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  1. have 1-3k ftp(herdgolf86) need 1-3k stars(herdgolf86) pm me
  2. have 500-1500 ftp (herdgolf86) need 500-1500 stars (herdgolf86) pm me
  3. I think the underlying message in this thread is the better the player to post, the better the comments about Dwyte were...I think that should speak for itself
  4. have 1k ftp (herdgolf86) need 1k stars (herdgolf86) pm me...thanks
  5. quick easy trades for 2k and 1k with wackyjaxon and nimbus
  6. Im looking to buy a desktop tower and really dont know anyhting about them...I only use it for poker so i dont need anything too special but i would also like to be able to run 2 monitors and a HUD without ever having any problems or lagging...Im looking for thoughts on what specs i need for this, and what i need to run 2 monitors...Would appreciate anyones input...thanks
  7. have 3k stars (herdgolf86) need 3k ftp (herdgolf86) will deal with transfers over 500...pm me...thanks
  8. have 500 stars (herdgolf86) need 500 ftp (herdgolf86) PM me thx
  9. have 5k stars (herdgolf86) need 5k ftp (herdgolf86) will deal with any transfers 500+...PM me
  10. On my laptop on the Pokerstars software, the hand history viewer will not show up because i used to view it on a monitor i had hooked up to the laptop...Anyone know how to fix this without hooking up monitor back up?
  11. During the grind yesterday i was thinking why would FTP not make the Sunday 100r turbo an official event on the first Sunday of FTOPS with a guarantee or 300-500k...I think it would be well received....I'd like your thoughts and possible advice on how to maybe petition for them to consider it from now on... Thank you :]
  12. This is all absurd....They are 2 legit guys...They need their accounts back
  13. loooooooool, I doubt these guys are making anywhere as much as you assume. Journalism in general pays very little. If John Madden makes anywhere close to 7 figures it is because of sponsorship deals. The job has plenty of perks ... dealing with sports, being on TV, free food on trips, but I doubt the base salary is that great.
  14. i also like the under for my number of cashes today at 3.5
  15. wtf how can u leave out the browns +11 with gradkowski under center :]

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