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  1. I installed the update earlier today and now it's making me download it again as I try to reconnect. sigh...
  2. Yeah, who cares about the over 800k ftw on top of the "couple hundred thousand" if you can make it that far, Jamie. What a fucking moron.
  3. It's not to the 1/6 power it's to the 1/8 power. He was UTG.
  4. How did you come up with 6 in the denominator? I did it a different way and got the same answer so there must be some kind of shortcut trick to the binomial distribution I don't know.
  5. hospitalization + message sending = answer
  6. No shit. That's why it's fucking hilarious.
  7. 21 Come on you mother fuckers, don't be afraid to post because these ballers were better than you in high school. I know you are out there.
  8. lol this cooler is like 10x+ my expected life bankroll. mbn XD
  9. Should I provide a video recording of my downfall for the entire community to see? Who knows, I could be the next Mitch Hedberg!
  10. You don't have to raise to find out where you are in position. That's what position is good for...you can re-eval based on what he does OOP on the next street and gain info without putting any more money in the pot. uh...wat?
  11. Yeah I don't understand how shoving/getting it in is any good here against anyone really. And given the "read" I'd say folding is way too weak. You can still call and play better than him IP post sometimes...
  12. JoeDeertay


    as if i need one more table to open up on a sunday....fuck you jk! congrats and gl!
  13. Ok, so I went to a bar with some friends tonight to watch a stand up comedy show, and for some reason in my drunkeness I somehow got myself booked to go on stage next Monday night. The only problem with this is that I've never done this before and I'm probably not funny. Odds that I get booed off the stage in under 5 minutes? P.S. - If anyone in State College wants to see a fellow P5er get owned, go to Darkhorse Tavern next Monday night =P
  14. Sick not-so-thinly-veiled brags! lol jk, congrats on the shippage. Pretty sick resume.
  15. Your edge is way too huge here even against the tightest of nits to be folding. If you run into aces then it just sucks but nbd. lol @ flipping with KK
  16. A++++ thread. I should read this at like 9pm every sunday. wp hiding the MAing by the OP Infaulible your lack of understanding truly baffles me. The fact that you are 100% certain that you are correct and clearly do not wish to change your logic proves that poker will always be profitable, regardless of what people say. I'm not saying that this hand is a call or a fold or anything because the right answer has been given multiple times already ITT, but you really need to check yourself. el oh fucking el XD

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