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  1. Man this is sad. What a great actor. His portrayal of Omar was epic, and yielded one of the great characters in TV history. RIP
  2. Truly one of the great all-time duels in the history of the PGA.
  3. Lol playing Neil Young "Old Man". They might have had to run that by Phil first, lol.
  4. Well, no, but they did make a trade that is effectively the same as a draft day trade...come draft day. A late first for Cooper is pretty good work for the first round.
  5. I weigh 225. When I last posted, I weighed 270. It's concerning, but the guy is an amazing talent, with great upside. Hopefully he doesn't turn into... well, the others that Eagles pick high at WR lol (I like Reagor). I think it's a good pick.
  6. Sup man? Cowboys have a damn good track record in the first round, save for Mo Claiborne, haha. They got Amari Cooper for their (late) first rounder a few years ago.
  7. The Raiders gave Gruden like $100m over 10 years. What is the matter with that team?
  8. Fields looks like a poor man's Patrick Mahomes....question is how poor or rich. Cowboys need to go get Gilmore for a year.
  9. Pretty crazy that a couple of seasons ago, there was debate about whether Fields might go ahead of Lawrence.
  10. Has to be Pats, Raiders, or Broncos. Hard to see them trading Rodgers in-conference. Probably why they wouldn't talk to the Rams, and to make him seem untouchable.
  11. Who's gonna drop to the Cowboys at 10 that makes them reconsider CB? Sewell and Pitts for sure.
  12. glgl Donk, would be huge for Japan. Hideki a great player and well liked by many Americans.
  13. Yes, Si Woo Kim just angrily broke his putter while tied for 2nd in the Masters. You can't make this shit up.
  14. Forgetting to pick 2 weeks in a row takes some real effort. If I read email, I'd have a chance.
  15. Think this is pretty likely. He was filming yesterday at the country club my best friend has managed for 25 years. Was coming back this morning, didn't make it...
  16. It comes from Kansas, so obv you know nothing about this 😅
  17. Back in. ❤️ sheep season league. sheep, if you have Venmo, lmk, otherwise pp. hola!
  18. Wow. That's a big price, which makes them contenders this year. It's a big gamble with him heading into FA, but it probably will pay off.
  19. Tarding=your team getting fucked. I feel your pain. You seem to be really concerned about what I'm paying other people...and you're the only one who isnt involved that continually posts about it. You must feel proud of that.

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