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  1. Remember when dude burned his daughter alive... those were the days
  2. As mentioned earlier reporter with the glasses was hot as fuck. Colburn or whatever fuckos name was calling in the plates before anyone found the car was sketchy as fuck how the fuck didn't they make a bigger deal about that. Also the fact that him and Lenk could both me on the hook for a big chunk of the settlement gives then all the motive in the world to at least frame Avery and at worst kill the broad AND frame Avery. Great series overall.
  3. Why do you motherfuckers love pancakes so much?
  4. If you believe in any kind of God you're dumb.
  5. Holy fucking shit someone hit Vanessa with a brick
  6. ITT Moron states that cops are scared of cigarettes hurting them.
  7. quietwinner is a whiney bitch fuck his feelings post spoilers.
  8. The lol was more about the 2000 word post than anything else
  9. If you like pasta there's a place called Anton's. Only been there a few times but they've got a ton of options on the menu and ridiculously large portions. They don't take reservations and there's usually a bit of a line up but def worth the wait.
  10. I would definitely seek advice from a bunch of retards on the internet
  11. Oilers are officially the worst team I've ever seen. Blow 3 goal lead tonight and have lost 19 of last 20 (maybe 18 of 19) What a fucking joke of a franchise from top to bottom.

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