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  1. I cringe every time somebody posts "but Samuel L Jackson said . . . " or "Cardi B said . . . " bullshit. Like if it supports their opinion, they use it was proof of some broader connection to African American thought. Its complete bullshit. A better argument involves the words of actual African American intellectuals. Tanehisi Coates and Ibram X Kendi are two of my favorites today. Sowell is an intellectual. Most contemporary scholars of African American and racial studies disagree with him, but his ideas should be taken seriously. Candace Owens is not. She's just a
  2. Gbr is difficult to access. We booked a one day trip and only got a couple hours in the water. Couple hours each way on a catamaran was nothing to complain about, but didn't live up to what I had been dreaming of doing my whole life. Molokini crater off Maui was cooler to me. Gonna have to book a trip to Belize next I guess. Never tried that style snorkel. Still use like 20 year-old equipment that works just fine. Just seems weird to switch after all these years.
  3. Again, just a hyperbolic opinion piece. Pretty much nobody is suggesting that schools should be closed, so this has effectively turned into a strawman. I'm going to focus on the United States, because none of us know anything about kids in Malawi. Being out of school is bad for most kids. For some, its actually been a good thing; some kids have had improvement in their mental health during the pandemic and learn better at home. But not most. Depression has been on the rise for decades. An 18 year-old living today is more likely to have had clinical depression i
  4. No I mocked your example because it was ridiculous, while pointing out that nearly the entire list was about the pandemic as a whole, not the relative harms directly attributable to lockdowns like you keep implying. You doubled down on the absurd example so you could repeat your line about not being compassionate or whatever. Everybody acknowledges that lockdowns have consequences. Nearly everybody wants schools open. NOT everybody speaks in absolutes/extremes like you - most or all of the consequences are because of lockdowns and little or none the pandemic itself, lock
  5. Tell me more about how much you care about families in poverty marrying off their children to survive halfway around the world. I'm sure marriages in southeast asia have always been a passion of yours, and only moreso now. I remember learning about this in college a million years ago. I don't care to follow you down some ridiculous rabbithole that serves no purpose, but I did skim the article. Its main point is that a ton of families have slipped into poverty, and one of the results of poverty in poor nations is families marrying off their children to survive. That is a ba
  6. Mupp Just posting nonsense. Over and over. Endorsing twiter posts where the person doesn't understand basic facts
  7. oh, the quote of a guy from an article speculating about possible downstream effects? Tell me more about your deep understanding of marriages in vietnam. I'm sure you were very concerned about the exploitative practices two days ago. reeeeeealy grasping for that lockdown anger, when there is more than enough reasonable anger to go around.
  8. Yes. The dozens of posts I have made about your falsehoods over the last 1-2 months that went unanswered are totally me ignoring things. I even made a list a week or two back. I'll go find them and quote when I'm bored. More like I eventually give up and no longer entertain absurdity. Child marriages in Vietnam! Blood on your hands! Everything is because of lockdowns! Literally!
  9. Amazing timing by me lololol
  10. It's fascinating the way people glom on to stuff like this. In before trues . . .
  11. I think the child marriages because of lockdownzzzzzz is my favorite part lol.
  12. While I agree with Swerve's sentiment, the framing is just terrible. JB is the crying child for trying to wait a couple weeks to see people so the family patriarch isn't at risk of death. The people that want to risk death to see each other now, when they can do so risk free in a few weeks are the reasonable people making sound decisions for themselves and their family. Like definitely everybody do what they want, but one is much more logical and reasonable than the other.
  13. That is terrible math, lol https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33626250/
  14. Blood on your hands if you shut that down. didn't you go to a restaurant one time fuckin hypocrite For real though: Israel study shows that at 14-20 days after the first dose, you are 46% protected from infection, 62% from severe disease, and 72% from death. If he has coexisting infections, its probably even lower So at 5 days much lower; probably not a great idea.
  15. glad to see MUPP is still at it. I especially liked the massive list of pandemic negative effects. Only like 1-2 articles even mentioned lockdowns, but it was still was used to imply that the lockdown caused all the effects and not the pandemic itself. Brilliant stuff. Second place hilarious is the correlation graph of states and masks, lol. Almost as good as that oklahoma blogger posted a while back that literally showed the opposite conclusion of what he was saying. like talking to a brick wall at this point
  16. This bill is estimated to reduce children living in poverty by 40%. Why do you and Hacker hate children?
  17. I love this bill. So much. Bailout of governors loool. Yall obsessed with everything being about dem politicians. Extended unemployment, the child tax credit, checksssss, business aid, money to help continue to speed up the vaccine rollout. And Hacker tears. I love almost all of it.
  18. I think this is, specifically, covid relief. Much more than the first round. Not that there is really a distinction between covid relief and general relief right now. With the first round, businesses had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and apply for first-come-first-serve loans. the larger organizations had the infrastructure to do this, and so most of the funds went to big business. It lost all effectiveness in the red tape. The most affected groups during COVID: People that lost their jobs - unemployment is extended. Those with children - not being in sch
  19. The results from Stockton California are impressive. It increased employment for the group that got the credits by like 12 points relative to the controls that did not. I posted a link a few days ago.
  20. Ya all of it has a cap, as it should, so technically not ubi
  21. How are direct payments to needy families not covid relief. Poverty has increased dramatically during the pandemic. This targets those most affected . . . People living at our near the poverty level, and especially those with kids. I can't think of anything that would more clearly constitute relief. What would you prefer? More "small business" loans that go to the Lakers, Kanye, and Ruth Chris?
  22. Gotta say, the more I look at the relief bill, the more I like it. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/07/us/politics/child-tax-credit-stimulus.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage The "child tax credit" amounts to a one year UBI for families with children - $300/child per month. This could actually be a step in the right direction. The data on UBI is growing increasingly clear - it helps lift families out of poverty, unlike most welfare programs. I like the Romney plan of a larger credit combined with cuts of other safety net programs.
  23. Its amazing that we are literally criticizing the public unions and how much power they have, and talking about how kid should be in school, yet they are sooo focused on making this about dem politicians that they just keep making up new scenarios that have no basis in reality. Like brainstorming in real time on how this can be their boogeyman's fault. Yet, when I provided the narrative that will make this true they ignore it and keep trying.
  24. the strike ended after 6 days because the district largely caved to their demands - 6% pay increase, decreased class size by 4, etc. Not because MUPP the superintendent played tough. Also, california teachers have the right to strike. It is my understanding that you can't just fire them for striking.

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