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  1. Hey guys, our designer is working on some solutions for that button. Agree its obtrusive, especially below the usernames that have an undertitle. I think the last mockup had it to the right of the username, so there may have been some miscommunication in the implementation.
  2. I forgot to mention that you can also "Block" someone from following you if you wish. From your Rail page, click on the Railbirds link at the top of the right console. A list of your Railbirds will display. You'll see a Red +Rail button and a purple Block button by each. Just click the Block button to prevent your updates from appearing in that user's Rail.
  3. Your PocketFives Rail allows you to quickly and easily get the latest poker updates on the players of your choice. Click the yellow "Rail" button in the red navigation menu (while logged in) to access your personal Rail page. Think of it as an extension of our Local Communities - we use a similar format and the same filters. The difference is that you can completely customize the list of players you Rail, similar to Twitter. For those new to the term, "Railing" basically means watching someone while they play poker. We've always loved the term and thought it fit perfectly for this feature. Railbirds are players that are Railing (following) you. Railees are the players you are Railing (following). You'll now find "+Rail" buttons near P5s usernames and avatars all over the site - look under usernames here in the forum view and you'll see the red button. If a player catches your eye simply click that +Rail button to add him to your Rail. Click on the "Rail" link in the header navigation bar to find a chronological list of updates from all of the players you are railing. From this page you can Rail more players, view or block Railbirds, and find a list of suggested users to Rail. Just like on the Local Communities, you'll be able see online cashes, live cashes, Tweets, recent forum posts, etc for the users that you Rail. If you were already using our Friends system you'll notice that all of your friends have been converted to Railees and Railbirds. Please keep in mind that this is a beta version. There will be some bugs - when you find one please post the details in this thread, including what browser you are using. We'd also love to hear your suggestions for additions. WackyJaxon already suggested the option for members to see their own updates on their Rail page. The developers are working on that now - by this time tomorrow there should be an option in the Filter Dropdown allowing you to include your personal updates in your Rail. Thanks for checking it out - we hope it becomes a part of your daily experience here!
  4. Hey guys, I just had to moderate this thread to remove some customer service related complaints/posts. Please keep the AMA focused on more general questions for Bill. Feel free to post your specific issues on the NJ local wall, in a different thread, or directly to WSOP.com support.
  5. You can also try posting your request here: http://www.pocketfives.com/canada/ontario-poker-community/ Bump it a couple of times to keep it at the top.
  6. Gotcha - that notification number is currently working for me. That number will reset to 0 for you every time you check the Scotland Poker page. It will start counting up again as new updates you haven't seen yet hit that page. If you knew that already and still think there is an issue please post your browser type here and I'll have a developer look into it!
  7. Smithy, do you mean the # of new posts notification that appears over the name of your Location in the horizontal navigation on all pages of the site? If so I'm seeing a notification number for Tennessee now.
  8. Monthly is still there in the Rankings tab Pimp, but it is two clicks away. We're showing the top 20 now and you can click Show More to load more in the same window. You can also find the monthly PLB on the sidebar to the right of forum pages.
  9. Hey P5s, Our new front page design has been our focus over the last few months and we're excited to launch it today. We hope you like what you see! The main goals of this redesign were to add more dynamic content to the front page and to better highlight member achievements The Featured tab shows the largest tournament scores and big milestones. We also added some custom queries, such as the PocketFiver that made the biggest jump in the rankings and the total combined cashes for all PocketFivers over the past week. The new Rankings tab also does a better job of highlighting players, including a scouting report preview, biggest score listing, and a larger avatar. This design will also fit well with some of the future projects we have planned. It's time to get started on those now! If you have any feedback or notice any bugs please post them in this thread here. If you have any ideas for custom queries you'd like to see added to the Featured Tab please post those as well. All feedback is appreciated!
  10. My wish was granted - ibcatfan called me with J-9 and nailed a full house. Donezo
  11. I've been all in 5 times in the last 5 minutes, all uncalled. Had a hand each time, but surprised everyone is passing up the shot at the $50 bounty.
  12. This will be added in NG, maybe even this week.
  13. Glad everyone likes it so far! (kidding) Keep the feedback coming in. Let it soak in and give us more feedback. We're definitely open to making changes. In general, the tab system allows us to show more information now and add more information later. The displays within the tabs can be changed, and we can add new tabs if you'd like to see more. What kind of summary information would you like to see in the default tab?
  14. Hey guys, just chatted with Zordon. He's going to focus on making sure every user that wants to use the full version from a mobile device is able to do so. There are tons of issues from device to device but he is sorting through them. We don't want to abandon the mobile site because mobile page views are way up overall. Despite the issues on the forum it's proven very useful for casual browsing. We will have to at least temporarily abandon the hope of getting active participants - you guys - the functionality you need to use mobile. We're just encountering too many issues with the forum functionality. What we will do, though, is make sure you guys have no problems using the full version of the site from your mobile devices. Zordon is going to focus on that for the time being. He will email some of you guys posting about your specific problems. If you're having issues accessing or staying logged into the Full Version from your mobile device please post the details here. Hank, Burro, and Equilibrium - I asked him to reach out to you guys first since you have recently posted issues about logging in to the full version.
  15. Hey Spike, I'm forwarding this on to Dan, who handles our support. He is normally very fast so either your email or his response didn't make it through for some reason. He'll be in touch soon!
  16. Waco, not sure what's happening with pics for you, I'll let Ram (Zordon) respond to that when he's back on the clock. Do you have any other suggestions for the PM page on mobile? We'll add ability to delete next week, that was just an oversight. Thanks!
  17. Hey Bulldog, glad you're liking it. You can access your Profile and PMs on Mobile by clicking the person icon in the header. If you have any new notifications, like a new PM, a number should show up over the person icon signifying there's something new for you. Click it and you'll have hte option to view your profile, logout, or look at al of your notifications. At the bottom of your profile page you can access your private message box.
  18. Hey guys, made a quick change that should help those that don't like the mobile site. If you are logged in and choose "View Full Site" then full site will become your default view from mobile devices. So, Full Site will load first and you won't see the mobile version again until you log out or choose "View Mobile" in the footer. Please keep the bugs and requests coming in, we'll keep this thread pinned for a while longer and keep making improvements.
  19. Great feedback Jaybone, but let us know what Operating System you're on. What kind of phone do you have?
  20. Talking with Ram and Adam about this now. We'll get a solution for this soon.
  21. Click "Click Here to View Full Site" at the bottom of the "News" page to return to the full site.

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