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  1. I haven't logged in or posted on P5's in years, but the WSOP coverage hooked me like the old days. But I login and TJMullen, the best troll ever, has returned for his first post in like 3 years with this contribution. This thread makes my day! It feels like pre-black friday! Not sure I'd take him too seriously, I mean this is the guy that started these classics (amongst others): Long live TJ!!!
  2. I'm calling . Would have raised ronnieb's post but he didn't type enough to make it raise-able. Also disagree greatly with OMG about raising 2x with strong hands and 2.5x with R/F hands. That's ludicrous and exploitable over time by anyone paying half attention. Pick an opening size and keep it the same for every open.
  3. So what was your actual *offense*? Also I listened to that recording. Not sure why you were arguing when the guy gave a clear interpretation at the get go.
  4. why are you shoving over a guy with 15bb and running 27/4? No way are you ahead here and he's likely never folding.
  5. they posted on their facebook page yesterday that they were having issues with website and phones as well
  6. It's zone poker only, and it works fine on my Android powered phone.
  7. I was top 5 thanks to some big hands early. I don't think I got more than $20-$22 from that.
  8. DC's still happening this morning. Tried to play some cash before work but too many DC's left and right.
  9. +1 here in micros for sure
  10. what were the blinds? What were the other stacks?
  11. +10000000 OP they owe you nothing. Your schedule changed, theirs didn't.
  12. Hampton falls is the better choice anyway.
  13. if it's a 2 day they often get 100+
  14. seems to work fine for me on time-warner.
  15. Love this idea- so degen. Plus agree with previous comment that it would be fun to FT along with a bunch of randos, not regs.
  16. is there a badge for WPT wins? he doesn't have enough badges yet ;)
  17. I think they are playing in South African money, so this may be a low limit table?
  18. If I read this right you are the shortstack with 10bb. Get it in all day but expect to be called a decent portion of the time and flipping.(or occasionally behind)
  19. actual link to story is here: http://f5poker.com/poker-news/2014/1/17/tom-durrrr-dwans-25-million-dollar-score-rumors/

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