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  1. This is the PocketFives High Stakes MTT Forum, where we aim to engage in meaningful poker conversation. You have to register before you can post. If you haven't done that yet, join our community by clicking here and creating your username and profile. To be able to post in this forum, you need to have accumulated at least $500,000 in cashes or be ranked Top 1,000 in the world.

    This board is monitored by P5s Admins and our HSMTT user moderators. Below are the rules for this forum. We also ask you to check our GENERAL FORUM RULES before posting.

    If you have any issues with moderation in this forum or with particular posts, please use the Report Post function (the exclamation point icon at the bottom of each post). This is the best way to report these types of issues. You can send ApesAreFun, apestyles, Cre8ive or 7DeLux a PM on why your post was deleted if you were not given a reason, however, please do NOT PM the HSMTT mods or any other moderator on existing posts and do not complain or discuss moderation issues publicly on the forum. Use the Report Post link!

    Minimum Buy-in: For a thread/hand to belong in the HSMTT-forum, it needs to have a minimum buy-in of $50 (rebuys only), and at least $100 for freezeouts. This is a general guideline when it comes to buy-ins. But as we know, situations vs other regs comes up in lower stakes MTTs as well. So if you feel a thread belongs in this forum based on this, feel free to post it. It might get moved to PD if our mods feel it belongs there.

    Constructive Criticism: When commenting on a thread or hand, do NOT belittle other posters. You can explain why something was wrong without being combative. Bans will be handed out immediately for this type of offense, and the length will be determined based on if you were trolling before on P5s.

    Strategy: Please ONLY post poker strategy-related hands and similar types threads in this forum. This is not a forum for people to post rail-calls or congratulating another player on a recent score. Those threads should be posted in Poker Community.

    Bad Beats: All bad beats should be posted in the Bad Beats Forum.

  2. Questions for Boku87 have been imported from this thread...



    mtstackin88 - "now that uve proven u can beat micro and low stakes are u plannin on movin up ur abi?"


    coolhandkev - "Do you keep track of misclicks on a given day? By misclick I mean either literally clicking fold when you wanted to call or making a decision too quickly then instantly regretting it.

    If so, how many misclicks do you have on an average day 55 tabling for 8 hours?"


    leftygrove - "Have you ever considered making a switch to cash games? Why or why not?"


    mstepner - "Boku obviously most people know about tour talents in the sit and go arena of poker. I was wondering if you might share with us your favorite type of sng to play? And what sng's you think offer the best value payout wise and player wise for a grinder coming through the lower levels and just in general. Thanks Boku!!!"


    rebelfd - "For the micro stakes multi table wannabes, what's one thing we should keep in mind as we're playing? Are you able to use HUD while multitabling? When's the book going to print? Congrats on your success, gl at the tables."


    TrueMetalMan - "When you play live at casino's do you mostly play sit n go's and if so how does it differ from playing 20-25 sng's at a time online.

    Also what are some tips on keeping good bank roll management, How do you stop your self from playing out of a comfortable bankroll level?

    What kind of monitor set up do you use to multi table so many sng's at once? And what is your preferred layout for playing so many games at once?

    Thanks so much, Love watching you play!"


    jedd - "do you use any other poker software when you play? i.e. holdem manager? poker tracker? sharkscope? icm calculator mod?"


    Armstrong - "You don't use any HUD programs correct?

    You agree the only thing that matters is knowing the top players (Real threat etc)"


    DeaconMike - "With playing so many tables, are you able to quickly analyze each separate situation or do you act mostly on your table position?"


    MFT77 - "What do u think of the Pokerstars DON`s. Specifically the $5 and $10 non-turbos."


    gjallen1975 - "The problem I have right now with multi-tabling is I don't really play the same way with a bunch of tables open as I would with just a few. With just a couple tables, I am more agressive, raising some medicore cards from early position during the early levels and trying to get my opponents to make mistakes post flop. With more than a few tables open, I feel like I'm relying less on my post-flop game and more on a TAG style of play. So, what I really wonder is, should I expect to alter my game to a more TAG style as I increase the number of tables I play, or am I just trying to take too many tables too fast?"


    PSP1 - "What do you think of Rush Poker? How is it similar/different from Multi-tabling 25 SnGs?"


    jay_bear - "What do you do to focus, when you're playing so many tables at one time and how do you adjust your play when playing against other SNG reg's?"


    gamble153 - "Could you detail the early stages of this challenge better? Its tuf not to go broke with a 5 dollar bankroll.



    matze_widi - "Wo zum teufel wohnst du in Deutschland??"


    BlakeInIndy - "-if you had to successfully complete the 100 > 10K challenge again, how many times out of 10 tries do you think you could do it?"


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  4. Ozzy 87 is back in the top 10. Our intention in moving him to Players to Watch was to put him in a more appropriate place to recognize his play, as he was not playing online tournaments regularly for a period of time. We have learned that he intends to play several tournaments a day now, and as long as we are seeing top 10 caliber results from him, he will retain his top 10 spot. We apologize for any confusion we've caused by moving him in and out of the rankings in the past week.

    Ozzy's return means that a number of players below him have shifted down a spot, despite many of them having solid weeks. This is just an effect of inserting a player, just as when he was removed, everyone moved up an extra spot. All of the players ranked 10-15 had really solid weeks, and they all moved down a spot because of the insertion.

    Meanwhile, Ari has moved into the top 3. He continues to dominate on a day to day basis. This week's feats included a win in the $40k guaranteed rebuy on Dise and a 2nd place finish in the big Sunday $109 rebuy on Stars.

    BeL0WaB0Ve, phatcat, and Rizen are all players on the rise nearly every week. This week was no exception, as the three of them continue to plow through the toughest tourneys on the net.

    A lot of the players in the 30-50 range had really excellent weeks, and because most of the people in that group did well, there really wasn't that much movement there. Kill-Bill had a particularly big week, winning the Dise $150k, and he picked up 3 spots for that. BamaEd had a nice week as well, including a win in the $80k on Dise.

    Congrats to newly ranked players LXIXME17 and Tmay420. They've both been really strong for quite a while now.

  5. In less than 20 hours, the JJProdigy poll received more votes than any other poll held on PocketFives.com. It has already been apparent that the use of multiple accounts is a major issue in the industry of online poker, one that is very important to our users. What may be less apparent, however, (especially to players who are so passionate in their arguments) is how divided the entire poker community is on this topic. After all the debate, the vote was split by less than 2% as to whether or not JJProdigy should retain his ranking. Ten times as many registered users actually looked at the poll and abstained from voting than the numer of tallies separating yays from nays.

    Considering the divisiveness of this issue, the decision we have made on this topic will upset a large group of people. Be this as it may, our decision is final and we ask that you, as members of this community, accept it and move on. Topics discussing the pros and cons of this decision have been exhausted, and any further debates are both moot and inappropriate.

    Our decision is to remove JJProdigy from the current rankings. PocketFives.com does not condone entering multiple accounts in the same tourney, and we have decided that JJProdigy's recent violation warrants his removal. His actions directly violated the rules of the game, and we take that very seriously.

    The rankings exist to highlight the accomplishments of players who are on the cutting edge of the game and worth watching. It is undeniable to the PocketFives.com staff that JJProdigy is one of the very best tournament players on the internet; therefore this is not a permanent ban. For future rankings, we will gauge his play on the JJProdigy screen name under the assumption that he is no longer gaining an unfair edge. Should JJProdigy prove to the PocketFives.com staff that his play from today forward merits consideration, he will work his way back into an appropriate position in the rankings.

    Once again, this decision is final. Issues of this magnitude deserve to be given the appropriate attention, but we are long past the point where every side of this argument has been covered. Please think twice before rehashing the issue of JJProdigy and multiple accounts.

  6. Thanks for the love, pete. As we continue to grow we hope to keep our forums clean from all the spam that floods similar forums. We realize this is one of the things that makes PocketFives unique, and we ask that all our members help our moderation efforts by keeping discussions real and encouraging.

    Thanks again for the kind words!

  7. Some of this past week's top performers:

    JohnnyBax: 1st Dise $200 Laguna, 1st and 8th Stars $100 rebuy (He won on Sunday, when first was over $22k), and a deep cash in the "big one" on Stars. He's also already started off the new week with a Triple Crown...

    SamENole: 2nd and 8th Stars $50 rebuy, 4th Stars $100 rebuy, 8th Dise $150 Pearl, 2nd Dise $250 Salt Water, 2nd Party $30 rebuy

    TheBeat: 1st Bodog $17.5k guaranteed, 1st Stars $100, 4th Party $100

    P0ker H0: 1st Dise $40k guaranteed, won WSOP seat on UB

    Wachovia: 2nd Party Super Thurs. $150, 3rd Dise $75k guaranteed

    Ian J: 4th Stars $55 rebuy, 7th UB $18k guaranteed, 4th Party $200k guaranteed

    Ari: 20th Party $500k guaranteed, 2nd Dise $250 Salt Water, 2nd Stars $100 rebuy, 9th Bodog $40k guaranteed,

    BeL0WaB0Ve: 2nd Stars $45k guaranteed, 6th UB $21k guaranteed, 3rd UB $75k guaranteed

    Rizen: 1st Stars $300, 1st UB $23k guaranteed

  8. We apologize for the sudden disappearance of the great map feature.

    We had a problem with Onyx Hokie last night, resulting in him being temporarily banned, and he deleted the frappr map.

    We are working on a project that may serve as a replacement for the feature Onyx had originally started.

  9. After much popular demand, t soprano is now a ranked player. He won the Super Monday on Party this past week, playing as ChampionKind, as well as having his usual steady results on Stars, the best of which this week was a final table appearance in the Saturday $300.

    Some players who had especially good weeks include:

    sheets: two final tables (including a win) in UB 100's and became one of the first P5ers to win a WSOP seat for 2006

    SamENole: 1st, 4th, and 6th Stars 50 rebuy, 1st Stars 100 rebuy, 2 final tables in Dise $250

    Ari: 1st UB $150k guaranteed, two final tables of Paradise $300, 6th Full Tilt $30k guaranteed

    Gank: 2nd twice in Dise Pearl, two final tables in Dise $300, 3rd Dise $60k, 3rd, 4th, and 6th UB 100

    brsavage: 1st Dise $100k guaranteed, 4th Dise $60k guaranteed

  10. DoubleLucky makes the most noticeable move this week, up 2 spots to 6th place, and well deserved.... His week started looking pretty good on Thursday, when he took 5th in the $20k guaranteed $100 tourney on Ub, which he followed the next day with a 3rd place finish in the same event. Sunday was where it really took off though. He won the $8k guaranteed $100 tourney on UB and then took 2nd in the PokerRoom $300 "Big Deal" for about $10k.

    Some other top performers this week among ranked players included sirio11, JJProdigy, shaniac, JOEYTHEB, ActionJeff, Foshio, Ian J, Paushtero, and trackcitylad. Here are some of their best results:

    sirio11: 1st Stars $150, 2nd Stars $150, 7th Dise $60k guaranteed

    JJProdigy: 1st Empire $200k guaranteed, 6th Dise $100k guaranteed, 6th Dise $60k guaranteed

    shaniac: 5th Stars $100 rebuy, 1st Party Super Thursday $150 (about $33k win)

    JOEYTHEB: 3rd Dise $60k guaranteed, part of 5-way deal in Stars $700k guaranteed (took about $76k in the deal)

    ActionJeff: 1st Stars $45k guaranteed, 1st Party 100 ($10k win), 7th Stars $100 rebuy

    Foshio: 5th Stars $45k guaranteed, 4th UB $20k guaranteed $100 buy in, 4th UB $150k guaranteed

    Ian J: 7th Stars $100 rebuy, 1st Stars Sunday $100 rebuy (about $20k win).

    Paushtero: 7th Stars $50 rebuy, 1st Dise $60k guaranteed, 9th Party Super Thursday $150

    trackcitylad: 5th Stars $100 PLHE, 5th Stars $100 LHE, 1st Dise $60k guaranteed

    The Shrike joins the rankings this week as well. We have been considering him for some time and finally did add him due to his recent surge of activity in the big tournaments. Among other things, he has already won several WPT Bahamas packages on Stars. He also had a 3rd place in a $50 rebuy, 3rd in the Saturday $300, and a 5th in a $100 PLHE tournament last week on Stars.

  11. DoubleLucky continues to impress everyone this week, including a win in the $50k guaranteed on Full Tilt (was closer to a 75k prizepool). He moves up to the 9 spot this week, bumping down a couple long time members of the top 10.

    leggggggggggy also ascends within the top 10, after his continued dominance of UB and Paradise on a daily basis.

    Newcomer of the week is snake8484, who has been on a great run lately, particularly since taking 2nd place in the Heads Up WCOOP event.

    iMsoLucky0 has another enormous week, and he moves into the top 20. Some of his wins included 1st in Paradise Pearl, 7th in Stars $100 rebuy (the big Sunday one), 1st Stars $200 Omaha 8/b, and 8th in the $200k guaranteed on Empire.

    Good luck to everyone in the coming week!

  12. JohnnyBax had another great week, including 1st and 4th place in $100 rebuys on Stars, a 4th in a $100 NL on Stars, and 4th in the $300 on Stars. He also just missed the final table of the Sunday $100k guaranteed on Paradise.

    And what a week it was for some of the top young players on PocketFives.com. Here are some of the top performers out of that group from the past week:

    Colson10: 4th Stars $20 rebuy, 2nd WCOOP PL Omaha (won $56k), 3rd Stars $50 rebuy, 9th Dise $100k guaranteed

    iMsoLucky0: 2nd Stars $100 rebuy, 1st Dise $100k guaranteed

    Ian J: 1st Stars $55 rebuy, 8th Party Super Thursday $150, 3rd Stars $25k guaranteed $10 rebuy (these were all on the same day)

    Special congrats also go out to a couple of top players who picked up big wins this week: brsavage won one of the weekday Dise $100k tournaments and DoubleLucky won a USPC satellite on Bodog and the $25k guaranteed on Full Tilt. Brett Ho made it all the way through the Paradise Masters, and will be playing at the final table in Tahiti!

  13. Nobody moved in the top 20 this week, but there were quite a few outstanding results from the top ranked players:

    sheets: 3rd Stars $150, 9th Stars $100 PL, 2nd Stars $200 Stud 8/b, 1st Stars $100 Stud

    gator93: 1st Dise 50k guaranteed, 2nd and 5th Dise $150, 10th Bodog 100k guaranteed

    SamENole: 3rd Party 150 LHE Wednesday Special

    Several top young players are moving up quickly, and here are their results in the past week:

    elfleader: 8th Stars $300, 1st Dise $100k guaranteed

    iMsoLucky0: 1st and 3rd Stars $100 rebuy, 5th Party $1M guaranteed, 2nd Stars $200 PLO, 7th Party $30 rebuy

    JJProdigy: 2nd and 6th Stars $50 rebuy, 1st Stars $100 PL, 10th Party $1M guaranteed, 1st Stars $10 with one rebuy and one add on

    Congrats to steely/NestOfSalt, who cracked the rankings for the first time this week!

    -The PocketFives.com Staff

  14. We would like to say that, starting now, we will be taking action to clean this board of the negativity and bantering that many of our most valuable members have complained about lately. We want PocketFives.com to remain one of your favorite sites on the internet and a daily part of your life.

    We took some heat recently for censorship, and in response we loosened up on our moderation of this forum. At this point it seems that that was a mistake. We're not going to be heavy-handed in our moderation, but we are going to try to cut out senseless negativity at its roots. There will always be disagreements and even arguments on a site like this, but we will do our best to not let those arguments get out of hand.

    Multiple long term members have voiced concern that this forum is moving in the wrong direction. We will do whatever it takes to keep this forum from degenerating. This is a growing community that is constantly presenting us with new challenges. It's the staff's responsibility to make sure we don't lose the community feel as we grow. This responsibility is now our Number One focus. If you'd like to let us know how we're doing, please send feedback to support@pocketfives.com.

    As for the controversy that has consumed the boards recently, we really feel that it's played out. It's our opinion that nothing more of value can come of it, so we ask that everyone let it die.


    PocketFives.com Staff

  15. Some of the biggest upward movers this week were PFabe, iMsoLucky0, BrooDogg, colson10, and elfleader, all of whom are fairly new to the pocketfives.com rankings. Congrats to all of these guys on showing their consistency right off the bat! Also congrats to lefort, who made the list after repeatedly outlasting hundreds of players in some of the biggest daily and weekly tournaments.

    One other big mover this week was Riverloser, who moved into the top 15. He's been one of the hottest players on the net for the last month or so, and he is now currently number 1 for the year 2005 on the Pokerstars tournament leaderboard.

    Here are some impressive results from the past week:

    JJProdigy: chopped 100 PL on Stars, 2nd in Dise 50k guaranteed, chopped 50 rebuy on Stars, 2nd in Party 100 NL, 2nd in Stars 200 LHE, 1st in Stars 25k guaranteed 10 rebuy

    DoubleLucky: won more than $120k in the PokerRoom $1000...need we say more?

    leggggggggggy: chopped a WPT Legends seat on Dise, winning more than $4k in the deal, 1st in Pearl twice, 1st in Party 100 NL, 1st in UB 10k guaranteed 100 NL

    Riverloser: 5th in Stars 100 rebuy, chopped Stars 50 rebuy, 2nd in Stars $500k guaranteed, winning nearly $80k

    iMsoLucky0: 1st and 9th in weekday Stars 100 rebuys, 1st in Party 33 rebuy, 3rd in Party 100 NL, 7th in the big Sunday 100 rebuy on Stars

    CKruel: 4th in Stars 20 rebuy, 3rd in Stars 100 NL, 4th and 7th in Stars 100 rebuys, 3rd Stars 50 rebuy, 4th in Stars 30 rebuy

    Some other players who had very good weeks include TheBeat, colson10, browerkid, Wachovia, Gank, WestTexasMan, PFabe, P0ker H0, and elfleader.

    Congrats to all, and keep it up!

  16. This week, PocketFives.com introduces its list of Players to Watch, which lists a number of noteable players who don't play as many MTT's as the guys in our tournament player rankings. The players on this list are some of the very best on the net, including several who have been moved over from our tournament player rankings (ckruel, TheDonator, Brainwash, jerrod, jsup, sdouble, and westtexasman). This move should help further refine our rankings criteria while giving these dominant players the recognition they deserve.

    The big mover in the top 10 this week was SamENole, who has been arguably the hottest tournament player on the net in recent weeks. He takes his place among the top 5, and the way things have been going, he may not be finished moving up.

    sheets continues to produce, making the final table 4 times in the $100 rebuys on Stars, as well as a final table in the $50k guaranteed on Dise. Another player who has stayed hot is Soupie, who picks up wins yet again in the Paradise Pearl and the $25k guaranteed $10 rebuy on Stars.

    Paushtero moves back into the rankings after making final tables in Playa (twice), the $50k, and the $20k on Dise.

    We'd also like to congratulate Milkshakeman, ackbleh, iMsoLucky0, brett ho, Haligon, Pfabe, and JJProdigy on moving into the rankings. All of these guys are regularly posting impressive results across many sites, and we look forward to seeing much more from them in the near future.

    Looking forward to seeing what the next week brings!

    -The P5s Staff

  17. Just to let everyone know, there was no rankings update tonight, as today was a holiday and the staff as a whole has been fairly preoccupied. The update will be made sometime Tuesday evening/night.

    Thanks for your patience,

    Adam, Cal, and Riley

  18. This week in the rankings, lucky-7 moves up to the number 9 spot, as his consistency continues to show, including a 3rd in a UB $25k guaranteed $100, 5th in Full Tilt's "Piece of the Pro" $50k guaranteed tournament, and 2nd in the Stars $300 this past week. The week before, he made 3 final tables in relatively large tournaments and won another WSOP seat on Stars in the $650 qualifier.

    He's also made quite a few cashes aside from those in the biggest daily and weekly tournaments.

    DoubleLucky is back on the rise, after reaching the final tables last week in 2 $109R's on Stars, a $55R, and a $25k guaranteed $100 on UB. One of the $109 rebuys was a win.

    Newcomer mlabbe22 comes into the rankings after yet another hot week, including a 2nd place finish in the Paradise $50k guaranteed $30 rebuy. He also recently won a "Friday Special" $200 tournament on Party.

    JohnnyBax stays hot (what's new?) including the following results: 4th and 6th Stars 109R, chops 1st in Stars 150, chops 1st in UB $25k guaranteed, 1st Dise 20k

    A few others with big weeks: bigslick789 (FTs in 100PL, 109R, and 2 55R's on Stars), TheDonator (2nd Stars 100 PL, 2nd in the big Sunday Stars 109R), JOEYTHEB (another win in the $50k guaranteed on Paradise and a final table in "Pearl"), and slugo5 (several final tables of 100 NL tournaments on Party, a FT of a 109R on Stars, and a 2nd in the Pearl tournament on Paradise)


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