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  1. OT still full of the BanCarsTards. Never change fellas, GL to your own kids getting thru their future minefields. They'll need it
  2. Hello :)

    The comedy of ECU being mocked for being too much of a shrill conservatard before, and now returning to a strange delusional pro Trump OT utopia is a really funny concept. I smell sitcom
  3. Let me amend my earlier post. I dont hate everybody here, just the 10-20 people that are fucking idiots
  4. To be fair, its because im better than you. To put that in perspective, i truly believe im better than no man i do not know. But you specifically i am better than simply because you are a piece of shit
  5. This place is such a cancer, lol, take a look at yourselves. You should consider, i dont know, doing something else. Trust me, its better. Apologies to cancer
  6. Or someone falls to you and you trade down
  7. So have the TrumpTards admitted they got duped (by a really stupid unrealistic con btw) by a con man yet?
  8. I love the somewhat continued use of snowflake from the TrumpTards. Has there ever been a bigger snowflake politician in history than this guy? Not one single criticism, accusation, or joke of any kind can be let go without him crying about it. He's even more cringeworthy than the "hypothetical" SyphonSoul-AaronHacker buttbaby
  9. Welcome to being a libtard. You're gonna love it here
  10. Sorry fanboys, the approval rating is low 40s and dropping by the day. This sad era will be done by summer
  11. Chazmental

    wow, great blast from the past seeing a few names OP = OTer of the decade
  12. This is literally some of the dumbest braindead fakenewsrecap altright fucking bullshit ive ever read, the fact that it didnt get called out by anyone is pretty much the sign that this political board is kookoo and not really deserving of actual discussion. But almost none of this is true, except spankyhamm talk which i can neither confirm nor deny. What was actually gleaned from the abortion of a PC that only lead us closer to impeachment : He literally not once condemned or denied that people in his cabinet have been and still are in bed with russia and set to profit Bigly from sanctions being lifted Press isnt failing at all, his failing NYT rhetoric is great since theyve literally never been so profitable Being made to look like an idiot pathological liar/stooge on his claim that he won the electoral college in a landslide when finally presented with actual facts (ohno!) all he has is "well ummmm thats what i was told" He shuts down the jewish reporter who accused him of nothing personally, only hoping to get him to condemn anti semetic acts which are spiking all over the country, he fails to do so instead making it all about his own butthurt feelings Literally admitted that he doesnt know what uranium is or what is going on with it/Russia Conventional wisdom is that this was a huge embarrassment to the office of the presidency and shows a man teetering on the edge of a mental breakdown. Any other angle taken is partisan FGTttry Almost forgot to mention asking the black lady if the congressional black caucus were all her friends and if she could set up a meeting. As well as completely making up his story about talking to set up a meeting with a prominent black house member. #MendingFences
  13. Awww did the conservatard cunt who was a liberal in college like last year have a wuff time on there? Poor baby, maybe she needs a safe space :( And there were two conservatards on the panel, but who's counting. Not dipshit OP, thats for sure
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ4GfHUXbUQ
  15. Or they tell you that from the safe confines of the internets
  16. I still <3 you despite not seeing the trees for the forest. Or the forest for the trees. Or other analogy.
  17. Living your life to troll political posts and threads and opinions on a defunct poker website for literally hours literally every day. Good job changing the world? I honestly can't imagine being you. You should try logging OUT of the internet cess pool and logging IN to real life. You'll thank me later. Meant for syphon, but if anyone else wants to make it about them and be a butthurt snowflake, feel free
  18. He couldnt get more votes than the worst candidate in decades #movement
  19. (See: people with an average IQ of 70 in rust belt states electing a sociopath billionaire because "he cares about us" and can bring back obsolete jobs)
  20. I don't really care to argue with trolls anymore, it's not what life is about. It's the reason i "quit" here. But when real shit is happening i do like to dip in and see what internetpeople are verbaldiarrheaing about it. I'm usually eye rolling by page 2. This is no different. Enjoy the backNforth. I'll peek at one in every 70 pages. Hope they're interesting going forward
  21. Trump being elected is the turning point that was needed, will be corrected in two years. Hopefully shit isn't too permanently fucked in the meantime
  22. Number of executive orders signed, guess it wasn't only O'bummer after all. Nice try
  23. I've yet to see a logical point in any of your drivel to be fair

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