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  1. $50 on GSW +6.5. Jaybone can vouch/ship for me
  2. Book it for $50? I have Kentucky -2.5 if you agree.
  3. Game tips off in 8 minutes, not yet closed
  4. Looking to book Kentucky -2 for $50. Trying to get it booked before 9 hopefully. Jaybone can vouch.
  5. I guess our bet is cancelled. Was still willing to bet -3, however its okay, bet cancelled. GL on your wagers. I am looking to bet Kentucky -2 for $50. Jaybone can vouch for me as well
  6. Yes I hear you, Bet confirmed Golfer, gl. Thanks for the info Shaaarrrp
  7. BET BOOKED. All good, very valid point, spreads are constantly moving, and different across multiple books. Booked at -3 for $50, no problem, go Kentucky. Wasn't going to cancel, was just seeing if golfer would adjust, but tis true, you are right
  8. Dang it, I posted it simultaneously as you lol. Let me know if Kentucky -2 is okay with you?
  9. I just looked at the spread...Would you adjust the spread to the current spread of -2? It's booked if you say yes. I have Kentucky -2. Jaybone can vouch for me, and he'll ship/receive if I win/lose
  10. Booked, Jaybone will ship if I lose, and ship to jaybone if I win
  11. Nah, I'll stick to trying to get Kentucky -1.5. Here's a few local food pantries in the Vegas area: http://www.foodpantries.org/ci/nv-las_vegas P.S. They offer free food, and you don't need to get lockjaw to get it
  12. Fine fine, if anyone will take it, I want Kentucky -1.5 up to $50
  13. Would like Kentucky -1.5, Jaybone can vouch for me, he'd ship if I lost, interested in up to $50 on it Edit: Nevermind, feeling a bit of a coin toss. GL to those that bet
  14. Wooot Woooot, ship ship, such a clutch jay by Harrison
  15. Could I bet $50 on Kentucky -2.5? Jaybone could vouch for me. He'll ship if I lose
  16. Hey quick question, anyone know if they still have the scenario generator on Yahoo like they used to? Can't seem to find it.
  17. No yahoo allows multiple bracket, just have to adjust the settings like chemist said
  18. Bump, just got sent over by bone
  19. I'm in for this for 1 entry; Jaybone will ship for me
  20. I'm in for 1 spot; Jaybone will ship for me

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