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  1. Yeah, I have plenty of connection issues too. I was just venting and adding another complaint to the list....the recent cancellation of tournies has been weak.
  2. It's hard to get disconnected when they keep canceling tournies before they start... Why list a minimum number of players if they plan to cancel it anyway?
  3. Oh - Thank you so much Dixie, btw! You really rock!
  4. Great work team Mantis. Good runs by all teams involved and congrats to all those who shipped $$$. Special thanks to Kevmode for his insights, much appreciated by all I'm sure. Hey Dixie, look for a personal note from me soon. GLGL, GG, WP, ETC
  5. I can confirm my last check received showed up in about a week from Carbon, was very pleased.
  6. Count me in. Just let me know when and who to send the 100 to. Thanks for putting it all together.
  7. wait list would be nice, instead I'm sitting here trying to catch an open seat as a few people unreg...
  8. I'll second that. All Access Visa Gift Cards work wonders. They come in 50 and 100 buck cards and can be found at any local Grocery Store. - Ned
  9. NeddyFlanders


    Congrats on the win. Seeya in Aruba.
  10. My Bank's Visa/Mastercards don't work directly at Stars or UB. I had to go with the prepaid option at the Local Grocery Store. 100 Buck Card / 5 buck fee. According to Wolfman79, he says you can call UB and they can help arrange it so your Bank's cards clear in a different way, which allows it to be accepted. But I haven't tried this yet. Just my .02. - Ned

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