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  1. Super Bowl Boxes

    I’m drunk and on my phone. Who do I pay and where’s the thing?
  2. Super Bowl Boxes

    Oh can I get 2 blocks in the $20??
  3. I

    One of my favorite gifs!
  4. I

    I fucking love craps Hbd s1nnr
  5. Fatten Jaybone up. We have a weight loss bet going on.
  6. Margaritas

    Wtf is women’s dAy? I don’t need no stinkin day
  7. Margaritas

    oh hey Looking for a good home recipe- anyone got one, or a good mix?
  8. I have to pee and I have a romper on
  9. "Diet starts today!"- me this morning. Ate a Twix for breakfast. fuk
  10. He got one. .....and now is on probation
  11. can i still get in on this? ugh nvm
  12. Camel toe

    yessssssss. We are up in Scranton- ski trip without the kid. It's been a drunk mess thus far <3
  13. Camel toe

    So I saw that there's a fake camel toe that chicks put in their pants. wtf? just hike up your pants! My question is: Do guys like camel toes? are they hot? idk, I'm not really feeling them #drunk
  14. S1nnr is old

    .... Old as Christ! Happy 33rd birthdayyyyyyyyy! Few days down OCMD without the little guy. Parttyyyyyy. First stop- dogfish head brewery ????

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