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  1. Of the 309 Covid deaths under 18, approximately 50% were literally deaths with Covid in asymptomatic kids who tested positive upon admission to the hospital, when they were hospitalized for another reason. CDC acknowledged it. Also every single Child that died of Covid had multiple comorbidities, most of which were severely debilitating, including serious genetic disorders in children with very limited life spans in the first place. A healthy child has essentially 0% chance of dying of Covid.
  2. Are you talking to him Billy or me Billy? Your name is Billy too? No, that’s why I’m so FUCKING confused!
  3. Glad I could introduce you guys to it and glad you are enjoying it.
  4. But then you SAW IN THE TRASH, a receipt from Home Depot for a toilet the exact same size as yours, but with a joke hole THAT’S JUST FOR FARTS?!
  5. It’s coming. And it won’t help. But they’ll say it helps.
  6. This is fantastic. I wish more people would speak up like this for our children.  https://youtu.be/Q0UyCfMbfRI
  7. I just discovered Detroiters recently. Just finished the first season. Love it. Unfortunately there’s only two seasons.
  8. I hate stinky people on planes. Recent 830AM flight. Not too early in the day to to expect somebody to clean up, and not too late in the day for somebody to get funky. This dude right in front of me was so freaking greasy and stinky. Smelled like he hadn’t showered in a month. My mask did nothing to prevent the funk from going straight up my nose. (just like it would if he were breathing out Covid, but that’s an argument for another thread) (agree totally with people clogging the aisle from the back of the plane as soon as you land. So tilting.)
  9. Netflix sketch comedy show I Think You Should Leave, with Tim Robinson, is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen. It’s not for everybody, as I’ve got close friends who can’t stand it, but most people with a decent sense of humor will love it. They are not all home runs, but there is something to enjoy in every single one in my opinion. Great one-liners. After over a 2 year wait, we finally get a new season coming on July 6. Any ITYSL fans here? What’s your favorite skits? I really like, in no particular order: Nachos Honk if you’re horny Has this
  10. Painter Alex Alemany paints himself painting himself while looking at us looking at him painting himself while being painted by himself
  11. Nope. Can’t sue. “Under the PREP Act, companies like Pfizer and Moderna have total immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong with their vaccines.” https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/16/covid-vaccine-side-effects-compensation-lawsuit.html Edit: oops didn’t see this was addressed above
  12. Holy shit man. Glad you got it taken care of in the nick of time before you stroked out. How high was your blood pressure? I’m pretty ignorant as far as transplant lists, but any word on how long it could take? If you have any medical questions, don’t hesitate to ask. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll make something up or find it out.
  13. I was terrified as it was going on. I was afraid the building was going to be burnt down and hostages taken.
  14. Dunking on the surgeon general
  15. At least he doesn’t tweet mean things. but he does yell at & speak in a condensating matter to a female journalist (2nd video)
  16. “Please don’t attack these things because it would ruin us!” -Biden I guess our leader is cool if they cyberattack us, As long as it’s not in one of those critical infrastructure elements?
  17. Pretty great synopsis connecting all the dots. Fauci needs to go down for perjury at the least, massive cover-up conspiracy at the worst.

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