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  1. Guess the money is actually a big deal... it makes sense. 200 is probably a quarter of his annual property taxes. And we know what happens to him when gas gets over 3 dollars...
  2. So fire it up again for giggles. We could make it a weekly thing. Unless you like really, really need the money. I'd feel terrible if your family had to move somewhere cheaper than rural Indiana like...haiti?
  3. Do you want to bet any more money on Trump getting inaugurated?
  4. No one would have taken that seriously... Does this mean..Hacker does sell cars?
  5. What point do you think you've proved? You've been completely unhinged lately...
  6. Lots of opinions for you in here...
  7. Maybe hacker was onto something with that mental illness stuff.
  8. Punk was up against Becky and Sasha. I didn't know how it'd shake down. Smackdown being on fs1 always hurts them. MLB playoffs hurt both. But wwe gave themselves a big advantage announcing the show extension after last week's rampage was over. No Wednesday dynamite means aews very ok card was already set and they wouldn't be able to really audible anything to counter. They did put Danielson and Suzuki on YouTube which is pretty smooth. But they had to stick with 2 matches with -2500 favorites to go against the biggest guns wwe has with no commercials. Pretty epic fail for wwe. Hope it wakes them up but nothing will.
  9. Obv ruby vs bunny is not a draw. Did it still beat Roman and Brock? That's fucking embarrassing. You'd think this would be wwes wake up call but you'd also think that when bryan and come left and when punk debuted and 50 other times in the past 2 years. And it hasn't been. So this will be no different. But wwe is pulling back on trying tank them going head to head.
  10. Punk will be fine. The problem with hotshotting him into something is that it's not organic like fucking everything with Goldberg. And also that he can't just come in and lose. He needs to build momentum on lower tier guys to reestablish himself as a top tier guy before ultimately putting over mjf. It's similar with Adam Cole. He's immediately like the most over star which is impressive. He's scoring all these victories to establish himself but you know at this point jungleboy is gonna pin him. Might even be at full gear but I'd like to see Cole win his first ppv match. Danielson is in the tournament obv going to the finals. But miros not. Cole is not. Punk is not. Because they can't all win. I'm not sure Danielson is winning either because no way hangman is losing his first defense but I'm sure he's wrestling for it at the ppv. All these guys have their own story arcs working and very intentionally not clashing yet. I feel like Punk will feud with mjf after full gear going to the next ppv. Mjf will have the pinnacle and punk will have darby and sting through the feud. Mjf wins then takes the title from hangman.
  11. Not that anyone here seems to care but aew rampage tied smackdown in the 18-49 demo(which is the demo advertisers care the most about). Don't have a minute by minute breakdown but the internet seems to think ruby and the bunny beat roman and brocks segment. Wwe will be back on fs1 in 2 weeks. It does not look like they'll go long to directly compete again but they will air talking smack on fs1 after. No idea when or if that show airs or who the fuck would watch it. If I'm tony khan I might be looking to fire back. But he has said he picked the time slot to avoid competition so the fans could just watch their wrestling. Textbook babyface... In any event, wwe now doesn't want this war.
  12. Got to ending credits in deathloop, very good game. But it seems like there's multiple endings possible so I'll be going again. Similar to outer wilds, you have specific tasks to do in different places at different times. But with fps combat. And the final one seems to always spawn another player out to kill you(though you can play solo if you don't like ass clenching drama). It doesn't take too long to do it once you know the steps, so you're not out much but like 20 minutes. But you're so close, especially the first time. So it's pretty tense encounter. And knowing what the other person has to do and knowing the map definitely makes it a better game of cat and mouse. Unfortunately the sense of discovery and achievement isn't near outer wilds. There's lots of notes and messages left around which will help you piece together the perfect loop accompanied by objective markers for tracked goals. It's not a bad thing. But outer wilds has a bunch of lore left behind and is just like you fuckin figure it out. That game had me thinking about what I could be missing while I was at work. So when you do figure things out it's just much more satisfying. Deathloop has lots of character and weapon upgrades but you can't take anything with you to the next loop....at first. Very soon you unlock the ability to infuse guns or upgrades and they'll be in your arsenal for any future loops. The currency for the is residium and is found by killing people or extracted from glowing items scattered around every map. You won't be able to take everything but it's pretty easy to take the best stuff each time and get yourself a nice build going. Outer wilds has none of that shit. No upgrades. No better gear or faster ship. Your progress is tied only to your knowledge of the universe. A lot can be learned from reading the lore left behind. But some things you still just have to figure out on your own. Whereas deathloop will hold your hand and make sure you know just where to go and when to unlock the next piece of the puzzle. It's not bad. It's just not as satisfying. But it was fun.
  13. It was generating too much traffic. Had to be removed.
  14. Maybe I'm retarded but I can't find the nfl thread so BBBBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRSSSSSSS
  15. Danielson vs Suzuki was fun. Crowd was super hot. Punk vs sydell was good. Sucks that the crowd couldn't even pretend to think sydells finisher could get a 3 count. Was really weird for such a loud crowd. Glad inner circle lost. Feels like men of the year might be getting a title shot soon. Was a solid trios match. I doubt aew will win the ratings even in the demo tonight but Jesus they can put on a show. Wwe has the established fan base and name recognition but they cannot compete with the product right now... they really shouldn't try. It's just going to highlight how much they come up short. 2 years ago they could have. Now it's too late.
  16. I like how this is news again. Seriously, thanks biden.
  17. Are you the guy who called the hospital to confirm no one had covid?

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