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  1. Learn, understand, and embrace the swings you are going to expose yourself to.

    Don't get tilted too easily or at all (or at least minimize it's effect on your play).

    Experience really is extremely valuable. Playing as much as you can will build this experience faster.

    Do LOTS of studying/homework. I cannot stress this enough. Staying ahead of the curve is key. Chatting with other successful players is a huge help too, but just make sure you don't take too much different advice or you will just confuse yourself. As you gain experience you will get better at taking advice and etc from others and discarding the useless stuff.

    Most importantly, you MUST be extremely disciplined with your bankroll management. It doesn't matter how good you are, if you are playing games you can't afford the swings for - you WILL go broke if you do it consistently.

  2. 20bb's


    Shove range: 66+, ATs+, A3-A5s, KTs+, QTs+, AQ+



    for me:

    I think i shove 77's thorugh J's and AQ AK

    I raise call qq+

    I hate raise folding my stack but if i had to then 4's through 6's

    You can't raise/call QQ+ and openship 77+ AQ+, that's a MAJOR leak cos it makes your game readable, your range needs to be balanced.

    You can change between raise/calling and openshipping depending on your pos, say openship a range of 88+ AJs/AQ+ UTG but you could raise/call those hands from CO/BU to induce the blinds to get it in with worse.

    As you already mentioned raise/folding is not good, in fact it's horrendous on 20bb cos you'll spew your stack away.

    Important points:

    1. Set a range that you will go broke with from UTG and decide wether you want to raise/call or openship those hands.

    2. Never switch between raise/calling and shoving depending on your hand strength, rather on your position.

    3. Never/ rly rly rarely raise/fold with 20bb's

    Having unbalanced ranges isn't that bad against a table full of fish though, imo. It only really matters against regs.

  3. *** TURN *** [Jh Qs 5s] [Ts]



    I'd have 3bet less and cbet/jammed a flop like this one most likely if he is really THAT much of an aggrotard. But, as played, I'd just jam over the flop bet because you shouldn't have anything here and he might just bet his entire range.

  4. I'm not folding this. If the table is nitty and/or you won't be getting 3bet very often, then open to like 2-2.2x or whatever. Otherwise, I'd just jam and be fine with it. Pretty much a combo of what eDaN and Spissos said.

    What tourney is this anyway?

  5. I have 3 that I know can't be real but I do them anyway, just in case.

    If someone shoves on you pre, you win more often when you don't snapcall, regardless of what you have. Even if you wait just a couple seconds it's more +EV. I swear I run worse when I snapcall lol. RNG timing ftw ldo.

    I also feel like I run infinitely better if when I get all in at any point, I just say "hold" when I'm ahead or call for each of my outs once when I'm behind, and calling for outs I pick up on the flop or turn. I do it every single time lol.

    I also believe my black Nike sweatpants and white/black Etnies zip hoodie are my lucky grind clothes, and when I take the hoodie off I run bad haha.

  6. I was about to type up some long post about this, but every possible situation I could think of regarding the villain resulted in at least calling him down for stacks. Yes, he can have sets/2pair, but in almost all cases that I can think of he also has a bunch more than that. It's almost like I was trying to find a reason to fold, but I literally can't.

  7. Yes you did indeed.

    However if this is a fold for you here with 12BB left then something tells me that you missed the boat long before this.

    Do you tend to open your range up as the blinds get bigger?

    Read the book "Kill Everyone" that has a lot of advice as far as what hands are strong enough to shove at different stages of the tourny.

    I feel like I would get it in here every time with 12BB. I don't think the min raiser UTG is a terrible threat and the medium stack is going to call and then you just have to pray.

    I guess it depends a lot on your reads on the two players in the hand. Has the medium stack been 3betting a lot? How tight is the UTG player.... etc.

    Still with 12BB you aren't far from a stack that means nothing and if you're playing to win this is probably as a good a spot as any to try and double up.


    Fold plz.

  8. This is pretty bad advice. It only holds up if you can get all in every time you hit your set. What about the times the original raiser a) has junk and misses, b) has AK and misses, c) an overcard to their pair flops, killing the action?

    I think the real number for a pure setmine (ie, no set, no bet) is far closer to 20-1.


    pure set-mining in tourneys is pretty overrated imo


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