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  1. Thanks for the props Sheep.
  2. yah, 3k for 1st, pretty sick. did i miss something, are the fields so big cuz of the cancelations of the 3r, 15k, 100k, etc or is there some kind of glitch. 10k ppl in the 2.75 and 8k in the 11r just doesnt seem right.
  3. Herb

    um....does your neighbor wanna help me out? lolol
  4. Herb

    thanks haha, i obv dont have many, if any friends here and only a couple hook ups, just askin for some help help guys, thanks tho. If anyone out here can help me out i would appriciate a pm, thanks again!
  5. Herb

    really dont understand point of the vid? and thanks jimmy for the well thought out and informational response lol.
  6. Herb

    Is there no herb in vegas, i swear everyone is tapped and i am having obv withdrawls.

    i remember playing $1/2 nl w/this guy at Turning Stoned, what a stud. gl boss.
  8. Hey, I am a decent tournament player but recently had to withdraw my whole bankroll. You can be sure I have abso no money online, and I am willing to take any sort of stake. The Leaf on poker stars, Ownfest2K6 on full tilt, Mr.Binkage on UB. A stake would be much appriciated. thanks.
  9. Just rank dpeezy and get it over with. Thanks
  10. gg lee, im naming my first born after you
  11. we have a ball game, HU match now that one player returned, gl to both of you. now runing 13+ hours
  12. PahrumpGal gtd victory after 12+ hour limit stud free roll for $300+!!!!!!!! Although the tournament is4 handed, the other three players have passed out/died of bordom and are sitting out. GLGL pAHRUMPgAL!
  13. Aw tek, no love, you think i cried myself to sleep last night over this? I was just surprised at the responses I got is all, expected the p5's community to be a lil more helpfull, but as I said before i was obv wrong. Glad I could provide you all w/some humor b4 the hollidays.
  14. thanks beck, be in AZ shortly, dont understand the hate either, thanks for the halo idea gamble, class act......killing self, gl OT
  15. thanks gamble, much respek
  16. yah....ya'll ever wanna burn or play some cards get at me
  17. all good, it is what it is, gl
  18. I have never posted in off topic b4, I guess this is why. Why are you ppl always so quick to critisize? I moved here to vegas an i am lookin for some ppl to chill with, I figured p5's would be the spot to post. I don't understand why I am getting bashed.
  19. lolz, wtf sketch? you just sit on p5's forum on sat nights and try to make yourself feel better? Sorry for thinking the p5's forum could actually be helpful outside of poker.
  20. wow, ok sketch, this post was obv a big mistake, sorry to waste all of your valuable time on a sat night. gl @ the tables.
  21. Just deff feel like im getting bashed in this post for abso no reaosn at all. I have no friends in Vegas since I moved and i thought the p5's community could help me out, i guess not.
  22. why the hate tek, i thought we were cool?

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