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  1. In an effort to maintain the integrity of our boards, we feel it's necessary to inform readers these two posts and the CashmanBrian post in another thread are coming from the same IP address. This forum is an excellent place for self promotion, and we want to hear about your wins - but please do it under your own screen names and do not create fake accounts.
  2. This week, as I'm sure many have noticed, there are some relatively major changes in the PocketFives.com Online Player Rankings. We are making some changes in our guidelines for these rankings, and we would like to take this opportunity to inform our readers what some of these changes are. The primary difference is that we are no longer ranking players who only play the biggest tournaments. That means players such as Exclusive, The Grinder, Who's Bad, DblGutShot, and Ragde will no longer be included in our tournament rankings. While these players are incredibly skilled and have an excellent history of accomplishment in online poker, they are not playing regularly enough (less than 10 multi-table tournaments per month, typically) to merit a ranking on our list. We still plan to recognize the accomplishments of these players in other ways, but they will no longer be included in the tournament player rankings unless they begin to play online tournaments more regularly. The intentions of the online player rankings are to recognize the best online players and to help our readers find top tournament players from whom they can learn by watching on a regular basis. It just doesn't make sense from that standpoint to rank players who aren't playing tournaments on a regular basis, so we will not be doing so. Another change we will be making, probably as soon as next week, is the addition of a "last week's ranking" column, which will be replacing the stars in the rankings. Cheers, PocketFives.com Staff
  3. PocketFives.com Staff Note: We are starting to delete some posts that seem to be just trying to fan the flames. If you have thoughtful opinions on the subject please feel free to post.
  4. PLEASE READ: This thread touches on a very sensitive topic, so we want to be clear everyone understands what NSXT's method of "ghosting" really is before reading the full thread. Defining the method should quell some of the concerns. This is how he describes it, straight from one of his posts in this thread: "I DO NOT tell people how to play their cards, I let them play and tell them what I would have done. If this information is used in a future hand, then they still decided what to do based on my training. I am NOT playing their hands for them. They have complete control over what they do with each situation." Also, we deleted threads from mysteryman because of unnecessary inflammatory and derogatory comments - please, keep it clean.
  5. bbkings interview up. We've got an interview with Paradise dominator Mr. Lobo planned for when he gets back from San Jose. If you guys could read an interview of any one online player, who would it be? We're going to be doing these interviews often and we'd love to know who you guys want to read about.

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