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  2. Sjisjsjsjbsskakskkslakahwbabajapbzjoaksksksjsjsjsosksjsjdnskjsjekskksjsjs sighhhhhh was fun for a while heart breaking finishes though bah next Sunday imo
  3. In! Can't wait not many 10k's we ohioans can drive to :)
  4. Add me stamdogg.... :) subject it p5s...... games to fun :),,,,PS3 that is
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA I couldn't help but to laugh out loud at this......:)
  6. GGOOGOGOGOGOGOGOG Puffinmypurppppppp glglglgl tyler!!!
  7. 200$ FFB

    I'll vouch for DumpingKGB holding a large some of money he is def. 100% trustworthy. He tha illest....
  8. Basicly one of my favorite things to do is punt off my big stacks deep in bigger tournys against players who I feel I could own. Once you checked the flop i litterally thought you had ak hmm saying that and proceeding to check behind? Not sure what i was thinking there to be honest lolz. But you check turn I decided to go ahead and try to rep the nuts so even if you have ak i dont think your going to call my river vbet. I knew that you weren't to regular in big tournys but I def didnt have much history just that you have 3 bet me like 2 or 3 times um. Saying that I didn't think you were check calling for value on the turn so if I am betting the turn and you flat in my mind i MUST rep the river with my bet. It was just another case of my trying to punt off my stack thats all :)
  9. any1 know of any links for the ufc tonight???? couldnt find any for ufc 100 on justintv. and we dont know of any others. any help would be appreciated, ty.
  10. Braun>votto>fielder> Bruce for now Volquez>gallardo>next 4 for reds> brewers SP Braun is easily the best player on the field when the reds and brewers meet. Pitching>Hitting Reds>Brewers
  11. reds are like 2nd last in baseball for runs scored... 3 will be enough to win on most nights
  12. Im here, enough said
  13. where the fuck is episode 2 can only find 1,3 and 4 on demand and no 2 online
  14. this if we could by ncaa '09 he is first overall
  15. LOL I am retadded my freind hartsock27 was logged in on my computer on pocketfives when i posted that so I will be there Tuesday and yes Stuman I am still counting on you for nanners :)
  16. If we are going with ever played for them then Ken Griffey Jr for Reds and Barry Bonds for Pirates. Bonds was very arguably the most dominating player ever and Griffey is ahead of bench and rose during his mariner days but obviously not as reds. Cardinals: Pujos Reds: Pete Rose Pirates: Bonds Astros: I guess Biggio, has there ever been a team with a less dominating Best Player(Ryan= overrated) Cubs:Ernie Banks(this Cap Anson (1871-1897) has more of everything then Ernie Banks Except Hrs and in Fewer Plate Appearances) Brewers: Robin Yount (Geoff Jenkins 2nd all time on Brewers HR list?)

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