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  1. Sunday grind has started! http://www.twitch.tv/timmyhoooos
  2. Live right now playing ACR and Merge lets do thissss http://www.twitch.tv/timmyhoooos
  3. French guy asking members from P5's to join 50% rakeback on Ongame... ill just post the skype covo. [1/11/2014 11:29:56 PM] David Leroy Poker: Hi Mr shawnie2dope ! :) My name is David Leroy and I'm a French poker player. I saw you on the website pocketfives, and I searched your nickname on skype. See you soon ! David Leroy [9:52:21 AM] *** Shawnie2dope has shared contact details with David Leroy Poker. *** [9:52:56 AM] Shawnie2dope: hello David [1:40:37 PM] David Leroy Poker: Hey shawn ;) nice to meet you ! [1:41:06 PM] Shawnie2dope: lol you too [1:41:10 PM] David Leroy Poker: ^^ [1:41:20 PM] David Leroy Poker: I saw your results on pocketfives , pretty nice :) [1:41:22 PM] David Leroy Poker: very gj ^^ [1:42:16 PM] Shawnie2dope: yea that was pre black friday. sucks to be in the USA for poker right now [1:42:26 PM] Shawnie2dope: only go a couple small sites [1:42:28 PM] Shawnie2dope: got [1:42:44 PM] David Leroy Poker: :^/ yeah i hear a lot of people who tell me that ! [1:43:09 PM] David Leroy Poker: I contacted you because I'm a professional poker affilate. I offer to players great rakeback deals on poker rooms.. [1:43:18 PM] David Leroy Poker: I think i can find you something good, even if you are in US :) [1:43:32 PM] Shawnie2dope: how does that work [1:44:08 PM] David Leroy Poker: At the moment I have a very interesting deal on the Ongame network [1:44:29 PM] David Leroy Poker: You have the Diamond status directly ( Ordinary you need 40K rake to get it ) It gives you 50% Rakeback, and you get a first deposit bonus 100% up to 2500$ [1:44:54 PM] Shawnie2dope: 50% rake back?? [1:45:34 PM] David Leroy Poker: yeah [1:49:34 PM] David Leroy Poker: you still there? : D [1:49:50 PM] David Leroy Poker: Would you be interested by this? its a pretty good deal ^^ [1:50:02 PM] Shawnie2dope: i know nothing about it [1:50:13 PM] David Leroy Poker: ? [1:50:42 PM] David Leroy Poker: Ahh , you didn't hear of it before? that's what you sayin? [1:50:48 PM] Shawnie2dope: im not just some dumb noob who will jump on things because someone i dont know told me so [1:51:30 PM] Shawnie2dope: maybe we can talk later, im grinding today. Thank you [1:51:55 PM] David Leroy Poker: lol why you say that ^^ I'm not a scamer from a weird country lool [1:52:16 PM] Shawnie2dope: oh, well in that case...! [1:52:17 PM] David Leroy Poker: I'm a professional affilat,e and this deal is really new, that's the reason u didn't hear about it [1:52:37 PM] Shawnie2dope: why no threads on p5s? [1:53:29 PM] David Leroy Poker: Because the room that proposes it doesn't have done all the contacts to website actually [1:53:44 PM] David Leroy Poker: but i'm pretty sure it will be coming soon. And by now, we are only a few affilate to propose this [1:54:08 PM] Shawnie2dope: going to have to pass till it becomes public [1:54:25 PM] David Leroy Poker: o_o [1:54:41 PM] David Leroy Poker: what are you scared about? [1:55:16 PM] David Leroy Poker: I propose you a deal that's pure gold, especially for someone who can't have a lot of website to play in [1:55:34 PM] Shawnie2dope: i said no thanks [1:56:03 PM] Shawnie2dope: ill make sure to warn the p5s community of the ''deal'' Sorry if it's legit, I just wanted to warn community...
  4. bout $7 short and thats just the buyins...
  5. I got some money back already but no record of where it came from. looks short to me
  6. what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  7. I'm shoving 55+ KQ+ utg here. Not worried about shorty
  8. CL directly to my left. 2nd in chip in 2 seat im in 8 seat. Would have been hard to get folds if I wait for button to rip it. I guess thats better than calling off half my stack. He ended up having 22 and flopping 288. very next hand in in the small with A9d, same dude rips again. easy call off right?
  9. This is a monthly donk fest in my area $60 buy-in with $1300 to first. 70 people started, 8 paid. 10k starting stacks 20 minute blinds. 10 handed FT and I'm 6/10 with 39k at 3k/6k. Largest stack with about 200k and shortest stack at around 20k... about 6 hands in it's my big blind for 6k leaving 33k behind. Folds to cutoff who has 19k. He jams, folds to me with 34o. Do I call here? I think I do but my roommate says fold. I see justification on both sides. I just wanted some other views. Thanks
  10. Casino 1/2 and local 1/2 are a little different. In my area people limp all the time so my iso is $12. I open to $8 in unopened. Casinos you will see bigger opens more regularly. I struggle at 1/2 because of the rake and I think im too aggressive. I think you have to keep the risky all in semi bluffs to a minimum in cash. Keep pots small untill you have a made hand then get your value by betting calling stations and check calling aggressive players. We need a live 1/2 thread....
  11. I would just fold pre being so deep and try to use my aggression in position.
  12. I'm not folding that even if the shover is the nittiest player ever and I'm 99% sure he has KK or AA.

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