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  1. The 75r plo8 event hasn’t posted to the competition page. Are their some events that don’t get scored for future reference?
  2. Sorry I just saw this. Let me know if it's still possible for me to join
  3. you put a nice size bet in on the turn hes not floating you on flop so best choice is between 25-40 then jam river if he does just call. you dont want to make it too cheap and maybe a bigger size bet will make him think ur trying to buy it and take him off his weak ace. the smaller the bet the more it looks like your milking him so a bigger bet gets the weaker aces to stack off more
  4. your never getting called by worse on the first hand. therefore a call is your only option. you should raise the flop but the way you played the hand there arent many cards on the river u can raise with. the second hand u made a committing bet on the flop with your AQ so after he snaps your 200 bet off you can check behind and see what comes on the river but once you bet the turn regardless of what he does your committed so it all depends on how confident you are with your read. no real wrong play there hope it worked out for you.
  5. I would have c bet flop. after u checkthen on the turn get it in or min raise to throw him off his line of thinking and go from there but on the river your just tilt/hero calling hoping to find a stack
  6. Just do your best to stay positive or in your case find some part of your game to be positive about then go from there
  7. I know its late on the 14th but can i still join?
  8. MattEMenz

    FTOPS Contest

    I need a team if anyones interested
  9. Where is the $530 that's supposed to start an hour after the sunday million? pokerstars says they are hosting it but i cant figure out why it isnt posted yet
  10. i never broke a computer wtching a table, but when u have to sit here andwatch yourself sit out it gets fckng frustrating. so sick just 3 people including me are sitting out.
  11. Oh sorry buddy, Im not to fimiliar with the term "withdraw" haha
  12. I have used Moneygram for Pokerstars and Fulltilt. the sites dont say "moneygram" but they have something similar. I cant remember what it is off the top of my head but take a min and lok at the deposit options, its there. and the fee is only 10bucks. GL buddy Matt
  13. MattEMenz

    Bill Ivey

    He is def. a sicko, congrats
  14. if you win a seat on stars cant you sell it? why would you only win 5K? im considering playing the step ups then selling any seats I win to chipwalkers.com do you have to play the first seat that you win? Matt
  15. Ive never been there but Im hoping for some nice payouts. nobody knows me either since my new s/n's have no results listed. epassports not easy to start up. but anyways, look for a kid wearing a white FullTilt hat, he will be the one with all the chips at the end, hopefully haha goodluck everyone, hope to meet you guys there. Matt
  16. Hey is anyone going to be at Turning Stone for the Super Stack tournaments? Nov 28 to Dec 2. Im sure most of the online players that are over 21 wouldnt waste there time since the pize pool wont be that big, but Im looking forward to it since Im 18 and have a hard time finding a live game let alone a live tournament Matt

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