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  1. I was going through my HH and came across this gem. It reinforces my decision to leave Rev as a good one. I believe the pot should have been split but wasn't. Watch the hand replay and tell me I'm not seeing things. (It's even in the notes that the 'Hero' was awarded the pot). http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php/id/5013286
  2. BHudson

    Omaha Hand

    I decided to re-pot it and try to get it in holding two pair with a royal flush draw. I was thinking that if I just called and Villain 2 just called, if a 3rd diamond comes on the turn, the action would probably slow down and I wouldn't get as much value out of my hand. By re-potting it, I would either push somebody out or get them both to commit the rest of their chips holding a hand that is not a huge underdog to win with 2 cards to come. Villain 1- QhQc10h8s Villain 2- AhKd10s9c. Turn- 4d River- 3d
  3. BHudson

    Omaha Hand

    I'll post what I did later, but what are pros/cons of flatting and potting?
  4. BHudson

    Omaha Hand

    I have a hand that I wanted some opinions about. I can't get the actual hand history to post it, but I'll explain it the best I can. $3.30Q/PLO 6-MAX Blinds: 60/120 Me: UTG- 15k- Cards Ad-Jc-10d-6d Villain 1: Cutoff- 13k Villain 2: BB- 15k Pre-flop Action: I potted and got called from Villain 1 and 2. Flop: As-Jd-Qd. Action: Villain 1 checked and I lead with 60% of the pot. Villain 2 potted it, and Villain 1 re-potted it. Action back on me... What would you do?
  5. Is there a way to add Revolution screen names and get our stats to get tracked?
  6. I was playing SNGs and I tried registering for more and I got the same message. Bullshit.
  7. I live in Chandler which is just south of Scottsdale and I usually play at Casino AZ. The best game you probably would want to play is the 3-5-500 spread limit game which is basically 3-5 blinds with a max bet of 500 since No Limit can't be played in AZ. They also run a 1-2-200 spread limit game. The games are soft and like any other casino, the regs think they are the greatest poker players ever, when they're pretty terrible. You might catch the tail end of the Snow Birds before they leave for the summer so the games should be juicier than normal. Hope this helps and remember that it's Casino AZ @ Indian Bend that has the poker room and not Casino AZ @ McKellips. Like it was stated previously in this thread, they also tun 3-6, 4-8, 6-12, 8-16, 20-40, 30-60, 40-80 and so on limit games. They also run 3-6 & 6-12 limit Omaha H/L.
  8. $200? You can't even buy into the Sunday Mil. This should be a comedy not a docmentary.
  9. If you're asking for advice, I'd fold. You have one pair on a K high board with no draw to low. Even if you have the best high hand, you're only drawing for half of the pot. The villain is most likely drawing to the low. They could aslo have a pair with that low draw or possibly something as strong as A-A-3-x. A set of Kings is also possible. Your play preflop is fine since you may pick up the blinds with a moderately strong hand. And if you see a flop, your hand plays well on a high card flop. Just remember that hand strengths and the percentage you're favored by in PLO8 are a lot different than NLHE and knowing when to lay down hands in PLO8 is the key.
  10. I've been playing on FT quite a bit lately and I like their bounty/KO tournaments. I'd like to petition stars to do the same and have both guaranteed mtts and sng bounty/KO tournaments. Thanks and cosign please.
  11. *Since you're in the rebuy period I would probably call with the high hand and pray that a spade doesn't come out. Or an 8 or 9 for a possible same straight or filler to a J-high straight. If you win and get half the pot, your chips will jump to 14,100. If you get quartered your chips would be at 7500 or if you lose it all you could rebuy 3000 chips. (Rough estimates on the numbers).
  12. You probably have the best high hand, but you have no redraw. Somebody definitely has the low end of the straight from the way it looks or maybe 4-8-x-x for 2nd nut straight. One of the villains could also have A-2-x-x for the nut low draw and some sort of spade draw to go with it. (Any low from one of the villains is probably good because I don't see your 87652 low holding up). You could call here, but it doesn't seem like the optimal play for all of your chips since you don't have any redraws and somebody could possibly hold the same high hand. You're gonna risk 8400 to win 12,600 at the most against two people at best if you hold the only high hand. Or you might risk 8400 and recieve nothing back in return or 800 which would be roughly a quarter if somebody held the same high. (Numbers might be off a little). I would fold just because it's not worth it to risk that many chips. If the pot was kept small then it's an easy call.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The only shitty thing is no-limit is not allowed to be played in AZ. But they do have a juicy 3-5-500 spread limit game.
  14. Your odds are wrong. It's more in the range of 5-1 to 7-1 underdog.
  15. Does anybody know how to get past hand histories for FT? I didn't know I had to save them in a folder and I wanted to post a hand on here to get some feedback.
  16. Another politician with an opinion about something he/she knows nothing about. I'm not going to say anything about his religion, (uh....probably a fucking M*****), or his theory about what is morally right or wrong. If he knows anything about addiction whether it pertains to drugs, alcohol, or in this matter gambling, then he should know that just because the option to gamble from your living room becomes available, it doesn't mean that numbers of gambling addicts are going to skyrocket and never recover. It doesn't matter if something is more accessible or not. If you're an addict you will get your fix no matter what; whether it be at a casino or in your home. Another thing is, like it was previously posted in another response in this thread, he's just another politician trying to project his morals onto other people because in his eyes, they are the correct morals one should have. I don't understand his theory about online gambling driving our econmony into the gutter. Our economy already is in the gutter because he and his political buddies thought it would be great not to regulate Wall Street. If online gambling were to become legal, then the US could collect 10s of billions of dollars in tax revenues. The other reasons he gives such as it would be easy to launder money to fund terrorism and the fact that companies lost $40 billion when they withdrew from US markets aren't arguments at all. Unless terrorists are really good at poker or they get free FPPs, then they couldn't transfer money to their friends and withdraw it without playing the required hands before it's considered their money and not transferred money. And the reason companies in the online gambling business lost $40 billion dollars in one day is because they withdrew their services from their biggest market, the US. Sorry about the long ass rant. And one last thing, he never mentions poker once in his whole article. Edit: “Internet gambling is known as the crack cocaine of creating new, addicted gamblers because it’s so accessible.” - What a joke. Is he serious?
  17. I play the majority of my poker on Stars so I'm not too familiar with FT's system of unregistering for tourneys. With the Mini FTOPs going on, I'm trying to satellite into events using points. I was wondering if they offer something that is equivalent to T$ on Stars. I know for some of the other satellites on Tilt you get a $26 token and can use it to play any tournament with a $26 buy-in. If I satellite into Mini FTOPS events and then unregister for them, what happens? Will I get tournament money that I can apply to other Mini FTOPS events, or can I not unregister for them at all?
  18. 'RoLLingonXTC' has a similar one and it's tilting as F%#*.
  19. What are some of the best or worst avatars paople have seen on Stars (Cause I think they're the only site that allows you to choose a picture for your avatar)? I know the worst avatars I've seen are all the ones where people decided it would be a good idea to put up pictures of their ugly little kids. What's up with that? As for a best one, I don't remember one that is ridiculously heroic.
  20. I know a lot of poker players like to listen to music when they grind. Since Mininova shut down, does anybody know what torrent site I could use to get my music? Thanks for help. It's much appreciated.
  21. It doesn't seem that fishy. The guy check raised with a gutshot hoping to get you off your hand. And in typical stars' fashion, it rewarded the idiot who hit the 4-outter gutshot for a straight.
  22. No time to explore Australia ,lol. Let alone a city wtf? Foreign sluts like any c##k. LOL @ "American men". Pussy can be had down the block. No pissed off geezer here . I love life and can afford to pay my own way there or anywhere. You are so STUPID !!! Amazing somebody would get pissed and feel like they're being attacked in an advice thread. If he's there for 5 days and gets knocked out on the first, he would definitely have enough time, (roughly 4 days), to cruise around Sydney and check out some of the sights. And when I was referring to people not having the opportunity to do it later in life, I meant in a way that they wouldn't be able to do it because they would have other commitments such as kids. Either way, it sounds like you're pissed you didn't win the seat, eh?

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