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  1. I always thought of dolphin as kinda like a little girl, ofcourse I'm here for him
  2. I'm awesome. No interesting projects tho. I just.. uhmm... drink beer and play video games.
  3. January 5th is finally here, and the settlement check should have arrived. Are you owed any money, and if so, what are you going to spend it on?
  4. Rodgers looks like he's crying. He should be
  5. Medium to big... The bigger they are, the faker they need to be (too big real tits are usually not hot). Big nips are fine, but big ariolas are not.
  6. So nothing really changed while I was gone...
  7. LOL, my god how I miss getting fucked up like that
  8. I swear to fucking satan, the day I learned about c-betting from one of gitters videos, I went from a break even player, to winning $200 in 1 day, 1-tabling $10-non-turbo SNG's. true story
  9. I know this girl who put her finger into a running engine or something so it got chopped off. Would you rather it being a birth defect or that she lost it in a freak accident? BTW the girl I know is not hot, but we still made fingering jokes with her...
  10. You dont HAVE to be drunk to have fun, but why risk it?
  11. Agreed. Next vegas trip is planed for june 2017 (when it's so far away, I have to play far ahead). Do people still do OT parties around that time? I don't plan on being an adult while I'm there.
  12. Who killed OT?

    First of all I want to say that Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are fucking impressive. Also, the huge threads with 500+ replies really turn me of. I mean, I don't have time to read all that. I much prefer smaller threads that die down after a day or two. It used to be like that years ago, and then you knew... if a thread had 100+ replies it was something special. And FFS bring back threaded view
  13. If her teeth are just crooked and standing in every direction then I mean... It will deduct some points, but she can still be hot, as long as they are clean. The thing that is a deal breaker for me is if her teeth are dirty. You know it looks like they taste mayo or some kind of spicey butter or something. I mean... That's just fucking discussting.
  14. Do you have any special friday rituals? When i was younger it used to be: get as drunk as possible. Now I'm older with kids and stuff. We do grocery shopping on fridays, and stores have the last few years gotten a really good selection of beers. So I try to find a beer I haven't tried before. Then I put the kids to bed, play video games, and try to get as drunk as possible.
  15. Yes. I am i, only once tho. You either need to enable creditcard or teach me how to e-check. Only reservation I got is that we do the league draft when I'm not working (brag), weekend is fine
  16. Don't come here and tell us you don't know how to put things in your mouth and suck on it.
  17. I want in. Anything $50 or less if there is a spot open
  18. Girlfriend wants me to play something with her. Suggest a older console game. BTW camz, that is fucking sexy. I miss our micro 8 game sessions.
  19. I'll seriosly chip in for a live streaming camera for you guys. This needs to happen
  20. Sooooo.... Do you want to have a ton of money, or do you want to have a ton of money AND be a fugetive? Is that the question?

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