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  1. Hey Bryan, I have some random questions. 1) How healthy do you think poker will be in five years? Tournament poker? What about with absolutely no changes to legislation? 2) What is your day to day like in your new role? Working with new people or is it the same team? 3) Considering a reasonable budget, what is your dream tournament promotion? 4) I've enjoyed playing the multi-starting day FTOPS tournaments. Will this feature be rolled out on Pokerstars? ETA? 5) I'll +1 the question on 2+2 about the SCOOP guarantees. While I don't think they need to be insane, I'm curious why, for example, the Sunday Million is a special edition but still only a $1 million guarantee. Thanks for your time!
  2. That's about all there is to it. Don't send them $$.
  3. I'll sell UB $ at a markup kekekeke. Also, why is UB doing this Matt? In of course.
  4. I'm confused. What are all his Stars names? MindAlterer (binge drugs huh?), Rock3656, ANFO500? Is he 4everunknown too? I'm lost.
  5. But I guess its worth saying I don't know either of them and something like this wouldn't really have an effect on what I think of them in the long run?
  6. I didn't post my opinion because I doubt anyone cares, but I think they're both being idiots and that WELCH should pay the dollars.
  7. NOOOOO I WANTED TO COME INTO THIS THREAD AND POST DID RYAN....................WELCH?!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????
  8. Just bet the flop and get it in? Betting the flop and getting it in is >>>> other options, but if you play it this way just fold the turn. He is super unlikely to bet AK as a bluff or whatever and won't bet KK, AA for value. I mean, if he's calling a 4-bet with KK, he isn't going to bet turn and river. So basically you beat 1 combination of his turn betting range. And although I don't know you, I agree with whoever said you might be scared money.
  9. Pretty obvious you need to be sure to make time for her, but that's general relationship advice and doesn't relate to poker at all. I've been dating my girlfriend for 2 years-ish, we don't live together, and I was playing full time when we started seeing eachother. I don't advise teaching her tbh. I made sure that my girlfriend understands the industry and talk to her a bit about whats going on in the poker world (cheaters, scumbags, and the like) as if I had a day job and was letting her know the happenings of the office. I don't keep results secret from her or anything because shes incredibly discreet and wouldn't talk to people about it. She's a safe venting outlet. Anyways, I wouldn't teach her just because I'm a private person/hermit and I just like having a few things to myself. I dunno I don't see how a professional poker player should have a relationship any different than a normal person other than slight time constraints. You just need to date a girl who can comprehend what you do and make sure she is able to deal with it. If she whines and complains while you play you better tell her to entertain herself and be firm because she'll never get it otherwise. If I had a girl who was like "OMG YOU'RE JUST CLICKING BUTTONS" she'd be out the door in a heartbeat.
  10. Wisco nothing personal as I've never met you or talked to you but all of these hands are pretty miserable and makes it seem as though you're stuck on level 1 throughout. Of course I post this with good intentions and not to bash. If someone told me that I would curl up in a ball for a day then study hard for a month.
  11. Okay maybe not stupid probably just morally bankrupt. AHAHAHA I wasn't trying to be funny or insulting, just pointing out that I think he's really, really misguided.
  12. Okay maybe not stupid probably just morally bankrupt.
  13. I mean I do kind of think the punishment fits the crime, but the whole situation just makes me think you're really stupid. Mostly the explanation, that is.
  14. Pgh is the abbreviation for Pittsburgh........ ....OR PHIL GALFOND HELLMUTH OBVIOUSLY HOW COULD I BE SO DUMB LOL.
  15. I think someone told me this is where all the strippers live in Vegas. I think it was Julio.
  16. If you don't consider poker a job and you don't want to play MTTs, you're SOL in my opinion. I think cash is more of a grind than any other form of poker and if you don't enjoy when you sit down and play, chances are you won't play. On the opposite side of the coin, yes MTT variance is pretty brutal. I've had plenty of 50k+ downswings in the past few years but have made (good) money every year I've played. The fact of the matter is that MTTs are more exciting. If it is your daily grind it can get old (because who cares if you FT the 50/50?), but from a casual standpoint MTTs are generally much more exciting than cash. Meh I would suggest taking a break. Get the fire back and you'll be fine I'm sure.
  17. How could I pass up a tourney where my ROI is like 300% and the buyin is 3k? Loooolll hopefully i can get Kyle to come so my ROI is 400 or so.
  18. I estimate about 50 people on Saturday. Maybe.

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