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  1. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. Don't miss this week's all-new episode of The FIVES as Lance and Donnie are joined by none other than 15-time World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth! Hellmuth hypes up and breaks down his upcoming High Stakes Duel against Daniel Negreanu set to take place in mid-March on Poker. Plus, Lance and Donnie bring you all of the latest news from around the world of poker. Listen in! Subscribe to The FIVES and never miss an episode - available everywhere you enjoy your favorite podcasts. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  2. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. Buckle up folks ... fresh off of his $1.2 million win over Daniel Negreanu, Doug Polk joins co-hosts Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters to talk about how much he ACTUALLY won, what he thinks of his longtime rival now, and what's next for him and his career. Lance and Donnie also get into Chris Moneymaker's new sponsorship, the launch of PokerStars in Michigan, what GGPoker's licensing in Pennsylvania means for players there and what would the world of poker be if there wasn't a massive Twitter drama bomb? Lance and Donnie give their take on the Terrence Chan/Mike McDonald Twitter beef over PokerShares' offering on the Landon Tice vs. Bill Perkins heads-up challenge. Subscribe to The FIVES and never miss an episode - available everywhere you enjoy your favorite podcasts. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  3. There’s no doubt about it, it’s been a great start to the year for PocketFivers over on 888poker. With 888poker’s rollout of their “Made To Play” software now in full effect, players piled into the lobbies of 888’s robust tournament schedule and, of course, took advantage of the return of their Sunday Sale promotion to pad their bankrolls in January. Perhaps no one enjoyed last month on 888poker more than Bruno ‘KeyzerSozePT’ Ferreira. Typically this column breaks out the players into three categories - Top Earners, Most Cashes, and Most Wins - while celebrating the players who top each category. It's rare, but from time to time, a player has topped two lists in a single month. But last month, the name atop all three lists is the same - it’s ‘KeyzerSozePT’. Ferriera, playing under his screen name ‘MadTiltCrazy’ earned $20,232 over the course of 79 cashes while finishing in first place seven times. He was able to reach the peak in all three categories through sheer volume. The Portuguese grinder played everything in sight in the small to mid-stake MTT schedule and when he cashed he managed to go deep. Of his 79 in-the-money finishes, he registered 20 top-3 finishes, five of which were good for four-figures. His best day came on January 14 when he scored two wins and a runner up in back-to-back-to-back tournaments for $2,781. On January 20, he picked up another big victory by taking down the $55 PKO for $1,635. His month helped push him up over $900,000 in career online cashes and should he continue to push as he did in January, he’s a favorite to surpass the $1 million mark by the end of the year. Denmark’s Rasmus ‘RAGATTACK’ Gadegaard finished as the Top Earners runner-up having collected $15,880 during over his 34 cashes. He kicked off 2021 with his largest 888poker score of the month when he finished in second place in the January 1 edition of the $33 BIG Fish for $2,491. Days later he backed that up with a deep run in the $30,000 Sunday Challenge for another $2,226. Gadegaard, the #11-ranked player in Denmark, used his 888poker earnings to help him earn the $1 million lifetime online earnings badge. Germany’s ‘LIk3az0mbY’ finished the month in the #3 spot by pulling down $13,264 over 21 total cashes. Three large cashes made up the bulk of the 888poker reg’s earnings including a bronze finish in the January 15 $33 BIG Fish for $2,039, a win in the January 21 $12,000 Mega Deep for $3,700, and a fourth-place finish in the January 24 Sunday SALE Whale for $4,288. In January, ‘LIk3az0mbY’ broke back into Germany’s top-10 rankings where he currently sits at #9. 888poker Top 10 Earners January 2021 [table id=168 /] Joining ‘KeyzerSozePT’ in the top three spots of the Most Cashes is Brazil’s Renan ’aleplis’ Porto who finished at #2. Porto is a longtime PocketFiver, having joined back in 2013, and he’s primarily a micro-stakes grinder. He put in plenty of volume in January and his 67 in-the-money finishes yielded him $1,145. It’s a significant increase to his roughly $16,000 in career online earnings. Another player building his bankroll from the ground up is ‘Momentum288’ who finished third on the Most Cashes list with 61 for a total of $1,436. New to PocketFives, ‘Momentum288’ primarily plays small stakes on 888poker and last month pulled off two victories where he was able to turn a pair of $2 buy-ins into scores of roughly $150 each. 888poker Top 10 Most Cashes January 2021 [table id=169 /] Again, ‘KeyzerSozePT’s was tops in January when it came to the most wins, but he wasn’t alone in notching seven first-place finishes. The Netherlands ‘HeateN’, who is no stranger to this list, also racked up seven victories and $1,638 over the course of his 56 in-the-money finishes. ‘xenute’ also had a nice month, grabbing the gold in four of his 12 cashes for a total of $7,365. 888poker Top 10 Most Wins January 2021 [table id=170 /]
  4. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. A busy week in the poker world gives Lance and Donnie plenty to discuss on this episode of The FIVES Poker Podcast. For the first time in nearly a year, the World Poker Tour crowned a new champion in a live venue with a nearly record-sized field turning up for the Lucky Hearts Poker Open at the Seminole Hard Rock. That wasn't the only headline that the World Poker Tour found itself in this week. The company was sold to an investment firm for more than $78 million and they also announced a new online series with a brand new partner. The Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu Challenge is nearly 80% complete with Polk bringing a new strategy to the table that seems to have tilted his opponent. Polk maintains his position as the leader but a big win by Negreanu has given his fans and backers some hope. The guys also discuss the ending of the Phil Galfond vs. Chance Kornuth match in the Galfond Challenge, the Winamax Team Pro who qualifies for dumbest multi-accounter of all time, and give American online poker players some hope for a brighter future. Subscribe to The FIVES and never miss an episode - available everywhere you enjoy your favorite podcasts. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  5. This weekend just got a little bit brighter for online poker players. The now legendary Sunday Sale at 888poker is back and gives those players the chance at massive prize pools at a decent discount. This Sunday, January 24, 888poker is hosting their usual assortment of tournaments but have cut the buy-in by 50% on three of the marquee events - all while keeping the guarantees the same as previous weeks. Things get underway at 16:30 GMT with the $20,000 guaranteed Monsoon. Instead of the normal $55 buy-in, grinders can get in on the action for just $27.50. Action starts with 50,000 chips and will play 12 minute levels. Players can rebuy up to three times in the first 3.5 hours of play. The Mega Deep could be the best value of all. Offering the biggest guarantee of the Sunday Sale tournaments at $100,000, the Mega Deep buy-in is just $55 this week instead of the usual $109. Action starts at 19:00 GMT and players are given a 50,000 starting stack with 12 minute levels. Players can rebuy up to five times in the first 3.5 hours of play. Wrapping up the hat trick of savings, the $30,000 guaranteed Whale has a $215 buy-in and starts at 20:00 GMT. Once again, players will all start with 50,000 chips and will play 12 minute levels. Players can rebuy up to three times in the first 3.5 hours of play. Sunday Sale Satellites for a Cent For players whose bankroll still can't afford the discount, 888poker offers an extensive satellite program for all three tournaments with buy-ins starting at - wait for it - just a penny. Dubbed the Pennybuy, the 1¢ buy-in events run daily and offer guaranteed seats to the $2.20 buy-in satellite which then guarantees between five and ten seats to the Sunday Mega Deep. Players can rebuy as many times as they want for 5¢ and can add-on up to three times for 20¢. Other satellites are available with buy-ins of 2¢ up to $16.50 giving players multiple opportunities to qualify no matter what their bankroll is. Finding the Sunday Sale tournaments in the 888poker software is simple. Just click on the Tournaments tab on the right hand side and then choose 'Sunday Sale' in the Category listing. All tournaments and satellites to those tournaments will then be displayed.
  6. In poker, the only thing worse than being forced to listen to someone else’s bad beat story is suffering a brutal bad beat of your own. GGPoker is helping players better deal with the sting of getting coolered by rewarding them with cash prizes with their latest promotion called GGCare. GGCare is a new rewards promotion for their online players who suffer from bad beats, suckouts, or unavoidable coolers. Without having to opt-in, when a player runs into a particularly bad beat or cooler, GGCare kicks in. A pop-up window appears in the client and lets that player know that they’ve been granted a stack in the GGCare Daily $30,000 Flipout tournament. There’s no need for the player to be in their seat for the Flipout tournament in order to cash. The tournament runs and automatically forces every player all-in every hand until there is a winner. Those who make the money will find it automatically paid to them and waiting for them in their balance. Then, the whole promotion starts all over again. The very next day a new group of players who took a bad beat is entered into the next Flipout tournament with $30,000 in cash prizes distributed to a new batch of winners. “We’ve all experienced the pain of bad beats. It’s part of the game,” saidGGPoker ambassador Daniel Negreanu. “But GGPoker has your back. With GGCare, you can suffer the worst bad beat and still come out ahead.” According to the GGPoker website, their team of game experts “will continually look for unlucky situations” in order to optimize what details will trigger an instance of GGCare. Each game has its own conditions and players are granted a stack size in the Flipout in accordance with the size of the pot and the severity of the bad beat or cooler. As far as GGPoker is concerned the more unlucky a player is, the more deserving they are of GGCare. So when the run bad appears in multiple hands of a session, a player will accumulate additional chips in the Flipout tournament making it more likely that they’ll see rewards put back in their bankroll in the end. “Just play the game as normal and GGCare will take care of you,” said Negreanu. “The prize money will only grow more and more in the future.” GGCare is currently available for GGPoker's Hold’em, Omaha, and Short Deck standard cash games as well as their All-In of Fold, Rush & Cash, and Spin & Gold. GGPoker will add tournament coverage at a later time.
  7. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land poker players were playing, getting in one last hand. The bad-regs were grinding at the tables with care in hopes that some run good soon would be theirs. The locals were nestled, all snug in their seats, with visions of jackpots brought on by bad beats. Playing live on the strip, no PokerBros app. Is that Mike Postle with his phone in his lap? When out in the lobby, someone backed up a truck. I sprang from my seat to see what the f**k. There was Doug Polk celebrating a win, and Joey beside him, a shit-eating grin. The scene was electric, a buzz filled the air. Like Galfond’s big comeback, I’m glad I was there. When what to my bloodshot eyes should appear? A high-stakes affair, the big game was here! With cameras, lights, and high society stacks, a commentary team of Schulman and Platt. As if from a chimney, the great Mori came and he whistled and shouted and called them by name: “It’s Ivey, and Dwan! There’s Doyle and Gus Hansen! Daniel and Bellande! That’s Dan Bilzerian!” They all took a seat Stacking chips with a grin “Splash away! Splash away! Let’s go all-in!” They got ready to play, the rail became deep. I was pushed to the back, it was hard just to see. But then the crowd parted, Daniel stood on his seat, he said “We need one more!” and he pointed at me. Nervous but ready I knew this was my chance. A seat with the best, a trip to the dance. A Perkins-sized buy-in, it’s all on the line. Like Mike versus Teddy, it’s my time to shine. They shuffled and dealt, chips and cards flew. I was tight, I was snug, it was all I could do. The pros were relentless, betting and raising. The pots quickly grew, these guys were amazing. Finally the time to play a hand had arrived. With joy I looked down, I spied Pocket Fives I opened with a raise, but Ivey three-bet. Folded back to me, should I mine for a set? I looked in his eyes, not a read to be had. The poker world will see this, will math nerds be mad? I called and I gulped and awaited the flop. Ivey laughed, turned to Doyle, and said “We’re on for props!” An ace and a queen with a five in the door. Ivey didn’t slow down, he bet even more. Just what I wanted, I set the trap. “Let’s play for it all”, I pushed in my stack. Ivey snap-called, like I hoped he would do. He flipped over his cards, he flopped top two. We just had to hold, I showed down my set. The turn was a deuce, we’re not safe just yet. I used my ”one time”, I prayed to St. Nick The river was dealt, “It’s a brick, it’s a brick!” With the pot pushed my way, Ivey vanished from sight “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”
  8. After 34 events and more than $1 million in total prizes won, 888poker’s XL Winter Series wrapped up on Sunday with ‘Kazi070486’ winning the $500,000 GTD Main Event PKO for $34,685 plus an additional $26,178 in bounties for a total score of $60,863. The final event in the nearly two-week-long series drew a total of 1,824 entries, which provided players some extra value to the tune of $44,000 in overlay. After eleven and a half hours, Russia’s ‘Kazi07086’ walked away with the outright win, besting Denmark’s ‘Acp0lle’ in heads-up play. As the runner-up, ‘Acp0ll3’ took home $34,683 as well as an extra $3,568 in bounties. Brazil’s ‘M.Flush.N’ took the final spot on the podium, finishing in third place for $21,506.78 plus $8,431 in bounties. The XL Winter Series Main Event was one of the biggest tournaments 888poker held all year and as such provided some of their largest paydays to their players. Six players turned their $250 buy-in into five-figure scores including Romania’s ‘Mr.Crusher’ (4th, $17,364), former top-50 worldwide ranked ‘peledazmogis’ (5th, $12,577), and ‘rivadeep’ (7th, $10,880) who despite finishing in seventh place, cashed for more than 6th place ‘Jarmoausalt’ (6th, $9,210), thanks to racking up $4,321 in bounties along the way. XL Winter Series Main Event Final Table [table id=147 /] XL Winter Event Series Highlights The $500K GTD Main Event was by no means the only tournament in the series that provided players an opportunity to build a healthy bankroll. There were plenty of highlights to be had, in which 888poker players turned smaller buy-ins into big-time scores. Right off the bat in XL Winter Event #1 ($50,000 Opening Event), the 511-player field bested the guarantee with a $51,100 prize pool. India’s ‘arucia’ and the UK’s ‘barrybarry15’ ended up making a heads-up deal, that awarded ‘arucia’ a first-place prize of $9,039 and ‘barrybarry15’ $8,048 as the runner up. Sweden’s 'TrollKnost8' also turned the $109 buy-in into a nice payday, grabbing $5,365 for third place. It’s tough to say what the highest value tournament of the series was, but Event #10 ($50,000 Tune Up) with its $55 buy-in might just be it. Players saw it the same way as 1,085 entries pushed the prize pool to over $54,000 giving the top eight players four-figure payouts. ‘pereleman’ ended up taking it down for $9,819 and the XL Winter title. Right behind him was Russia’s ‘Thundy100’ who locked up $7,052 as the runner up. ‘FlushJeZus’ also picked up nearly 100x the buy-in, taking the bronze for $5,289. Some of the biggest paydays came in Event #17 ($50,000 High Roller). The $320 buy-in was the biggest of the series, but that didn’t stop 154 entries from taking their shot at the $11,500 first-place prize. Previous XL Eclipse champ ‘Kannwas’ added another title to their poker resume when they defeated the UK’s ‘oldskool555’ for the outright win. The UK grinder took home an even $8K as the runner up and Russia’s ‘mao042’ rounded out the top three with a $6,075 score. In the end, it was the combination of value and the popularity of PKO’s that turned Event #33 ($50,000 Mini Main Event) into one of the most popular tournaments of the series. A total of 1,983 entries paid the $33 buy-in which crushed the guarantee to the tune of $59,490. Brazil took the top two spots with ‘afelipelli’ claiming the title and $3,555, plus an additional $3,338 in bounties, for first. His countryman, ‘JMBrotto’ settled for second place and a total score of $3,654. ‘heroes333’ almost got to the end, but finished in third place for a total haul of $3,083. 2020 XL Winter Series Winners [table id=149 /] * denotes deal
  9. November was a virtual feast for all of the PocketFivers who enjoyed the new “Made To Play” mobile poker platform over on 888poker. Whether they were taking advantage of the Early Bird Rackback program or just extracting the incredible value in the online site’s tournament schedule, it was clear that players had plenty to be thankful for last month. ’BillySlater’ took home the title of 888poker Top Earner for the month of November after putting together a string of nine cashes for a total of $20,373. A mid-stakes grinder, ‘BillySlater’ picked up his largest score across all platforms when he took down the November 8 edition of the $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep for the $18,750 first-place prize. The very next day, he tacked on another $639 with a final table performance in the $10,000 Monsoon, a critical score that helped him lock up the Top Earners spot. Currently ranked as Chile’s #2-ranked player, ‘BillySlater’ has been an active PocketFiver since 2007 with career earnings totaling rapidly approaching $3.7 million. Additionally, he’s celebrated five online Triple Crown awards with his most recent achievement being earned this past September. Finishing in a close second was the UK's Feargus ‘EZPZ’ Murphy who ended the month having earned $19,986 on 888poker. Murphy registered 17 total results in November including five podium finishes. He has identical results less than one week apart when he finished as the runner-up in both the November 11 and November 16 editions of the $10,000 Mega Deep both of which paid him $2,669 for his effort. In between those tournaments, he booked a win in the November 13 $10,000 Monsoon for $2,505. While ‘BillySlater’ may have bested Feargus on the Top Earners list, Feargus has one-upped his fellow PocketFiver in the worldwide rankings. Whereas ‘BillySlater’ currently sits ranked #409 in the world, Feargus has him pipped with a ranking of #408. Rounding out the top three earners for November is Brazil’s Romulo ‘dred’ Barreto who did all his damage on 888poker in a single tournament. Barreto took a shot in the November 1 edition of the $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep and didn’t miss. He bested the field of 674 entries to take home the $18,750 first-place prize, the second-largest score of his career. The score has helped him close in on a number of career highlights including hitting an all-time high in the worldwide rankings (#261) and needing less than $2,000 to eclipse the $500,000 career earnings mark. 888poker Top 10 Earners November 2020 [table id=139 /] There was a tie atop the Most Cashes list as both ’Momentum288’ and October’s Most Cashes winner Marcelo ‘Cheloidpro90’ Navarrete both captured 70 total results. ‘Momentum288’, who regularly plays at the lower end of the buy-in, earned a total of $1,856 which included a victory in $500 Turbo Deep. Navarrete turned his 70 scores into $4,334 and also picked up a win in a daily $500 GTD Turbo tournament. ‘steveysee’ finished not too far behind the list leaders with 62 in-the-money results in November. The grinder collected $1,288.77 for his efforts and added it to his impressive $625,738 in career online earnings. 888poker Top 10 Most Cashes November 2020 [table id=140 /] No one found their way to the top of the 888poker podium last month more than Stephen ‘sizzlinbetta’ Reynolds who notched five victories and finished the month with total earnings of $2,385. The Republic of Moldova’s ‘Blugaru007’ picked up four wins and after him, there were plenty of PocketFivers notched three victories. 888poker Top 10 Most Wins November 2020 [table id=141 /]
  10. Hot on the heels of their recently released “Made To Play” mobile poker app, more changes are in store for 888poker as they announced a rebranding of their championship online poker series from XL Blizzard to XL Winter Series. While the name may have changed the concept is the same, an 11-day series which kicks off on December 10 is filled with value-heavy tournaments for low-to-mid stakes players. The 2020 XL Winter series features 34 events with the majority of buy-ins ranging from $5-$50 and over $1 million in total prize money guaranteed. The Main Event The bulk of that guaranteed money is wrapped up in the highlight of the entire series, the $250 buy-in, $500,000 GTD Main Event. The Main Event takes place on Sunday, December 20 and for the first time in the history of the XL Championship series, it will be played out as a Progressive Knockout. The XL Winter Main Event follows a similar structure that has turned these championship events into the biggest tournaments of 888poker’s calendar year. Players are given a 30,000 chip starting stack and 15-minute levels. There is plenty of late registration time (270 minutes) and up to four reentries should things not go according to plan. In the end, whether the tournament hits the guarantee or not, the first-place prize will be in the high-five figures allowing a player to turn their modest buy-in into a potential career-high score. Spotlight Events In addition to the Main Event, the XL Winter Series schedule boasts a number of spotlight events that offer players prime bankroll building opportunities. Four different tournaments have guarantees of $50,000. On December 10, the first tournament of the series is the $109 buy-in $50,000 GTD Opening Event, an event which historically has been one of the biggest prelim events of a series. On December 13, the $55 buy-in $50K Tune Up promises players who make a deep run a nice payday as does the December 15 $320 buy-in $50,000 High Roller. Finally, at the very end of the series, running at the same time as the Main Event, the $33 buy-in Mini Main Event PKO gives players one last shot at a big-time payday for a modest buy-in. Livestream Freerolls Another new addition for the XL series is 888poker integrating their social media channels more than they have in the past. Like they did during their recently completed Millions Superstorm, players and fans can follow some of the biggest tournaments in the series in a series of livestreams hosted by David Tuchman and Nick Wealthall. Some of the 888poker ambassadors will also be sitting in on the broadcasts to break down the poker action. During each of the livestreams, 888poker will be giving away $109 and $33 tournament tickets and dishing out the information on three XL Winter Streaming Freerolls that take place alongside the livestream. 888poker Live Stream Schedule [table id=131 /] Of course, players looking to get into XL Winter events for the absolute minimum can win their tickets through 888poker’s satellite system, which offers entry for as little as $0.01. All XL Winter satellites can be found in the XL Winter lobby under the Tournament tab in the client. In addition to satellites and freerolls, XL Winter tickets are being given away throughout the entire series via 888poker’s new ‘Gift Drops’ which debuted along with their new mobile client. 888poker Full XL Winter Schedule [table id=132 /]
  11. The “King Of Instagram” is coming to GGPoker as the online site announced that noted social media influencer Dan Bilzerian has signed on to become the latest addition to Team GGPoker in the role of brand ambassador. Bilzerian, perhaps best known for accumulating over 32 million followers on Instagram by providing a window into a lifestyle filled with excess, has also been a figure in the poker world for well over a decade. Back in 2009, Bilzerian, along with his brother Adam, first stepped into the poker spotlight after being featured during ESPN’s coverage of the World Series of Poker Main Event. Soon thereafter, "Blitz" signed on as a pro for the short-lived online poker site Victory Poker. However, Bilzerian’s main ties to poker stem from the assertion that he has amassed a small fortune by playing nosebleed stakes in some of the world’s most exclusive private games. Now, he joins some of the biggest names in the game of poker, including Daniel Negreanu, Fedor Holz, Felipe Ramos, and Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier in representing the fast-rising online poker site for both online and live events. “In these crazy times, GGPoker is the best option to get my poker on - they cater to the recreational players and that’s the future of poker, not a bunch of math nerds,” said Bilzerian. “I’ve battled guys from the $2 buy-in to the $200,000 buy-in tables at GGPoker, and will be working with GG to make cash game tables even better for the average player out there.” To celebrate the signing of Bilzerian, as well as his upcoming 40th birthday, GGPoker is holding a $100,000 Birthday Freeroll tournament on Monday, December 7 for new depositors. In addition to the $100,000 guarantee with a $10,000 first-place prize, the event offers a select few exclusive “Blitz”-like prizes including a “once-in-a-lifetime” heads-up match against Bilzerian for the winner and an “all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas” to party with Bilzerian himself for the player who knocks him out of his own tournament. Additionally, for players who eliminate any other Team GGPoker ambassador, member of the GGSquad stream team, or one of Bilzerian’s “special guests” (the list of which has yet to be revealed) GGPoker is gifting special Spin & Gold bundles and a cash prize of $1,000 for one player. “Dan joining Team GGPoker is a huge win!," said Daniel Negreanu about the signing. "No one in poker has a bigger reach than Dan.” More information on the Bilzerian's $100,000 Birthday Freeroll is available at GGPoker.
  12. The month of October was scary good for PocketFivers over on the 888poker tables. In addition to racking up wins during the Millions Superstorm and taking advantage of the Early Bird Rakeback program, 888’s new ‘Made To Play’ mobile platform was rolled out at the end of the month giving players a brand new experience when it comes to playing poker on the go. No one had a better month on 888poker than former #1-ranked PocketFiver Aaron ‘aguskb’ Gustavson who, while playing under his screen name ‘YoureMagical’, took the title of Top Earner for October with a total of $21,526. Gustavos, who won the EPT London Main Event back in 2009 for more than $1.35 million, spent his time crushing the mid-stakes MTT schedule. He locked up 18 total results including a spotlight score in the 888Millions Sunday Special for $13,899. Gustavson found the podium four times, including a victory in the October 8 edition of the 888Millions $33 Big Fish for $1,959. That was the difference for him when it came to taking the leaderboard top spot and finishing in second place. However, it’s just a drop in the bucket for his outstanding online career in which he had earned more than $5.1 million to date. Michael ‘skeldon87’ Skeldon racked up 26 cashes for a total of $20,574.15 on 888poker to capture the number two spot. He kicked off the month with a pair of wins, the first of which came on October 1 when he took down the 888Millions Mini PKO 8-Max for $3,562. Three days later he grabbed gold again in the Mini Mega Deep for another $3,140. For his third victory of the month, Skeldon went the distance in the October 14 edition of the $10,000 Mega Deep which was good for $3,520. The mid-stakes grinder took home seven four-figure scores and an equal amount of podium finishes all of which has helped him to a career-high spot of #436 in the world, #40 in all of the UK. At the end of next month, he’s expected to soar past $700,000 in career online earnings. Rounding out the top three in earnings is another former #1-ranked PocketFiver in Sweden’s Anton ‘VnilaVader’ Herrmann. Herrmann put in slightly less volume than those players above him, and certainly less than what he did back in 2014 when he sat atop the online poker world. But he did manage to pick up two wins in his 13 total results which helped him take home a total of $18,716 for the month. Herrmann first knocked out the competition in the October 4 edition of the 888Millions Sunday Challenge PKO for $6,403 and then two days later grabbed the $3,438 first-place prize in the 888Millions Mega Deep. He added three more four-figure scores in the month and then called it a day, wrapping up his month with his final result on October 18. 888poker Top 10 Earners October 2020 [table id=116 /] For the first time in a number of months, the Most Cashes list has a new name sitting in the top spot. Ecuador’s Marcelo ‘Cheloidpro90’ Navarrete has wrestled the title away from Netherlands’ ‘HeateN’ by racking up 73 total cashes for a total of $3,385. This is a breakout month for Navarrete who has been a member since 2014 and plays mostly small stakes. His effort has made him a ranked player and lifted his total career cashes up over $30,000. Belarus’ ‘Glum’ took the second spot, earning 68 total results for a total of $1,839, five of which were good for wins. He tied ‘HeateN’ who also notched 68 results but took home just a bit more cash by locking up $2,389 and six victories. 888poker Top 10 Most Cashes October 2020 [table id=119 /] Those six victories for ‘HeateN’ was good enough for him to take the #1 spot on the Most Wins list. The grind continues for the micro-stakes crusher as he is just $15,000 away from eclipsing $200,000 in total career earnings. 'Glum's five victories was good enough for second place and following him, there is an extended tie for third place with multiple players able to lock up three victories in October. 888poker Top 10 Most Wins October 2020 [table id=120 /]
  13. After two years of development, 888poker has introduced its brand new mobile poker platform for both iOS and Android. Branded as the “Made To Play” poker platform, the latest overhaul of the 888 software promises a vastly upgraded experience for players, created with user's input and the latest in online poker industry standards. Having discovered that more than 60% of their players get into their games on their smartphones, 888poker decided to make their mobile platform a priority. They have updated the entire design, from lobbies to table layout, to a more sleek portrait mode. The new look allows for users to play as well as scroll through lobbies one-handed, making it easier to get into the action. It also makes it easier to multi-table where users can play up to four tables at a time and jump in and out of the action with a single swipe. The new-look poker lobby is now similar to the rest of 888’s online products, including 888casino and 888sport. This gives players who take part in those other features a seamless experience when they switch back and forth between each activity. 888poker has loaded up the new release with brand new features to keep its customers coming back for more. Gone is the traditional chatbox, replaced by a more modern “emoji display’ which allows people to communicate through a variety of quick pick emojis. ‘Throwables’ add to the fun as players celebrate a big win or a bad beat by hitting their opposition on-screen with virtual objects like an egg, a cupcake, or a snowball. New player tags give players quick reference to the type of player they think they are up against. But behind all the small details which promise to make the mobile experience a more player-friendly experience, 888poker says that the new platform has all of the powerful features necessary for users to customize their own experience from a four-color deck to personalized lobby filters to getting into a pre-defined game of a particular buy-in with the click of a single button. Also new on the platform is ‘The Winner Spinner’ where, twice-a-day, players win prizes with a spin of the virtual wheel. And ‘Gift Drops’ are prizes awarded to players at random times while they are seated at a table. In addition, some of 888poker’s most popular exclusive games are now available across all platforms including SNAP fast-fold poker, where players get moved to a new table with brand new cards as soon as they fold or finish a hand. As well as BLAST Jackpot Sit & Go’s, the short-handed SnG that gives variable prize pools and can award players up to a $1,000,000 top prize. To roll out the new “Made To Play” software, 888poker is giving away more than $1,000,000 in prizes with non-stop freerolls that will hand out $30,000 in prizes every week. There will be daily Happy Hours and Gift Drops every five minutes that will award up to $1,000 each. The new 888poker app is being rolled out to all users and will be able to be downloaded on both iOS and Android.
  14. GGPoker is ready to take another shot. On the heels of their successful GG Series of Poker, the online site has announced their next major, massive online poker series that takes aim at players who enjoy going for the knockout. GGPoker’s Bounty Hunter Series will take place from October 11-25 and guarantee $40 million in total prize money. For two weeks, the GGPoker schedule is absolutely packed with non-stop bounty tournament action with 353 official events and more than 500 total tournaments with side events included. No matter what stakes a player enjoys, there’s a tournament in the schedule with a buy-in (and time) to fit their schedule. The Bounty Hunter Series averages more than 20 tournaments a day with buy-ins that range from at little as $5.25 all the way up to the $10,300 Super MILLION$ Bounty Hunters with $1,000,000 guaranteed, the biggest bounty tournament ever run on the site. Featured Events The schedule is so extensive, it may be hard to figure out a plan of attack on finding the best value. For those who are building a bankroll and enjoy playing at the lower and mid-stakes, one of the events to target is the GGMasters Daily $25, a freezeout tournament that runs at the same time every single day of the series and comes with a $50,000 guarantee. Mid-stakes shot takers have a buffet of $100-$300 tournaments to choose from. One to keep an eye on is the Main Event Special Edition. The tournament, which runs multiple times, comes with a $210 buy-in and a $500,000 guarantee. Additionally, GGPoker’s tentpole tournament, the GGMasters, will run with a $157.50 buy-in and also has a $500,000 guarantee. Of course, GGPoker has not left out the high-rollers. In addition to the Super MILLION$, which runs three times, there is an abundance of tournaments with a buy-in greater than $1,000. The $3,150 Sunday Bounty King High Roller runs multiple times and features a $300,000 guarantee, one of the biggest guarantees of the series. Another feature of the series comes in the form of speed of play. For those that just don’t have the time to grind out a standard tournament, the Bounty Hunter Series features “Speed Racer” tournaments at multiple buy-in levels. These hyper-turbo tournaments start players with just 10 big blinds and provide the same knockout action in a fraction of the time. $100K Leaderboard While it may be daunting to think about grinding an entire schedule that has hundreds of events, those that do it and do so successfully will be rewarded with a piece of $100,000 in additional prizes. GGPoker has brought back their $100,000 Leaderboard for the Bounty Hunter Series which will split the six-figure sum between the top 100 performing players. Those looking to battle in the leaderboard best not take their time getting in on the action though as points begin to be earned on day one, October 11, where there are 29 events scheduled. To take a look at the entire GGPoker Bounty Hunters Series, visit their website or download the client.
  15. During the month of September, PocketFivers continued to grind and thrive in the midst of the 888poker Millions Superstorm. With the bulk of the $8 million in total guaranteed prize pools up for grabs last month, players at every level were able to find no shortage of value and bankroll boosting opportunities. One of the biggest beneficiaries of all the action on 888poker was Ukraine’s ‘yarik1903’ who grabbed the top spot on the Top Earners list for the month of September. The former top-100 ranked player put in the bulk of his volume in the last week of the month and scored big with a victory in the September 27 edition of the $100,000 GTD 888Millions Sunday Special for $19,350. Add to that a runner-up finish in the $33 888Millions Sunday Big Fish for $2,821 and that amounts to the lion’s share of his $23,397 total monthly earnings. Although ‘yarik1903’ grinds less volume now than when he did when he was ranked #26 in the world back in 2014, his monthly haul was enough to help him leap to over $2.6 million in career online earnings. Cambodia’s ‘Kortex_67’ finished in second place on the 888poker Top Earners list playing under his 888 screen name ‘Creative.’. The online grinder amassed a monthly total of $22,109 to help him climb to become the top player in his country and hit a career-high ranking of #392 in the world. ‘Kortex_67’ took down the September 13 edition of the $100,000 GTD 888Millions Sunday Mega Deep for $18,890 and followed that up with a runner-up finish in the September 27 running of the 888Millions Sunday Challenge PKO for another $2,567. If he continues to put in the same amount of volume, there a good chance he’ll be able to hit the $51,000 he needs to eclipse the $500,000 lifetime total mark by the end of the year. The top 3 Top Earners is rounded out by former worldwide #1-ranked Fabrizio ‘SixthSenSe19’ Gonzalez who took home $19,375 from 888poker in September. The top-tier pro from Uruguay simply hasn’t been playing very much online poker over the past year, having already made more than $7.7 million in his esteemed career. But last month he decided to take a couple of shots during the Superstorm and walked away with a victory in the September 13 edition of the $100,000 GTD 888Millions Sunday Special for $19,350, which was essentially the totality of his earnings for the month. 888poker Top 10 Earners September 2020 [table id=113 /] For the third month in a row, the Netherlands ‘HeateN’ topped the Most Cashes list for the month of September. His 70 total cashes is a bit of a drop from his volume and results in recent months, but it was still enough to get the job done to be #1. The small-stakes grinder grabbed two gold medals and took home a total of $4,608. ‘HeateN’ held off another well-known name on the Most Cashes list as Russia’s ‘Neverhood007’ racked up 61 cashes and three wins for a total of $1,899 to grab the number two spot. Brazil's Daniel ‘dandeprimo’ Pedro de Primo Santos tied with ‘Neverhood007’ with 61 cashes, but was just slightly outearned taking home $1,783.28 in the month. 888poker Top 10 Most Cashes September 2020 [table id=114 /] There was also a tie atop the Most Wins list as both Sweden’s ‘Mr.kantarell’ and ‘Kotofei5’ from the Republic of Moldova picked up five gold medals in September. With 30 total scores, ‘Mr.kantarell’ picked up the win 16% of the time and racked up $3,460 in the month. ‘Kotofei5’ earned money 21 times and his five wins represented a nearly 24% victory-when-cashing rate and helped the small-stakes grinder to $1,226 in total earnings. 888poker Top 10 Most Wins September 2020 [table id=112 /]
  16. Poker players in Asian markets are about to get the opportunity to play for their share of World Poker Tour glory - and $100 million HKD in guaranteed prize pools - thanks to the tour's partnership with Natural8. WPT Asia Online is a 22-event series, running from October 3 - 22 featuring tournaments which are restricted to players in Asian markets and includes various game formats, multiple leaderboards, and the single biggest online poker tournament guarantee in the region's history. The WPT Asia Main Event has a $10 million HKD guarantee and a $10,000 HKD buy-in. There are 22 starting flights beginning on October 18 with the final day scheduled for October 25. There are also National Championship events for Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Cambodia, Japan, and Macau. The buy-in and guarantee for each of these events is in the host country's currency and the eventual champion of each event also earns a WPT Passport valued at HK$23,000. Three separate leaderboards, each covering a single week of play, will give players the opportunity to earn points for their home country. The top 10 players for each country have their total count towards the leaderboard and players who earn at least one leaderboard point for the top-performing country will then play in freeroll tournaments with prizes of $50,000 HKD, $50,000 HKD, and $100,000 HKD. [table id=109 /]
  17. Just when you thought the schedule of major online poker tournaments was about to take a breath, here comes this Sunday’s slate of events in 888poker’s Millions Superstorm Series. Online grinders take note: September 27 is one of the biggest days in 888poker’s month-long, $8 million guaranteed Millions Superstorm Series. On this one day, there are 15 tournaments, promising nearly $400,000 in total prize money, two of which boast six-figure guarantees. So even though the World Series of Poker Online may be over and the World Championship of Online Poker has crowned its Main Event winner, poker players looking for value and the opportunity to take home a title still have more to play for. Six-Figures On The Line Of course, Sunday is the biggest day of the week in online poker, and this week 888poker is offering a pair of tournaments fit to be a part of the Sunday Majors. The first is the 888 Millions Sunday Special, a $215 buy-in tournament with a $100,000 guarantee. With long levels and 50,000 in starting chips, the Sunday Special promises to live up to its name. Plus, for recent depositors, there is a 30 seat freeroll satellite taking place the day before, so players who plan on making an effort to play in this one can plan ahead and take a shot at a free ticket. Starting just one hour later, is 888poker's marquee weekly tournament, the $109 buy-in $100,000 Mega Deep. The schedule staple often provides five-figure paydays for those that make it to the end and savvy players know that, on occasion, this tournament has the possibility to provide players a little bonus in the form of an overlay. Mid-stakes Menu While it’s true that the biggest buy-in events carry the biggest guarantees of the day, mid-stakes players have more than their share of bankroll boosting opportunities this Sunday. Seven of the 15 tournaments on tap have a buy-in between $20-$55, all with healthy guarantees. But perhaps the best value of all of those tournaments is the $55 buy-in, 888 Millions Mini Sunday Special with its $50,000 guarantee. Even if $55 is slightly out of reach, 888poker is running plenty of $5 satellites to help lower stakes players find their way into the Mini Sunday Special. Plenty of PKOs 888poker has also packed its Sunday schedule with a number of their popular Progressive Knock Out tournaments. Bounty hunters can stay in action all day by playing in any or all of the seven PKO tournaments on the schedule. For those that enjoy playing on the high side, the $88 buy-in PKO 8-Max offers a $15,000 guarantee and the biggest bounties of the day. But, for those who want the same PKO action but at a smaller price point, check out the $7.50 PKO 8-Max with $6,000 up for grabs. The guarantee is roughly half of the larger tournament but at less than 1/10th the price. While Sunday is indeed the biggest day of the week, players can participate in the 888poker Millions Superstorn all the way through Sunday, October 11. 888poker Millions Superstorm Sunday Schedule [table id=108 /]
  18. Ira "Big Jew" Mazie has been around online poker for years, and his experience paid off in a big way on Sunday. He took down the $200k Guaranteed on UltimateBet, which was worth $45k, and defeated a number of P5ers along the way. Among others who were in deep, david_a(4th), Legato(5th), chubbs(6th), jimmie23(7th), and ajones93r(9th) were all at the final table of the event. The Bodog $100k was nearly identical in a number of ways to the aforementioned UB $200k this week. Both tournaments needed 1,000 entrants to hit their guarantee, and both had exactly 864 entrants, leaving the house to cover 13.6% of the prizepool--not a bad overlay at all. Both also were won by P5ers, with fellow P5ers taking five of the six spots between 4th and 9th. The winner was jraye87, who took $25k for first. The other P5ers at the final table were PearlJammer(4th), wayupinya(5th), Papa Bull XL(6th), Huskers20(8th), and sheila12(9th). P5er Gezbar, AKA Kid_Poker47, took down the PokerStars Sunday Million this week with no chop, winning just under $200k for his efforts, which was of course the biggest score by a P5er this weekend. No other members were at the final table of that one, but two final tabled the $350k Guaranteed Sunday Warm Up. Those two were CalBandGreatand flmodesq21, who took 5th and 7th respectively. The other of the three biggest Sunday events, the Full Tilt $400k, also featured two P5ers at the final table, and those two were wake all in(7th) and bigbobm11(8th). The other two Sunday majors featured in this report were home to some excitement, featuring names we all know well. Tmay420(left), ranked in the top 10 ever since PocketFives.com implemented its automated rankings, took part in a heads up chop with his opponent in the $200k Guaranteed Second Chance $200, which netted him over $35k. All the while, he was trying to take down the $200 rebuy as well, and he ended up finishing 7th there. Other P5ers at the Second Chance final table included Gowon, Andy McLEOD, and sirio11, who finished 7th, 8th, and 9th respectively. The other big story involved Andy McLEOD(left), who has been on a tear this entire year and who lost a very long heads up battle against yet another top player, Imper1um(right). Both have been crushing everything lately, so this match had an aura of greatness as soon as it began, and the hype was justified. They also had to work extremely hard to get to the heads up. In addition to Tmay being at the final table, inissint(4th), pbdrunks(5th), stpauli111(6th), and Sluggle(9th) were all there as well. It wasn't an easy crowd at all, but once again these top ranked players showed why they've achieved their status. Bodog $100k Guaranteed $100+9 864 entrants - $100,000 paid out to 81 spots jraye87 - $25,000 i12play - $14,000 goin_blind - $9,000 PearlJammer - $6.500 Wayupinya - $5,400 Papa Bull XL - $4,400 Rugbything - $3,400 Huskers20 - $2,400 sheila12 - $1,550 Full Tilt $400k Guaranteed $200+16 2,211 entrants - $442,200 paid out to 351 spots tkilpatrick1 - $81,121 thorro - $49,791 SamH133 - $32,590 poxyist - $26,001 Willibal - $19,677 supergirl72 - $14,150 Wake all in - $10,391 bigbobm11 - $8,136 Zuludogg - $6,190 PokerStars "Sunday Warm-Up" $350k Guaranteed $200+15 1,907 - $381,400 paid out to 270 spots fcarrico - $74,830 alhambra - $37,758 TheNew - $26,850 mindgamer - $21,739 CalBandGreat - $17,048 frostey - $12,853 flmodesq21 - $9,039 chillyah - $5,606 lucky slev7n - $3,356 PokerStars "Sunday Million" $1,000+50 7,034 entrants - $1,406,800 paid out to 1,080 spots Kid_Poker47 - $198,358 manager1st - $99,882 DnCarlos - $70,340 Acey-Deucey - $56,272 Naf70 - $42,204 Blotzilla - $30,949 delta - $21,805 Diabolo63 - $12,661 Maroonlime - $8,300 PokerStars "Second Chance" $200k Guaranteed $200+15 1,119 entrants - $223,800 paid out to 153 spots riverman2x - $48,117 Tmay420 - $26,475 Orkan - $17,904 Kltpzyxm - $14,323 texasblake - $11,525 pimpkdawg - $8,728 Gowon - $6,490 Andy McLEOD - $4,476 sirio11 - $2,573 PokerStars $200+15 with Rebuys 173 entrants - $130,400 paid out to 18 spots zangbezan24 - $39,120 Andy McLEOD - $26,080 vagnermo22 - $15,517 inissint - $10,432 pbdrunks - $8,476 stpauli111 - $6,520 Tmay420 - $4,564 fisheater111 - $3,390 W Snipes - $2,216 UltimateBet $200k Guaranteed $200+15 864 entrants - $200,000 paid out to 90 spots Big Jew - $45,000 teecue - $27,000 pokerich93 - $18,500 myran2 - $13,000 Legato - $11,000 chubbbs - $9,000 jimmie23 - $7,000 _theirbman_ - $5,000 Chuck_A_Luck - $3,500 21maddog- $2,000
  19. It's safe to say that PocketFivers had a big day on Full Tiltthis past Sunday. For Jordan "iMsoLucky0" Morgan (pictured), it was a huge day, as he took down the first prize in the $500k Guaranteed, which was worth over $120k. Meanwhile in the Mulligan, long-time P5er Believer82was the winner of $36k, and koolkeith13, P0KERPR033, and PSBwere the next three finishers. Kasedowgyand pssamitfinished 6th and 7th respectively, rounding out a top 7 that included 6 PocketFives.com members. Other P5ers at the $500k final table this week were Pragerand USCphildo, who took 6th and 8th places. Tournaments that were taken down by non-P5ers included the Absolute$150k, the Bodog$100k, and the PartyPoker$300k. On Absolute, potroast took 4th place, and Imper1umand esattechnearly made it that far, finishing 7th and 8th. On Bodog, o11pokerdrwas the highest P5er to finish when he took 5th place. Joe McGuireand whitey03took 6th and 7th respectively. On Party, Russell99(5th) was the lone player representing P5s at the final table. Allinstevie continued his impressive run on PokerStarsthis weekend with a win in the $200k Guaranteed "Second Chance." Stevie's win was not without obstacles, as he had to take down fellow P5er arzCARDZfanbefore advancing to the heads up match. Gregghmsrwas also in deep in this event, taking 7th place. The Sunday Million and Sunday Warm Up were similar to the tourneys mentioned above from Bodog, Absolute, and PartyPoker. P5er johnsears finished 7th in the Sunday Million, which was worth better than $31k. Xeric(3rd) and Poker Invest(8th) both reached the final table of the Sunday Warm Up and each picked up a nice cash. In the $200R, there were (as always) numerous P5s members in the final stretch. Siphon3511was the highest P5er finisher, taking 2nd overall. Number1pen(pictured) took 3rd, and kwob20, x2then, and emptyseat88were the next three finishers at 4th, 5th, and 6th. Imper1umwent out just before everyone else busted, finishing 8th overall. On UltimateBetthis week, Faralonewas the first palce winner. He had to contend with a few verystrong members of this site at the final table. Aaronbeenwas a part of that competition, but he busted out in 4th. A__theKevlar__2also took advantage of the field, finishing 5th. Moneyinbagfinished 8th, and Eric "EFro" Froehlich took 10th. Congrats to everyone who cashed this weekend! Here are the results: Absolute 150k Guranteed $500+30 333 entrants- $166,500 paid out to 36 spots THETAXMAN13 - $41,625 POO_POO - $26,640 DOUBLEDONKER - $18,481 POTR0AST - $13,320 CHERRYPIT - $9,990 SESTHSUKUL - $7,492 IMPER1UM - $5,827 ESATTECH - $4,329 TAYLOR0908 - $2,830 Bodog 100k Guaranteed $100+9 912 entrants - $100,000 paid out to 81 spots KillerKenny - $25,000 Tse Tse Fly - $14,000 ShaneOZOZO - $9,000 L T - $6,500 011jp - $5,400 Joe McGuire - $4,400 Whitey03 - $3,400 mlfoust - $2,400 Chuck a Luck - $1,550 PartyPoker $300k Guaranteed $200+15 1,515 entrants - $303,000 paid out to 200 spots min_spin LordLuckbox zanderfish ONIONACE It_Could_Hit ded_moroz07 TheCorner Badevirus Blagajnik motsi Full Tilt $500k Guaranteed $200+16 3,378 entrants - $675,600 paid out to 459 spots iMsoLucky0 - $120,966 carabello - $73,640 MyagiDojo - $47,967 Skinken - $37,495 professor plum - $28,037 ronniehood - $20,740 somporn - $15,538 USCphildo - $12,160 bokpower - $9,053 Full Tilt $100k Guaranteed "Sunday Mulligan" $200+16 750 entrants - $150,000 paid out to 72 spots Believer8219 - $36,000 FLIMSIN - $22,500 P0KERPR0 - $16,875 Bjorg009 - $12,750 GatorGotcha - $9,750 kasedowgy - $6,750 pssamit - $4,650 Tatute - $3,600 SleazyAL - $2,700 PokerStars "Sunday Warm-Up" $400k Guaranteed $200+15 2,403 - $480,600 paid out to 360 spots azn_baller3 - $93,909 Machiavellii - $47,579 Scansion - $31,671 ENGLISHJUDGE - $25,471 pokerbig77 - $20,185 mikeyt51 - $15,331 paul0s - $11,005 Poker Invest - $6,920 potbooster - $4,037 PokerStars "Sunday Million" $500+30 3,021 entrants - $1,510,500 paid out to 486 spots Zutzman - $263,582 Pehtoori - $133,075 lb6121 - $95,614 GARBANZITO - $75,525 plasticard - $59,211 Xaston - $43,804 asdf2000 - $31,720 fundmyaudi - $19,938 nazeehah66 - $11,781 PokerStars "Second Chance" $200k Guaranteed $200+15 1,270 entrants - $254,000 paid out to 180 spots allinstevie - $54,076 Ota_SolGryn - $27,178 arzCARDZfan - $19,050 Hitecdeck - $15,113 marlin5555 - $11,938 sleepyzs - $9,017 gregghmsr - $6,350 MUSTwinNOW - $3,937 BLOWFISH408 - $2,413 PokerStars $150k Guaranteed $200+15 with Rebuys 294 entrants - $199,800 paid out to 27 spots liberace - $54,945 bobbybagpipe - $34,965 #1PEN - $23,176 kwob20 - $15,984 x2then - $11,988 emptyseat88 - $8,991 utreg - $6,993 zangbezan24 - $5,194 bodog4life - $3,396 UltimateBet $200k Guaranteed $200+15 1,048 entrants - $209,600 paid out to 110 spots Faralone - $46,112 allinjompa - $26,996 ParDoctor - $18,654 mttwelfare - $13,624 A_thekevlar_2 - $11,004 KATHU79 - $8,803 mark1106 - $6,707 Time To Dance - $4,716 DRTHPelagius - $3,563 thanks - $2,096
  20. Dan "javahound" Tarnopol has been crushing tournaments on PokerStars for the majority of 2007, and this weekend he had his biggest win yet. That win was a first place finish in the $200 rebuy, which was good for $50k. He defeated high stakes guru Dariominieriheads up, after going through a final table that included ranked players lucky sevenand Imper1um. P5er Pass_72 was also at the final table and finished 6th in the event. One other P5er won a big Sunday event this week, and that was ostrichman, who took down the UltimateBet $200k Guaranteed. His final table was also filled with P5s members, including wombat009(3rd), jakz101poker(5th), two8off(7th), TheWacoKidd(8th---this is what he does on days he's not final tabling huge live events), and Kasedowgy(9th). Long time P5s member mrpbroke through with a huge score in the Sunday Million this week after chopping with five others at the final table. He ended up winning $80k after losing the heads up match for the $30k left on the table. Xpugn0was also at the final table and finished 8th. Also on Stars, two more P5ers went deep in the Sunday Warm Up. PSBtook second overall, and BrokenTPotfinished 6th. Gbmantis almost added another major victory to his resume on Sunday, but he had to settle for second in the Sunday Second Chance $200k, which was still worth over $27k. Jurollowas the fourth place finisher in the Second Chance, and P5ers mgmitchand WhoTheHellrounded out the final table, finishing 8th and 9th respectively. Since PocketFives.com is now tracking tournaments on Absolute for the rankings, we're also going to be including their Saturday major in this report from now on. It didn't take long for us to track a couple P5ers at the final table of this $150k guaranteed event (which had a very nice overlay of nearly $20k, by the way). Lehmanand Rcrane082985took 6th and 7th place. Three P5ers made the final five in the Bodog $100k, but they fell victim in order in 3rd through 5th place. Aaron_Hackerwas the highest finisher of the three, and he edged out the other two, amak316and wmmcl, to take 3rd place and a prize of $9k. Also on Sunday, Anbessatook 9th place in the Full Tilt $400k Guaranteed, which has a buy in of $200+16. Congrats to all P5ers who cashed this weekend. Here are the results: Absolute $150k Guaranteed $200+16 661 entrants - $150,000 paid out to 63 spots maffiany - $37,500 otman - $21,450 kenty1 - $13,800 jazelle - $10,350 strohsix - $8,250 lehmancm - $6,750 RCrane082985 - $5,250 aryzinho - $3,750 abbaddabba - $2,400 Bodog $100k Guaranteed $100+9 882 entrants - $100,000 paid out to 81 spots Daka77 - $25,000 BenNao - $14,000 ImTheJackal - $9,000 amak316 - $6,500 wmmcl - $5,400 MUlax15 - $4,400 CALLitALLday - $3,400 fabcorleone - $2,400 BabyBlueBoy - $1,550 PartyPoker $300k Guaranteed $200+15 1,474 entrants - $300,000 paid out to 200 spots I__MCMK__I - $60,000 Domcee - $33,000 TomSigmond - $20,700 bervad3 - $16,350 kunkku23 - $13,800 osneck - $10,350 chaggh_1 - $7,950 CTPAXA_HET - $5,250 Arcko - $4,050 xxDKingxx - $2,850 Full Tilt $400k Guaranteed $200+16 2,719 entrants - $543,800 paid out to 405 spots CMcAboy - $99,515 svenneskumpa - $60,905 WiShIwUzThErE - $39,697 MountainJay - $31,540 Jdruck1 - $23,927 PuffMcDuff - $17,238 cheesemonster - $12,724 Kissy Fish - $10,005 UgottaBkiddin - $7,613 PokerStars "Sunday Warm-Up" $350k Guaranteed $200+15 1,996 - $399,200 paid out to 270 spots ralloyd06 - $78,323 Bjorg009 - $39,520 steverr1 - $28,103 Vera15 - $22,754 BadcardsAA - $17,844 BrokenTPot - $13,453 poofter - $9,461 NUTTY54 - $5,868 cpnemofish - $3,512 PokerStars "Sunday Million" $200+15 7,060 entrants - $1,412,000 paid out to 1,080 spots (Numbers based on 5-way deal, leaving $30k for first) pokerjoel1 - $113,415 mrp123 - $80,603 Bonuskort - $100,824 PLAYAMAN - $115,524 varuni - $58,416 nickym998 - $31,064 bootlegbobby - $21,886 Xpugn0 - $12,708 Sangreal76 - $8,330 PokerStars "Second Chance" $200k Guaranteed $200+15 1,161 entrants - $232,200 paid out to 153 spots hingham10 - $49,923 gbmantis - $27,469 borat1982 - $18,576 WPThero - $14,860 zionellino - $11,958 nickod316 - $9,055 takechip - $6,733 TheGiligan - $4,644 Bjorn_I_Hi - $2,670 PokerStars $200+15 with Rebuys 260 entrants - $182,600 paid out to 27 spots javahound - $50,215 Dariominieri - $31,955 faithless - $21,181 TheKidIsBack - $14,608 GodLuvsALL - $10,956 Pass_72 - $8,217 RiverBoom - $6,391 zangbezan24 - $4,747 vagnermo22 - $3,104 UltimateBet $200k Guaranteed $200+15 934 entrants - $200,000 paid out to 100 spots ostrichman - $45,000 mirage666 - $26,500 strway2raisn - $18,000 foil_shizzle - $13,100 ultimatejakz - $10,500 panamatony - $8,500 ungarprodg - $6,500 TheWacoKidd - $4,500 kasedowgy - $3,400 slow_rollin78 - $2,000
  21. This past weekend was one of the biggest online poker weekends in history. Among other things, there were two million dollar guaranteed tournaments, the Paradise Masters and the "Stone Cold Nuts II" on UltimateBet. Neither had a final table without a P5er, but that was just the beginning of all the weekend news. papoorboytook down yet another Sunday major, winning the $500k guaranteed on PokerStars. He has been on an incredible run in the majors, and the final table he defeated this week included G6Dragon(6th). Over on Paradise, Rizenwas the big winner in the $150k guaranteed, weeding through a final table that included another final table regular, JOEYTHEB, who ended up in 5th. JJProdigypicked up another major win this weekend on UltimateBet, taking down the $150k guaranteed. sirio11finished 7th in the event. And finally, tranquilowas the winner of the $60k guaranteed on Full Tilt. sheets, JohnnyBax, and TheBeatshowed up in full force on PartyPoker this weekend, each finishing in the top 4 of a major tournament there. Bax took 4th in the Saturday night $200k guaranteed, while sheets and TheBeat took 3rd and 4th respectively in the Sunday $500k. Another PartyPoker player, FishyScent, made the final table of both the Friday Special and the $200k guaranteed. Two other P5ers to make major final tables this weekend were Nordberg, who took 5th place in the Bodog $100k guaranteed, and yankees31, who cashed for about $40k in the UB "Stone Cold Nuts II." In the Paradise Masters, which will pay more than $330k to first after the final table plays out in Costa Rica, Pckt Bullets, tbone391, fivestar,and Randersall made the final table and are in good shape in terms of chips. Congrats to everyone on a standout weekend for P5ers! Here are the results: January 13, 2006 PartyPoker "Friday Special" $200+15 1,131 entrants -- $226,200 paid out to 140 spots JRANDZTRN - $47,502 chimpzilla - $26,465 Raul_Oliv - $18,096 F00LH0USE - $13,572 icashoutdou - $11,310 ScrappySmurf - $9,048 rbeckwith - $6,786 FishyScent - $4,524 dsorgen - $3,393 fitzroy - $2,262 January 14, 2006 PartyPoker 200k Guaranteed $200+15 1,256 entrants -- $251,200 paid out to 140 spots My_Nuts_Earn - $52,752 jleno113 - $29,390 Paghman - $20,096 JohnnyBax - $15,072 Hapates - $12,560 FishyScent - $10,048 IamSprocket - $7,536 chilebass - $5,024 gn0871 - $3,678 TheGraveWolf - $2,512 January 15, 2006 PartyPoker 500k Guaranteed $200+15 2,177 entrants -- $500,000 paid out to 400 spots Bolloxs - $100,000 goldwatch24 - $50,000 SndtheMny - $37,000 TheRealBeat - $29,500 cool__mama - $24,000 sakonuts - $19,000 splitz - $14,000 ekanes01 - $9,500 puffermjp - $7,000 JRK1126 - $5,000 January 15, 2006 Paradise $150k Guaranteed $200 834 entrants - $166,800 paid out to 90 spots Rizen - $37,947 tiki123 - $21,250 winerorwater - $13,660 BKASHUBA - $9,866 JOEYTHEB - $8,348 yimen - $6,830 urelnick - $5,312 virgopro - $3,794 smd10431 - $2,276 slurpee50 - $1,517 January 15, 2006 Bodog 100k Guaranteed $100+9 752 entrants - $100,000 paid out to 63 spots jambon - $25,000 checkraizer1 - $14,300 ehafner - $9,200 LaLuna111 - $6,900 Nordberg - $5,500 Nunya FB - $4,500 head2782 - $3,500 GreenStar - $2,500 chuckyduce - $1,600 January 15, 2006 Full Tilt 60k guaranteed $200+16 378 entrants - $75,600 paid out to 36 spots tranquilo - $18,900 lookin for work - $12,096 LeeNickel - $9,072 stan2005 - $6,993 Tsouk27 - $5,292 greybrain - $3,780 mooreparty - $2,457 Jphins13 - $1,890 TIMBER9 - $1,512 January 15, 2006 PokerRoom "Weekly Big Deal" $300+20 $80k Guaranteed 301 entrants - $90,300 paid out to 40 spots homeboy29 - $22,575 allinlar - $14,448 marty1144 - $9,030 Sharkypoo49 - $5,959 southernski4 - $4,153 shaqman87 - $3,431 kongolainen - $2,709 becks86 - $2,167 SuperTOMTE - $1,806 VipMaster - $1,444 January 15, 2006 PokerStars 500K Guaranteed $200+15 3,999 entrants - $799,800 paid out to 378 spots (numbers reflect three-way chop leaving 10k for first) papoorboy - $116,973 danistheking - $101,973 karen19 - $96,973 Gollum - $46,388 brassmaid - $35,991 G6Dragon - $27,993 bonvivant - $20,794 Herschel - $14,396 cet1942 - $8,637 January 15, 2006 UltimateBet 1M Guaranteed $500+30 "Stone Cold Nuts" 2,774 entrants - $1.387,000 paid out to 200 spots *Note* all who reached the final table also got a $12k WSOP package hhumbert - $266,070 Chef Henri - $152,040 Schyke - $110,862 TRAPSTER - $82,355 puffboy - $66,390 pr1metime - $53,214 yankees31 - $40,544 wwwnvrwinpkr - $28,507 whozepfloyd - $20,272 ArmyDrill - 11,403 January 15, 2006 UltimateBet 150K Guaranteed $200+15 712 entrants - $150,000 paid out to 80 spots JJProdigy - $34,500 rumprammer - $21,000 FellKnight - $13,875 jimmie23 - $9,750 neill543 - $8,250 masterofaces - $6,750 sirio11 - $5,250 Poker M 82A1 - $3,750 reszel - $2,625
  22. At each of the two Sunday Million tournaments, a P5er made the final table this week. TheWacoKidd, fresh off accumulating 50k in chips during day 1 of the WSOP Main Event, took 4th in the PartyPoker $1M Guaranteed, which easily passed its guarantee, despite the fact that so many top players are at the World Series. He received more than $44k for his finish. LUHMANalso made the final table of this event, finishing 6th. PokerStars had their monthly $500 buy in for their $1M Guaranteed, and P5er stlouis6 had a strong showing, finishing 8th for just under $20k. Congrats to both of these P5ers on their big wins! In the weekly Full Tilt $200k guaranteed, bmicontook 9th place this week. Imper1umwas the chip leader in the Paradise $150k guaranteed when the tournament was cancelled, and he received more than $7k as his share in equity. Jpapolatook 3rd in the Bodog $100k guaranteed as well, which was worth $9k. With so many P5ers at the World Series, this was all the action we had this week in the majors, though a couple people really made it count. See everyone next week! Here are the results: July 28, 2006 PartyPoker "Friday Special" $200+15 801 entrants -- $160,200 paid out to 90 spots OMor1529 kobeallstar jadogo cccfh27 VipPlayer sgandini2121 macabre100 redhead0806 orrnot illuminite July 29, 2006 PartyPoker 200k Guaranteed $200+15 997 entrants -- $200,000 paid out to 100 spots sscd88 SunTzu7076 DaKid813 str8jacket kjpokster BadgerPro dunnington popdog1 Thegon PinkFloydtrader July 30, 2006 PartyPoker 1M Guaranteed $200+15 5,249 entrants -- $1,049,800 paid out to 750 spots miz_zou_fan coctailforme T_Faz TheWacoKidd iltempo tonicbarback mjthejackal gimmeahug mmmmmbeeeer RAY_34 July 30, 2006 Bodog 100k Guaranteed $100+9 810 entrants - $100,000 paid out to 63 spots Obertray9 - $25,000 IUBB - $14,000 jpstation - $9,000 ohiost42 - $6,500 rockeyes - $5,400 A__theKevlar__2 - $4,400 Crruella - $3,400 Joe Montanna - $2,400 country41 - $1,550 July 30, 2006 Full Tilt $200k Guaranteed $200+16 1,205 entrants - $241,000 paid out to 117 spots SOAMelt - $53,020 PORKY_CHOPS - $33,740 gojets999 - $24,823 letsgomets - $19,581 RegDunlop - $15,062 Simon Horsleben - $10,845 holdingAAces - $7,230 cain4004 - $5,422 Micon - $3,856 July 30, 2006 Prima $100k Guaranteed $50+5 with Rebuys 950 entrants - $108,250 paid out to 130 spots uglykid - $25,438 974872581603 - $14,613 Eagles_CPFC - $9,417 Ironballs - $6,819 Gravel06 - $5,520 cheesycheese - $4,330 katastat - $3,355 fab0057 - $2,489 Kebabkungen - $1,840 iznogoud - $1,299 July 30, 2006 PokerRoom $80k Guaranteed $300+20 "Weekly Big Deal" 262 entrants - $80,000 paid out to 40 spots STREGONE2000 - $20,000 cmd1226 - $12,800 BigSlimmy - $8,000 Rush45 - $5,280 letsdoitup - $3,680 homedj - $3,040 brokenaces - $2,400 THECLAW5104 - $1,920 LittleMolly - $1,600 Stortilt - $1,280 July 30, 2006 PokerStars 1M Guaranteed $500+30 1,956 entrants - $1,000,000 paid out to 270 spots tsifknits - $187,000 Potbuster - $114,000 geirmn - $66,000 BMWWookie - $53,500 PaloTheAce - $44,500 DodgyAces - $34,500 bukkake666 - $25,000 holla@yoboy - $19,800 cdbr3799 - $12,000 July 30, 2006 UltimateBet 200k Guaranteed $200+15 808 entrants - $200,000 paid out to 90 spots 1thumper1 - $45,000 mkind0516 - $27,000 taknapotin - $18,500 Tozier1 - $13,000 The Man 1 - $11,000 pirate-pab - $9,000 natster237 - $7,000 scorpiocon - $5,000 labuska - $3,500 tyrey - $2,000
  23. Jim "P0KERPR033" Campbell has been steadily climbing the rankings over the last few months, having reached the top 10. It looks like he'll be rising even more now, as he's just finished his Sunday the way every online poker player wants to---with a win in the Sunday Million on PokerStars. He beat out fellow P5ers cpfactor(3rd), jonnybsting(5th), and CalBandGreat(9th) before making a deal heads up that led to him winning $180k. Andy McLEOD almost pulled off yet another huge win this week as well, still taking a hefty cash for second in the Sunday Warm Up on Stars. He took home $38k after all was said and done. RayRoss87was also there, and he beat out half the final table before finishing 5th. Mattg1983(left) nearly won the second biggest tourney this week, still cashing for over $93k on Full Tilt. Matt played a long heads up match before finally giving way, and he went through many P5ers along the way. Among those were Frymealiver, who took 3rd place, and phatcat, who finished in 7th. GBecks1finished off a PocketFives.com Triple Crown with a huge win in the UltimateBet $200k. While most Triple Crown winners need the better part of a week to get there, GBecks1 barely needed a day. His heads up opponent was fajzher, also a P5er, and two other P5ers were at the final table: kdogpenny1and Devin "TranquilChaos" Porter. The Bodog 100k drew over 900 entrants this week, and P5ers Vatcheand rvrmonkeyfinished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Lastly, as usual, the Stars $200 rebuy had a final table full of P5ers. In fact, everyone but the winner was a registered member of this site. Those final table finishers were, in order: Hixx, CrazyMarco, Roothlus, Oakplayer, pato610, timex, t soprano, and Obender. Congrats to all P5ers who cashed this weekend. Here are the results: Bodog $100k Guaranteed $100+9 927 entrants - $100,000 paid out to 63 spots Veteran In Love - $25,000 Vatche - $14,000 rvrmonkey - $9,000 frankc - $6.500 billystar - $5,400 akw84 - $4,400 FoodSaver - $3,400 Gee Que - $2,400 icunrazawlmydoe - $1,550 PartyPoker $300k Guaranteed $200+15 1,486 entrants - $300,000 paid out sERvERfr00G bajen1999 TapMyToe jimslim mingebag JOSHUAJACKS silverfang OXOTHuK stefang222 FIVEJOKER Full Tilt $750k Guaranteed $500+35 1,647 entrants - $823,500 paid out to 261 spots DuckU - $152,374 mattg1983 - $93,879 Frymealiver - $61,762 Jubbley - $49,410 knivar3n - $37,881 RANGER_173D - $27,175 phat_cat1 - $19,764 Maximoss - $15,399 Mizrachi - $11,858 PokerStars "Sunday Warm-Up" $350k Guaranteed $200+15 1,933 - $386,600 paid out to 270 spots joeljaden - $75,850 Andy McLEOD - $38,273 amir35 - $27,216 bangard - $22,036 Ray Ross - $17,281 palurdo - $13,028 tjhopkinsiv - $9,162 Rcm-fr - $5,683 egyptian1 - $3,402 PokerStars "Sunday Million" $200+15 7,109 entrants - $1,421,800 paid out to 1,080 spots (Numbers based on a two-way chop, leaving $30k for first) jcamby33 - $180,000 chick x - $121,421 cpfactor - $71,090 SurreyStud - $56,872 jonnybsting - $42,654 cjwill33 - $31,279 ValuePlay - $22,037 htd112 - $12,796 CalBandGreat - $8,388 PokerStars "Second Chance" $200k Guaranteed $200+15 1,178 entrants - $235,600 paid out to 153 spots TenthPlanet - $50,654 cau-ca - $27,871 dicknastyjr - $18,848 CountBoncho - $15,078 dreamdance06 - $12,133 chach777 - $9,188 robkil0 - $6,832 EvilDrSluggo - $4,712 amichaiKK - $2,709 PokerStars $200+15 with Rebuys 252 entrants - $165,400 paid out to 27 spots wayne_king86 - $45,485 LoneHixx - $28,945 NoraFlum - $19,186 Roothlus - $13,232 Oakplayer - $9,924 pato610 - $7,443 hit21hit - $5,789 t soprano - $4,300 Empire2000 - $2,811 UltimateBet $200k Guaranteed $200+15 973 entrants - $200,000 paid out to 100 spots Gfcukinbecks - $45,000 lamp3122 - $26,500 fajzher - $18,000 kinglouie - $13,100 moneydraws - $10,500 dallasjoe - $8,500 The Big Don - $6,500 kdogpenny1 - $4,500 zymurgist17 - $3,400 tranquilchaos - $2,000
  24. PokerStarshad their quarterly $1k buy in Sunday Million on Sunday, and a couple familiar names found their way to six-figure scores. Thechemist83, a long-time successful player on PokerRoom, took 2nd in the event for $178k. Right behind him was Denmark's top player Klausen(pictured), who finished 3rd for $126k. One other P5er made the final table: Belabacsi was the 9th place finisher. His result netted him over $15k. Bodoghas been bringing in some sizeable overlays in recent weeks, and this week's house addition of nearly $25k was no different. P5ers Joe McGuire, Catfish4u, and Grave Dangerwere all able to cash in on the opportunity, taking 4th, 7th, and 8th places respectively. On PartyPokerthis week, eisenhower1of Sweden was able to take 8th place in the $300k Guaranteed. This past winner of the Bodog $100k has been extremely successful throughout the last year in online poker. Also putting up a big result was ael1979, who won the Stars Sunday Warm-Up, which paid over $106k. $JMONEY$(left) hasn't been putting in a ton of online volume, but he still pulls the big results from time to time. This week, it was a 2nd place finish in the $200 rebuy on Stars for just under $36k, losing to online phenom Dariominieriheads up. Also at the final table were P5ers TheOmaholic, CrazyMarco, toetagU, and topherhess. P5er snugglez88had a huge online win as well this weekend. He took down the 2nd Chance $200 on Stars for over $57k. He had to defeat fellow P5er lnettles2heads up. Also at the final table was BigArmo, who took 9th place. P0KERPR033 (right) was up to his old tricks on UltimateBet, nearly taking home the top prize and still cashing for $26.5k. Several other familiars were at the final table, including makavelyces, koolkeith13, Jeff_Labowski, Wachovia, and grtwhitehoop. In this week's Sunday Majors on Full Tilt, we got to see a number of our members come close to the top prizes. D1rtyR1v3rand Danny "The__D__RY" Ryan were the 3rd and 4th place finishers in the $750k guaranteed. In the Sunday Mulligan, tmfd001was the runner up, edging out DANAand weeminer, who finished 3rd and 4th. Phatcattook 6th place in the event, and chicagocards1finished 7th. Congrats to everyone who cashed this week. Here are the results: Bodog 100k Guaranteed $100+9 756 entrants - $100,000 paid out to 63 spots bigmonte87 - $25,000 karjalanpaisti - $14,300 jakey22 - $9,200 Joe McGuire - $6,900 swan153 - $5,500 JB_FIVE - $4,500 Catfish4U - $3,500 Grave Danger - $2,500 nickanderson42 - $1,600 PartyPoker $300k Guaranteed $200+15 1,646 entrants - $329,200 paid out to 200 spots High11th igors122 harry728 TrocaTapa turntablist derdings GreatGordini eisenhower1 areuenraged kingi12 Full Tilt $750k Guaranteed $200+16 4,185 entrants - $837,000 paid out to 585 spots ygga69 - $147,805 lopola - $89,475 D1rtyR1v3r - $58,590 THE__D__RY - $46,035 Foldem420 - $34,568 Xequtr - $25,612 kmberlake - $19,251 fishermanran - $15,066 Bluff0815 - $11,215 Full Tilt $100k Guaranteed "Sunday Mulligan" $200+16 835 entrants - $167,000 paid out to 81 spots themark888 - $39,245 tmfd001 - $24,632 Q3s - $18,370 weeminer - $14,195 CASINOICE - $10,855 phat_cat1 - $7,515 chicagocards1 - $5,177 ol muggins - $3,941 Yendor Nevets - $2,839 PokerStars "Sunday Warm-Up" $500k Guaranteed $200+15 3,080 - $616,000 paid out to 486 spots ael1979 - $106,383 Madsen88 - $54,269 cheddarmon - $38,992 ED IS BACK - $30,800 krmont22 - $24,147 Norm427 - $17,864 Milla.TiMe - $12,936 bot432931 - $8,131 aceviper - $4,804 PokerStars "Sunday Million" $1,000+50 1,802 - $1,802,000 paid out to 270 spots Mighty_L - $353,552 thechemist83 - $178,398 Tulkaz - $126,860 Dao69 - $102,714 Pattymelt15 - $80,549 McShove - $60,727 NVmania - $42,707 loftus222 - $26,489 Belabacsi - $15,857 PokerStars "Second Chance" $200k Guaranteed $200+15 1,348 - $269,600 paid out to 180 spots loosefer - $57,397 Tobia$ Bluth - $28,847 tinytim3434 - $20,220 delta - $16,041 pykesgoinpro - $12,671 Paris26 - $9,570 Stochastic - $6,740 dim--tix - $4,178 BigArmo - $2,561 PokerStars $150k Guaranteed $200+15 with Rebuys 296 entrants - $205,600 paid out to 27 spots Dariominieri - $56,540 $30K - $35,980 elmasmacho - $23,849 The Omaholic - $16,448 NoraFlum - $12,336 argenpoker - $9,252 toetagU - $7,196 ZT Cattle - $5,345 DirtyTowel - $3,495 UltimateBet 200k Guranteed $200+15 957 entrants - $200,000 paid to 100 places matadoren7 - $45,000 P0KERPR033 - $26,500 Ol_Dirtyy - $18,000 Rilledoo - $13,100 makavelyces - $10,500 FLIMSIN - $8,500 Jeff_Labowski - $6,500 Wachovia - $4,500 mustwin2sail - $3,400 grtwhitehoop - $2,000
  25. We followed him when he nearly made the top 100 in the WSOP Main Event last year, and this time, we followed him all the way to the finish line. Vegan213(right)took down the Full Tilt $750k Guaranteed on Sunday for $141k, an incredible score that puts him in an elite group of P5ers that have made a 6-figure score in a poker tournament. Amazingly, four of the top five in that event were P5s members. Cliff819and IWEARGOGGLESwere the 2nd and 3rd place finishers, taking home $87k and $60k respectively, and two-time WSOP bracelet winner Eric Froehlich, whose P5s name is efro, finished 5th for $35k. Bubbagump22was also at that final table, where he took 9th place. In addition to all those big scores on Full Tilt, one very familiar name had a huge payday on PokerStars this week. Long time online winner and original PocketFives.com #1 ranked player brsavage(left) took 3rd place in this week's Sunday Million, which was worth more than $67k! Rizenpulled off a notable feat, finishing 2nd in the $200 rebuy for the second consecutive week. Eric was disappointed in not closing it out, but he still received more than 25,000 reasons to be happy about the finish. As usual, multiple P5ers were at that final table, including apestylesand ansky451, who finished 6th and 9th respectively. Agriffrod (right) gave all his OT buddies reason to be proud this week as well, taking 4th place in the Second Chance $200. P5er BOUJAfinished 6th in the event. The other $200 freezeout, the $250k Guaranteed Sunday Warm Up, also featured two P5ers at the final table, and those two were miamivice(2nd) and demosthen3s(6th). Once again, a P5er took down the UltimateBet $200k Guaranteed this week, which has become a pretty frequent occurance. This week it was stevie444taking home the first prize of $45,000. Readers here may recall that TheWacoKiddfinished 2nd in this event last week, and he was featured on the front page of the Tournament Review. This week, he finished just shy of his previous performance, taking 3rd place for more than $18k and completing an amazing back-to-back performance. Three other well-known P5ers were at that final table on UB. Atimostook 5th place, leggggggggggytook 8th, and Dave118finished 10th. One other P5er who made a Sunday major final table this week was gilbertology, who plays as "sportsmoney" on Bodog. He ended up taking 10th in the $100k Guaranteed, which was back to its old ways with a substantial overlay of nearly $14k. As always, congrats to all P5ers who cashed in the weekend events. Here are the final table results: Bodog $100k Guaranteed $100+9 801 entrants - $100,000 paid out to 81 spots kingthehustler - $25,000 Melvin01 - $14,000 Poker Man3 - $9,000 hugedog - $6,500 Wayupinya - $5,400 fullpackage1 - $4,400 ongconoi - $3,400 smalltimer - $2,400 sportsmoney - $1,550 Full Tilt $750k Guaranteed $500+35 1,380 entrants - $750,000 paid out to 216 spots vegan213 - $141,000 cliff819 - $87,375 IWEARGOGGLES - $60,375 badbeatme - $46,500 Eric Froehlich - $35,250 JayceMV10 - $ $25,200 Lopov - $18,375 jokerz76 - $14,250 Bubbagump29 - $10,950 PokerStars "Sunday Warm-Up" $250k Guaranteed $200+15 1,478 entrants - $295,600 paid out to 180 spots bruno8469 - $62,933 taktloss47 - $31,629 MPetes - $22,170 bzola - $17,588 kamodadragon - $13,893 Demosthen3s - $10,493 chemeris - $7,390 Gambooooool - $4,581 CrackRaymer - $2,808 PokerStars "Sunday Million" $200+15 6,742 entrants - $1,348,400 paid out to 1,080 spots (numbers based on two-way chop, leaving $30k for first) Mazinho1977 - $164,009 UMTerp - $121,852 brsavage - $67,420 SUGAR5892 - $53,936 roni99 - $40,452 lberico - $29,664 Tango44 - $20,900 pokiQQ - $12,135 PokerStars "Second Chance" $200+15 1,061 entrants - $212,200 paid out to 153 spots potstabber10 - $45,623 Evergrey - $25,103 duramax999 - $16,976 agriffrod - $13,580 DaFugginNuts - $10,928 smth0301 - $8,275 sundance9 - $6,153 ips.seri - $4,244 SC5137 - $2,440 PokerStars $200+15 with Rebuys 176 entrants - $128,000 paid out to 18 spots BONCELA - $38,400 Rizen - $25,600 rockets23 - $15,232 William - $10,240 flukert - $8,320 apestyles - $6,400 Tomte123 - $4,480 supernova9 - $3,328 stolz - $2,176 UltimateBet $200k Guaranteed $200+15 862 entrants - $200,000 paid out to 90 spots stevie444 - $45,000 stizzle22 - $27,000 TheWacoKidd - $18,500 bobw630 - $13,000 Shenk0 - $11,000 GfoukinBecks - $9,000 fatboy58 - $7,000 leggggggggggy - $5,000 Two7offsuit8 - $3,500 dave118 - $2,000

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