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  1. lol how can/why would you possibly collude in a HU SNG
  2. +1 I like the "bet to find out where ur at" line in situations such as this one. I feel like in these kinds of spots checking just gives up the pot almost every time, because you can't c/r and c/c-ing just makes you put more money in the pot without having any clue what villain has and then you either just c/f at the end or pay off the nuts when he's never bluffing enough, so it's better to just c/f. At least betting wins the pot against worse right there and you can pretty much confidently fold every time you get played back at. I do realize that checking also means he can potentially check down or take a stab with worse, but it gives him the power to play his entire range almost perfectly IP more often imo.
  3. elimherr said, "u have AA" elimherr: folds don't do this
  4. You are the shortest stack between them with only about 25bb, and because you saw him 4x a hand like AJ already then who knows how wide is range is here, meaning you have less implied value then you may think. It's probably close or marginally ok at best, and I'd probably just fold here. Calling to setmine can't be that bad against 2 players, though, since I doubt they're folding top pair.
  5. JoeDeertay


    ok kinda what i figured anyway. there was just a weird hand a friend played last night where the term was used and it didnt really make sense. thanks
  6. JoeDeertay


    What exactly does this mean? I think I might have an idea based on hearing it in context but I don't think I really understand it when people say it, so I figured I'd just be a noob and ask.
  7. Made me lol for about a second tho XD
  8. Heyward and the rest of the braves can smd. I'll be laughing at Heyward when the Phillies win the division by a million games, win the NLCS, and make Yankees fans cry when we take the trophy back.
  9. With people in the hand behind you you should raise, and even heads up here you should likely raise. Multiway you have to raise to not let draws have such a good value against you, and I doubt anyone raising anything behind that wouldn't call your raise (if they are bad enough obv). Also, if you do flat and it just ends up being HU against the bettor, it's not really a question of giving him free cards to make a draw, but the fact that there are a ton of turn cards that could kill your action against a hand that could potentially call the flop raise a lot of the time. It's not even an issue of balancing ranges here really because I feel like this isn't a spot where you need to balance that much. It's just them playing badly with top pair and you maximally exploiting it.
  10. He hasn't 3bet a lot over how many hands exactly? I mean it doesn't really matter THAT much, because if he is 3betting lighter than we may think then is just gives us some fold equity if we shove the turn, which always helps, but even if he really is that much of a nit and has only AAxx hands here then I think shoving is marginally justified. If he is decent as you say, he probably realizes that this turn sucks for naked aces and will be careful putting more money in unless you have an image for pulling the trigger on good bluff cards like this. That being said, I think shoving would really be somewhat of a semibluff to make bad AA hands fold, probably mediocre-good AA hands call (which would probably be the worst case for you actually) and obv nut hands call you. I think it's actually a pretty interesting spot tbh.
  11. JoeDeertay


    and this is probably better than bet/folding turn but I just think it looks like what it is most of the time. Doubtful you would also jam air here and you may jam overpairs+ but that kind of "balance" just makes jamming these hands unprofitable if you plan on getting called vs. the kind of range people in the 3r are seeing the turn with here. I like what stoneking said. I feel like any line that puts more money in on the turn is just compounding your preflop error most of the time.
  12. JoeDeertay


    As played: check/calling the turn is the worst possible line you could take. As previously stated, it basically puts you face up and kills any value you could get on your hand when you make it. It's really just spewing chips. The other options depends on reads imo, but the most standard line I feel would be to check/fold, because in a 3r I doubt you are really getting floated like this often enough to justify a check/shove, and that same reasoning is why I probably don't double barrel this turn because I doubt I get enough folds. However, if you do bet the turn, I feel like you would have to do it planning on jamming a good amount of rivers to justify it, and I don't think you are deep enough for this to work. Also, I would likely just fold preflop, and at the very most I'd just flat OOP to donk flops if I had some kind of read and a decent image for it. I'd only 3bet the LAGest of monkeys who fold WAY too much. It would be a different story if you were IP, then I'd just be 3betting hands like this a lot if I haven't already shown down anything too crazy (which based on chat it looks like you might have?).
  13. WhySoCereus is pretty good iirc so he probably knows that he can be raising pretty much ATC here every hand with the stacks as they are. He also knows that you bigger stacks should be folding here often without the "nuts" because the BB should be calling extremely wide here. I'm not an ICM expert or anything, but I think this may be a close fold, and only close because your hand is so strong against his value range against the BB, yet calling blocks the BB from getting his stack in. I'd definitely like to see more thoughts on this.
  14. It depends on his previous bet-sizing and showdowns (or lack thereof) as to what this kind of open could mean, but I generally tend to give micro donks the monster range preflop here from EP. You're pretty deep though, so with minimal reads I think seeing a flop IP is fine, and calling once on this kind of flop is fine too. If he bets again then you are never good and can confidently fold, because randoms don't just open 5x and bet air twice OOP postflop imo.
  15. JoeDeertay


    I think 4betting and shoving are pretty bad (unless he is an absolutely monkey this early), and if you flat it can't be to purely set mine but to also try getting to showdown ahead with one pair often as well, and the only reason I would consider it is because of position. It depends on what you think of him, but I might just fold. You've only been in the tourney for half an hour so I doubt you have sufficient reads to be playing a big pot here. Call me a nit.
  16. JoeDeertay


    Actually in this case with it being a $2 tourney it's probably more of a shove over flatting or folding pre then I originally thought, even considering the chance that the minraise is super strong, just because they might show up with dumb stuff like 22 here sometimes for all we know. In a bigger tourney however I think it's much closer.
  17. JoeDeertay


    Given how short the stacks are and that it's a $2 donkament, I'm not entirely against shoving pre over folding just because of the price you are going to get against (very likely) 2 players, but I just think that's it's only marginally better than folding at best. Also, the only reason I think that flatting might be barely +EV is because we would be seeing a flop against 2 players instead of one. That being said, I think all 3 options are really close and honestly it probably doesn't matter which line you take in the longrun here. It just depends on what kind of variance you choose to subject yourself to. And because you need chips to win tournaments and should only be buying into tournaments you aren't scared money in, I'd probably take the high-variance route and shove (that's just my opinion though, not saying it's right for everyone). On a side note, I think set mining in tournaments is vastly overrated most of the time (as stated above, this case may be an exception, but I'm speaking generally). Yes, you can flop a set 11.75% or 7.5:1 of the time, but going based on that alone assumes that you ALWAYS get paid off sufficiently when you hit your set and, more importantly, that you ALWAYS win at showdown. This is just not the case, and therefore you need to give yourself an implied odds pad when set mining. You have to account for the chance that scare cards flop making better hands slow down, that you get set-over-set, that they just whiff and put minimal chips in the pot postflop, that you get it in good and lose anyway, etc. Of course there is also the chance that someone spazzes out with air and pays you off that way, but I'd say that's far less likely than the negative consequences from the last sentence. You may also have the best hand and be able to outplay someone enough to get to showdown with one pair, but if you are purely set mining then this probably shouldn't be a consideration anyway. The size of the pad you give yourself is dependent on the villain you are playing against, and seeing multiway flops shrinks it a lot, but it's just something to consider when trying to set mine as you get shorter stacked. Just my 2 cents. Sorry for the digression =]
  18. Upon inspection I'm likely not folding this flop even with both players all in. Even though they can have 2pairs, straights, and sets sometimes, they can also have stuff like T9, 89, 97 and if they are bad enough even shit like AT or 99. Also, both of their ranges are pretty close here and if they both get it in then they are blocking/sharing each other's outs a lot of the time, which helps your equity a little in a multiway pot. I'm not exactly sure how your equity against those kinds of ranges are off the top of my head and I don't really have time to figure it out now, but I imagine it's sufficient to get the chips in here. I could be wrong, though.
  19. Well you obviously have a read that he is the biggest LAGtard ever and will just keep firing away, so I don't really mind your line against this type of player that much, especially if he is going to fire a bunch of his missed draws on the river. That being said, if he does in fact keep bombing the river i'd probably check again because it just widens his range for you imo (obviously he isn't going to call a shove with Thi or something, but he might just bluff again with it, etc).
  20. um...wat? just get it in already. you are so far ahead of their ranges math doesn't even matter that much anymore. fade the river and be happy.

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