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  1. And I'm curious as to what kind of hand do you expect him to go crazy mashing the pot button on a turn like this with. We can still have a lot of hands here too and I doubt he would be blasting off like this with a hand like 87 or something still having very little info about what we may have.
  2. I'm gonna throw my 2 cents in and say that I like a fold to a bet like this on the turn as played, without having any reads or knowing what tourney this is. I'm also pretty sure jamming the flop is bad here, but I could be wrong.
  3. oh shit I didn't realize they were on the same day lmao. Argentinaboy is just a sick human being.
  4. I know joker3883 won the 117 one twice in like a month or so and got 3rd in it another time back in the day, but still not at Argentinaboy's level if those are his results.
  5. Didn't Doyle call down Johnny Moss with J-hi after Johnny bet like $5k into a $1k pot or something on the riv back in the 60s?

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