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  1. The “King Of Instagram” is coming to GGPoker as the online site announced that noted social media influencer Dan Bilzerian has signed on to become the latest addition to Team GGPoker in the role of brand ambassador. Bilzerian, perhaps best known for accumulating over 32 million followers on Instagram by providing a window into a lifestyle filled with excess, has also been a figure in the poker world for well over a decade. Back in 2009, Bilzerian, along with his brother Adam, first stepped into the poker spotlight after being featured during ESPN’s coverage of the World Series of Poker Main
  2. The month of October was scary good for PocketFivers over on the 888poker tables. In addition to racking up wins during the Millions Superstorm and taking advantage of the Early Bird Rakeback program, 888’s new ‘Made To Play’ mobile platform was rolled out at the end of the month giving players a brand new experience when it comes to playing poker on the go. No one had a better month on 888poker than former #1-ranked PocketFiver Aaron ‘aguskb’ Gustavson who, while playing under his screen name ‘YoureMagical’, took the title of Top Earner for October with a total of $21,526. Gustavos, who wo
  3. After two years of development, 888poker has introduced its brand new mobile poker platform for both iOS and Android. Branded as the “Made To Play” poker platform, the latest overhaul of the 888 software promises a vastly upgraded experience for players, created with user's input and the latest in online poker industry standards. Having discovered that more than 60% of their players get into their games on their smartphones, 888poker decided to make their mobile platform a priority. They have updated the entire design, from lobbies to table layout, to a more sleek portrait mode. The new loo
  4. GGPoker is ready to take another shot. On the heels of their successful GG Series of Poker, the online site has announced their next major, massive online poker series that takes aim at players who enjoy going for the knockout. GGPoker’s Bounty Hunter Series will take place from October 11-25 and guarantee $40 million in total prize money. For two weeks, the GGPoker schedule is absolutely packed with non-stop bounty tournament action with 353 official events and more than 500 total tournaments with side events included. No matter what stakes a player enjoys, there’s a tournament in the s
  5. During the month of September, PocketFivers continued to grind and thrive in the midst of the 888poker Millions Superstorm. With the bulk of the $8 million in total guaranteed prize pools up for grabs last month, players at every level were able to find no shortage of value and bankroll boosting opportunities. One of the biggest beneficiaries of all the action on 888poker was Ukraine’s ‘yarik1903’ who grabbed the top spot on the Top Earners list for the month of September. The former top-100 ranked player put in the bulk of his volume in the last week of the month and scored big with a vict
  6. Poker players in Asian markets are about to get the opportunity to play for their share of World Poker Tour glory - and $100 million HKD in guaranteed prize pools - thanks to the tour's partnership with Natural8. WPT Asia Online is a 22-event series, running from October 3 - 22 featuring tournaments which are restricted to players in Asian markets and includes various game formats, multiple leaderboards, and the single biggest online poker tournament guarantee in the region's history. The WPT Asia Main Event has a $10 million HKD guarantee and a $10,000 HKD buy-in. There are 22 starting
  7. Just when you thought the schedule of major online poker tournaments was about to take a breath, here comes this Sunday’s slate of events in 888poker’s Millions Superstorm Series. Online grinders take note: September 27 is one of the biggest days in 888poker’s month-long, $8 million guaranteed Millions Superstorm Series. On this one day, there are 15 tournaments, promising nearly $400,000 in total prize money, two of which boast six-figure guarantees. So even though the World Series of Poker Online may be over and the World Championship of Online Poker has crowned its Main Event winner,
  8. Ira "Big Jew" Mazie has been around online poker for years, and his experience paid off in a big way on Sunday. He took down the $200k Guaranteed on UltimateBet, which was worth $45k, and defeated a number of P5ers along the way. Among others who were in deep, david_a(4th), Legato(5th), chubbs(6th), jimmie23(7th), and ajones93r(9th) were all at the final table of the event. The Bodog $100k was nearly identical in a number of ways to the aforementioned UB $200k this week. Both tournaments needed 1,000 entrants to hit their guarantee, and both had exactly 864 entrants, leaving the
  9. It's safe to say that PocketFivers had a big day on Full Tiltthis past Sunday. For Jordan "iMsoLucky0" Morgan (pictured), it was a huge day, as he took down the first prize in the $500k Guaranteed, which was worth over $120k. Meanwhile in the Mulligan, long-time P5er Believer82was the winner of $36k, and koolkeith13, P0KERPR033, and PSBwere the next three finishers. Kasedowgyand pssamitfinished 6th and 7th respectively, rounding out a top 7 that included 6 PocketFives.com members. Other P5ers at the $500k final table this week were Pragerand USCphildo, who took 6th and 8th pl
  10. Dan "javahound" Tarnopol has been crushing tournaments on PokerStars for the majority of 2007, and this weekend he had his biggest win yet. That win was a first place finish in the $200 rebuy, which was good for $50k. He defeated high stakes guru Dariominieriheads up, after going through a final table that included ranked players lucky sevenand Imper1um. P5er Pass_72 was also at the final table and finished 6th in the event. One other P5er won a big Sunday event this week, and that was ostrichman, who took down the UltimateBet $200k Guaranteed. His final table was also filled wit
  11. This past weekend was one of the biggest online poker weekends in history. Among other things, there were two million dollar guaranteed tournaments, the Paradise Masters and the "Stone Cold Nuts II" on UltimateBet. Neither had a final table without a P5er, but that was just the beginning of all the weekend news. papoorboytook down yet another Sunday major, winning the $500k guaranteed on PokerStars. He has been on an incredible run in the majors, and the final table he defeated this week included G6Dragon(6th). Over on Paradise, Rizenwas the big winner in the $150k guaranteed,
  12. At each of the two Sunday Million tournaments, a P5er made the final table this week. TheWacoKidd, fresh off accumulating 50k in chips during day 1 of the WSOP Main Event, took 4th in the PartyPoker $1M Guaranteed, which easily passed its guarantee, despite the fact that so many top players are at the World Series. He received more than $44k for his finish. LUHMANalso made the final table of this event, finishing 6th. PokerStars had their monthly $500 buy in for their $1M Guaranteed, and P5er stlouis6 had a strong showing, finishing 8th for just under $20k. Congrats to both of these P5ers
  13. Jim "P0KERPR033" Campbell has been steadily climbing the rankings over the last few months, having reached the top 10. It looks like he'll be rising even more now, as he's just finished his Sunday the way every online poker player wants to---with a win in the Sunday Million on PokerStars. He beat out fellow P5ers cpfactor(3rd), jonnybsting(5th), and CalBandGreat(9th) before making a deal heads up that led to him winning $180k. Andy McLEOD almost pulled off yet another huge win this week as well, still taking a hefty cash for second in the Sunday Warm Up on Stars. He took
  14. PokerStarshad their quarterly $1k buy in Sunday Million on Sunday, and a couple familiar names found their way to six-figure scores. Thechemist83, a long-time successful player on PokerRoom, took 2nd in the event for $178k. Right behind him was Denmark's top player Klausen(pictured), who finished 3rd for $126k. One other P5er made the final table: Belabacsi was the 9th place finisher. His result netted him over $15k. Bodoghas been bringing in some sizeable overlays in recent weeks, and this week's house addition of nearly $25k was no different. P5ers Joe McGuire, Catfish4u, and
  15. We followed him when he nearly made the top 100 in the WSOP Main Event last year, and this time, we followed him all the way to the finish line. Vegan213(right)took down the Full Tilt $750k Guaranteed on Sunday for $141k, an incredible score that puts him in an elite group of P5ers that have made a 6-figure score in a poker tournament. Amazingly, four of the top five in that event were P5s members. Cliff819and IWEARGOGGLESwere the 2nd and 3rd place finishers, taking home $87k and $60k respectively, and two-time WSOP bracelet winner Eric Froehlich, whose P5s name is efro, finished 5th fo
  16. ActionJeffonce again showed his excellence at the tables this weekend, picking up the biggest win of his career, the $54k first prize in the $200k guaranteed on PartyPoker. A couple other noteable players at that final table were BluffMag(6th) and Bernti(7th). Randersand HighYield6also picked up huge wins this weekend. Randers(playing as $*Haddox*$) was the 4th place finisher in the PokerStars $500k guaranteed, which paid over $83k after a chop, and HighYield6took 3rd prize in the $200k on Full Tilt, which was just under $30k. One of the more impressive accomplishments of the weekend wa
  17. SamENolegot back on track in a big way this weekend, chopping the $200k on PartyPoker for about $24k. Another P5er to do well there was ditka89. He finished 9th in the Friday Special. The top two in the $150k on Paradise were noteables this week. PoloFitted007took 1st and the $46k that came with the title. TUNNNYtook 2nd in it for a nice score as well. Majicwas also at the final table. TheDonatorhad a huge Sunday score as well this week, taking down the $200k guaranteed on Full Tilt, which was worth about $46k. In the $100k guaranteed on UltimateBet, miko77q, ari, and lucky seventook
  18. PocketFives.com's top ranked players showed up in a big way this weekend, taking down first prize in two of the major $200+ buy-in Sunday tournaments. Highroller48 (madhattter on PokerStars) won about $23k for first prize in the UB $200+15, and The Grinder, fresh off his 5th place finish in the Tunica WPT, won first place in the PokerStars $500+30, taking home about $90k. The action was exciting this weekend, particularly on PokerStars, where there was so much tension over the size of the prize pool that play was actually stopped three times as players attempted to make a deal. They finall
  19. Superbowl weekend didn't slow down most of the online action, although a couple of the sites had fewer than their usual number of entrants. Most noticeable of these reduced fields was the UltimateBet $125k guaranteed, but this was the only major tournament that started during the game, which may explain it. phatcatsimultaneously got 2nd in two different majors on Sunday, the Bodog $100k guaranteed and the UltimateBet $100k guaranteed $500 buy in. These two tournaments were worth more than $31k to him---congrats on an amazing performance! PHARLAP 2was a huge winner this weekend, taki
  20. Tournament action was juicy this weekend on all the sites, and as usual, a lot of PocketFives.com ranked players had standout performances. UltimateBet was down a little from last week in their $200+15 events, but still had a prize pool well above their $100k guarantee. Participation on PartyPoker was also down a bit this week, but PokerStars had a record prizepool for their $200+15 this week of over $500k, with over 2,500 people participating. No ranked players from PocketFives.com came extremely close to the final table in the ¼ million guaranteed on PartyPoker, but browerkid and gator9
  21. A few big names picked up Sunday Major wins this week, despite it being a somewhat slow weekend in the online tournament scene. Colson10(pictured) was one of those big winners, as he beat out an always-tough group in the $200 rebuy on PokerStars. Chressytook 3rd in that one, and brsavage, seaanchor, and brynkenneyps1were all in the hunt at the final table. EC10pulled off a feat that's getting tougher and tougher over the months, due to the increasingly larger fields in the Sunday majors. He final tabled two of the biggest events, taking over $41k for 5th in the Sunday Million and finis
  22. The repeat hero of the weekend was B_O_K_E, who took 3rd in the PartyPoker $500k guaranteed for more than $41k. He finished 5th in two majors last weekend. Congrats to him on quite an impressive run. Last week's repeat hero, papoorboy, continued on his amazing run in the UltimateBet $150k guaranteed, finishing 10th after winning it each of the last two weeks. Several P5ers also won majors this weekend: LOEWA79won the $100k on Paradise, bottskywon the $100k on Bodog, and -Not P-won the $150k on UltimateBet. Another noteable to win a major this weekend was lordhutty, who took down
  23. The cashes continued to pile up this week for P5ers, and Hoodini10once again showed his weekend dominance, taking down the Sunday Warm Up on PokerStars. His win was worth over $70k, and on his way there, he was forced to contend with fellow P5ers Stoffiand kballsy, who took 7th and 9th place respectively. Despite it being the biggest tournament wonby a P5er this week, the biggest cashby a P5er was WiCane's share of a three-way chop in the Sunday Million. He ended up getting to keep $113k in the deal, which also included P5er anywhat, who received $90k. Ship Happenswas also at the final
  24. There were a lot of FTs in the big ones this weekend for P5ers, including a couple of wins. Rizentook down the Friday Special $200 buy in on PartyPoker for more than $40k, adanthartook first place in the Bodog $100k guaranteed, and sirio11chopped the $300 buy in on PokerStars. Several others made the final tables in these same tournaments, including brett_ho and delareine on Party, divingduck, Greek(playing as Bulletman99), grapsfan, and JJProdigy on Bodog, and thedonatorand ackblehon Stars. In the big $500k guaranteed on Party, ActionJeff(playing as GIFAFI) took 10th. One of the bigges
  25. A few famous P5ers were at the final table of the PartyPoker $1M guaranteed on Sunday. Shawn Rice, AKA westtexasman, took 9th place for a little over $10k. Chris Birchby, AKA MarvinGarden, hung on for 6th, cashing for $28k. In addition to those pictured, Skawty88took 4th for over $44k! Meanwhile, colson10picked up another win in the Paradise $150k guaranteed, which was worth just under $40k. ShuMonyTonitewas also at the final table, finishing 9th. SBRounderhad a huge score this weekend, taking 4th in the PokerStars $1M guaranteed. Congrats to SBRounder, and also congrats to Nordberg, wh

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