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  1. I think a shove on the turn is pretty bad actually. I don't really see what that will accomplish here.
  2. This doesn't mean he has to be 3betting light. If he has been opening lots of pots but not 3betting much, then I'd likely just fold, but if he had been actively 3betting then 4betting is better than flatting OOP imo.
  3. Jesus Christ this thread is tilting me... For those of you who for some reason don't get it: foolsgold4u is NOT saying that it is ok to cheat at microstakes or anything like that. He is saying that he knows his friends weren't cheating because they suck and have no money in their accounts and really don't give enough of a fuck to cheat in $6 HU games. foolsgold4u probably hates cheating at all levels just as much as we all do, but is trying to say that it isn't what was happening here. His friends just broke the TOS but weren't being malicious. toddw, you are being the biggest hypocrite out of anyone regarding your situation. Yes, villain broke the TOS and for some reason was dumb enough to tell you that he was, so report him for that if you want. But he was in no way cheating you because he was being completely transparent and told you exactly who he was. You deserve and should expect nothing in return for losing to him, and probably just want your money back for losing and nothing else. I am 100% sure that if you won this thread would not exist and you would not have reported him. Get over it and play better next time. /thread
  4. This is exactly how you stay ahead of the game and keep an edge. You have to find out what the standards are and recognize paradigm shifts, and play/adjust accordingly. Constantly thinking outside the box is what will keep you ahead of the curve imo.
  5. I believe charder said once that luckychewy flats his entire range pre in the early levels because he is so tight and people will just fold, so he can make more that way.
  6. So how do I pledge the frat? I hope there isn't too much of a hazing process...
  7. This can't be THAT big of a mistake, IF it's even a mistake imho. People won't be reshoving very light into him here, even the 10bb stacks, so that gives him license to be opening at least semi-wide from any position with the CL. If he is a reg like someone said then I don't mind reshoving 66 here at all, although it's probably literally be the bottom of my range.
  8. wtf is going on in both of these hand histories?!??!??! O_o
  9. Seriously doubt I'm calling. There is just no real reason for him to be light here ever in a $2 MTT because the hand is getting to showdown regardless and you have already shown that you have a hand. I also doubt he is overplaying 2pair. Sucks but take the payjump and be happy imo.
  10. so NOT this... Um, this looks like preflop equity to me, and this action is on the flop of 673 or something. I seriously doubt even against this one hand we have over 39% or whatever equity we need to be calling. This also doesn't take into account the rest of his range which he are probably doing even worse against overall. Just fold, this is not a good hand to be stacking off with.
  11. hand 1) doubt I'm folding hand 2) doubt I'm folding hand 3) doubt I'm folding hand 4) doubt I'm folding
  12. You hurt yourself more playing it this way than by just getting it in pre
  13. Oh, at first I thought he cold called the 3bet or something so I was never folding. But now that I actually read the HH correctly I agree with Master.
  14. Also, villain being tighter or looser than the range I used in the above post affects things a great deal because of how close it is. Him having even a slightly tighter range makes it a clear fold, while adding a single hand like 99 could put it into a marginal ICM call (that you may or may not make anyway for gameflow reasons). I'd say in general people are pretty tight with all their chips at this stage, though.
  15. Amount in pot = 1935 Amount to call = 1485 Pot Odds = 1935/1485 = 1.30:1 Equity needed to call (No ICM)= 100/2.30 = 43.48% equity win tie pots won pots tied Hand 0: 46.820% 46.61% 00.21% 268172112 1198770.00 { JJ } Hand 1: 53.180% 52.97% 00.21% 304764492 1198770.00 { QQ+, TT, AQs+, AQo+ } *<--This may even be a little tight ----------------------------------------------------------------- ICM equity if you fold = EV(fold) = 28.03% of prize pool ICM equity if you call and win = 35.47% of prize pool ICM equity if you call and lose = 21.21% of prize pool EV(call) = 35.47%*46.82%+21.21*53.18%= 16.61%+11.28% = 27.89% of prize pool EV(fold) > EV(call) *<--given villain's range set above ----------------------------------------------------------------- So, moral of the story is, if you use ICM it's a fold, if you don't use ICM and go on pure hand equity then it's a call (given the range above and assuming of course that no one has called before you). Also, calling and winning doesn't really enhance your ability to run over the table. Calling and losing isn't really a detriment to your ability to steal either at this point, but as the blinds go up they will start to handcuff you faster unless you can get a big hand in the meantime. These are both good reasons not to throw out the ICM line in this case, imo. It's only a slight bit better than calling, but these days you need to be taking any small edge you can get.
  16. Happy to flip when I know he also has A2 here.
  17. I played my first undies session on friday as a matter of fact. It was the nuts. So much more +EV than the sweatpants (which are pretty +EV imo).

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