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  1. Sister wants me to pay more rent because she kicked her BF out and he comes back and locks me and her out of the house
  2. This is like end of world shit in the NE and I’m loving it!
  3. Topps lost their baseball card lisence lol.
  4. not sure why it’s quoting you but PWCC just got banned from eBay. Did 200 million in sales this year
  5. I can never predict these ufc guys so hard to know.
  6. I know Deadpool what are those things behind him.
  7. I’ll be in NYC Monday for first time in eight years. soooooo expect a terrorist attack since we have really bad luck when we take trips.
  8. His cards didn’t get hot till 2012. He wasn’t a super high draft pick. This was a day old the day I sold it. Top guy in that set was some padre that never amounted to anything. Wanna say Riley Greene
  9. Got 3rd in same tournament last night. Just blew 35.00 of the winnings on dueces wild 😞
  10. Before and after scoring a goal againist England
  11. Trading card thread and we don’t know what ultra pro is…… lies…..deception.
  12. Got a bunch of uefa blasters and hit and red refractor and it wasn’t a rookie and half the set are rookies 😞
  13. Chemical warfare. I’m there to take your money not give off a pleasant smell.
  14. Water Landing? Isn’t that CRASHING INTO THE OCEAN.

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