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  1. repetative strain, in wrists. killer
  2. bit stressed out tonight so i thought i'd ask the question lets say u guys have planned to grind a session or do it as ur job how do u sit down to play and escape the stresses of life? I dont mean general stress, i mean stresses from a arguement u may of had a hour ago, family or girlfriend issues. I always find it hard to sit down and relax and play my A game with things like that on my mind, i was jus wondering how others cope with, what do u do? look forward to seeing sum replies
  3. lol true, well take away the matrix fulltilt and add ftop packages!
  4. ur seriously sad do u have any friends urself? or u tryna get up ur post count
  5. fuck me thats run good lol nice
  6. Design a tourny bundle of some sort, Ok heres my idea. How about a big ftop bundle like you used to have in place, 100$ into a 5k (or however much the buyins add up to) which buyins for all FTOP events. Im sure fulltilt had something like this in place before, but what happen to it? Could always not include the 2.5 event to make the package value come down alittle. There could be something put in please for Sundays too, the brawl 750k and mulligan. one tourny which can satty u into all 3 at once?? I'd also like the idea of winning more than one token at once, big multi tournys which u pay a amount to enter and it GTDS 10 or 20 $26 or $75 tokens maybe its a bad idea on my part but i'd love to see fulltilt doing this especially for the next ftop series!
  7. he needs to jump in wit ivey!!!!! dont be a pussy!! lol
  8. 24+ constant? is that tournys or what? just piss n shit breaks rite jheeeez lol


    anyone with a decent knowledge of poker tracker 3, got couple mins and willing to help me out? im really confused by the hole thing, tech help on the site r a load of shit lol. when ur playing, is this site meant to load up peoples numbers by there names? im sure they r but its not working for me, leave a aim addy and ill add u, many thanks in advance
  10. Thanks for everyones responses, once downloaded anyone know where i go to get past history on player or does it retrive that information itself?
  11. What do u mean by this? Surely % that are seen on the programme are based on hands they play, Which of the programmes i stated do u think are +EV, which shall i go for?
  12. Ok, so i've been playing poker for around 2yrs online never really used any tracking programme or anything of the sort. Im a decent player, who's had decent return out of the game. I mainly play tournys, my question is to people that have # Holdem Manager # Poker Tracker # Or any new ones that i havent heard about Do you find these programmes improve your play? I've had convo's with people on aim, they say these programmes are for mainly cash game players.. i think i've used a trail version for poker tracker before and i remember it saying the numbers for people who.. lets say for example 'fold there big blind a high % of a time, or steal a high % from the cut off' In tournys im thinking this would be a handy tool right? It wont be just cash players that benefit from this? Is there any decent tourny players that get alot of infomation out of these programmes? Please let me no which one and how they help you as im thinking bout investing. Many thanks in advance
  13. even if its a 10 or 20doll winner gets all, lets make it alil bit interesting!
  14. for example the the 40$ bonus for 2500 points. are they actually worth it? by playing the 280fpp hyber turbo 500chips 2 seats are available 3rd gets points back that means for that same 2500 points u could potentially win 99 dollars what u guys thoughts on this
  15. you 100% sure? think i may have to leave the sunday tournys and get on the sng grind! wooooooooooooooooop lol
  16. going for gold this month on stars have another 800points to go, it says earn 800 points by August 31st. heres the bit im not sure about i would of thought that by reading this it means i've got until August 30th at midnight, but then why would they end it one day before the end of the month? im hoping its by midnight of the 31st of august but im not entirely sure. anyone thats not been sure themself and then had the question answered i'd like to hear ur answers! thanks in advance for serious replys.
  17. only 2 serious replys how sad r these people
  18. lol my bad, read it quickly thought he meant 1/2 asin half
  19. i got the impression you was a tourny player, what do u grind bud?
  20. 150? if u satty in,.. does it still count
  21. im playing 6$ sng's.. got the next couple days free so im able to put the volume in. i dunno wether its worth going for because even 8 tabling thats alotta sngs! lol what do u guys play

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