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  1. Thanks everyone appreciate it and looking forward to partying and seeing your guys in vegas this summer gonna be sick.
  2. You da man wisco, nice work bud congrats.
  3. Glad to hear your back and doing well again,about time. I look forward to busting you daily again lol jk. gl cya around.
  4. i've been a longggg time midlimit UB grinder and have been a part of all the schedule changes over the past few years, i believe right now this new schedule has a lot of potential. Yet imo you guys should take a strong look at the day schedule before 7pm and put something there worth playing other than the 2pm 9k. Also come on already put the gurantees back on all the weekend its just dumb not to have any big gurantees on sunday its a joke. i really like what has been done with a few of the nightly tournaments the 5R 10k, 20k deep, nightly 40k, 7.5k and even the 50r good work but plz try to throw even a 1k gurantee on the 30 and 40$ deep stacks more ppl will play them with alil incentive. I actually thought the 100$ 3pm 10k was fine and would eventually start meeting the gurantee but now that its a 30r there just is no real value in playing it especially if your the kind of person that double rebuys/addon when it only pays top 10. instead of wasting that timeframe never ever meeting let alone surpassing that 10k gurantee just put in a 40$-75$ deep stack 7k-10kgr from 3pm-5pm for us mid/higher limit guys plus its around the time grinders start their sessions. I think all the 30-40$ deep stack tournaments need any kind of gurantee you can throw on it, more ppl would playing them and it just would look a lot better for UB just a 1k or 2k gurantee on those and gradually increase over time its a big deal to throw something on those touranments. hope i don't get flammed just my opinions.
  5. add me to the interested list, i will let you know if i am in forsure asap.

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