlook on poker. I live in KY though which doesn’t even allow Merge/Cake so that sucks. I’d like to be able to play on the weekends online. One thing I can say is that I wish I had defined goals better as a professional player and done more to get that shit done. I messed around too much when I was playing full time. I didn’t take advantage of my opportunities and I really don’t think I played in the most optimal way. I think I just wanted to play the highest stakes with (who I thought was) the best and it didn’t matter what my ROI was. It really bothers me now looking back how I thought I deserved to be playing high stakes online when I don’t think I had the results to be playing HS on a regular basis. I feel like had I actually treated it like a job I wouldn’t have had to make the decisions that I did. I still have a desire to play high stakes again and hope I’ll get the chance to. I honestly think I’m a much better poker player now simply from having an entirely new mindset and just being happy when I play for fun and play for the competition. I know that I’m in a mindset where I could crush poker again and wish that I could play but I don’t think I even would commit to it full time again without online poker or a life changing score. I’m confident that online poker will come back relatively soon but not in any form that we used to see. I’m not sure I was fit to play professionally when I was a year ago. Maybe it was the fact that it all got taken away from me or maybe I’ve matured a bit with the extra responsibilities I’ve taken on. Looking back on it, I really do miss it and wish I could be doing the professional thing again. Actually, I probably shouldn’t refer to myself as a former professional, but a former full time player. Anyways, I could probably continue to ramble on, but I do miss online poker and poker in general and still think it would be awesome to play full time again. GL to all those still grinding it out.
  11. Maybe in her settings? I did almost the exact same thing except on a different tablet and when I go to buy books it automatically deducts it from my gift balance first.
  12. how has this not gotten more love edit: and to be on topic, i thought the movie was awesome and will probably see it again, but i also loved reading the millennium series and was pretty excited to see this
  13. Pretty excited for this and also for the new Assassins Creed iSpew on xbl
  14. Wish you could post PMs on this site..
  15. +1, seriously takes a certain type of person to be able to brush this thread off, even though it wasn't that bad...and also +1 to qwerty for fucking hating idiots who can't use the proper form of your, you're etc.
  16. And let the absurd interest rates build the principal even higher by a non-competitve, government owned scam call student lending? I should be paying off my student loans by the time I'm 70 as is..
  17. wow that 2+2 thread is f'd....that pic of the girl's GPS location gave me chills
  18. Was reading about this stuff yesterday and decided to not even try to access it. Read a walkthrough on another forum and they were saying to use Tor and 5+ proxies, cover your webcam, etc.. Sounds like a bunch of shit that isn't worth it.

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