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  1. Larry Bird hurt his back sodomizing one of your dogs. So they tell me.
  2. I want to go back to Florida this Christmas. They owe me a proper Cheesesteak. The lesson here....Don't get your Cheesesteak at a Flea-market in Florida.
  3. This death literally could have been avoided with some kid with an AK roaming around. oh well, who needs life?
  4. Ron Artest punches skinny fan. "Hey man. come back and play." - NBA Lady is big meanie to LeBron "Lifetime ban!!!!" - Twitter and Heavy j
  5. @URI_Stunna I forget if you dig this play or not.
  6. I used to dig this game!!!! I used to dig this game, until I got tired of sucking at it. Then, I did not dig it.
  7. If you could just keep that kid away from my dog,
  8. I had the misfortune to sell furniture for 5 minutes. People would constantly return sofas and whatnot the same day because they didn't measure anything at home and the thing wouldn't fit. Not a problem.I gave them their monies back. But, since they had it at their house, I couldn't resell it. So, I take it out back to the dumpster with a big ass machete and do my thing. It was almost heart-breaking.
  9. Were the Police brutal to the three people who they arrested? I hope not. That would be wrong.
  10. Dude's a bleeder like me. I feel ya brother.
  11. This thread goes out to all things you dig. You can also post about things that you used to dig. I will start. I dig The Warriors. I do not dig most of today's movies.
  12. Hey Daddy, I don't care what you say. I'm going to be this runningback's babymama, and we're going to live happily ever after. Goodbye forever!!
  13. I'm trying to think if I've ever liked anything that had dragons in it. I must have.
  14. This can't be good for Ben Simmon's mental health. Too much craziness.
  15. Union Labor>>>>>> Bunch of Scabs.
  16. I hope Kyle marries Karen and they have a Superbaby!
  17. I hope a bunch of White people don't stand out front of the courthouse (or anywhere) and cheer if the verdict is Not Guilty. That would be fucked up wouldn't it?

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