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  1. Mueller just let me know about dolphin, sucks to hear. Maybe a tribute OT Podcast is in order where we can rally some of the OG’s to tell their favorite dolphin stories?
  2. Stopped paying for the domain and not sure if I can find the files...they live on in our memories. Cherish it. Cherish it.
  3. I'm a bit biased but... Last Cup: The Road to the World Series of Beer Pong
  4. I'm a recruiter...go meet/work with every recruiter that reaches out to you. Be sharp and personable when you meet us...we are 95% soft skill seeking and most of the time we won't even have a job for you right at that moment. Meet them, leave an impression and you could get a call in two weeks with a job that was just picked up by the firm Get on linkedin, pound your profile with keywords in your skillset and make a few updates saying you're seeking a new position. Seriously, talk to every recruiter you can and if they want to meet get in there and put a face with the name to start networking What do you do and what was your last contract position?
  5. http://www.cinemablend.com/television/Dexter-Season-7-Premiere-Full-Episode-Watch-It-Here-47581.html
  6. PRK is a more painful and longer recovery...I had lasik done and was seeing better than 20/20 the morning after. Personally, I thought the procedure was freaky as hell...having your eye peeled back and seeing all blurry and shit is kinda frightening. I paid 3200 total for the procedure. That all being said you are a bit old for the procedure :) Oh and as for the doctor that does it...basically doesn't matter. They pretty much punch numbers into a machine and peel back they eye to expose it properly...not much to do technically from what I understand
  7. Shawshank, wish I could watch it for the first time every time
  8. It's not that I'm not interested in OT anymore, it's just that since I don't play for a living and spend all day on the computer I don't contribute much. I actively tried to stay away when Black Friday went down just because it was easier that way.
  9. And awesome as always, what would I do without you sir?
  10. Have fun disciplining your kids without using Santa to hold over their heads when they are being little fuckwads.
  11. Funny you said this because I snap accepted a job as a head hunter today :)
  12. Seems to be simultaneously the best and worst decision you could possibly make. Good luck boys.
  13. It is a whacker between Santa Clause and The Easter Bunny
  14. Dude he is a noob...he has to earn respect before he can go out and run his mouth like this. Yea, if he had been accepted by the community in 06 and did what he is doing now then by all means he would have fit in with everyone. The problem is he clearly has not been accepted and continues to be an ass for the sake of being an ass and is on course to never be liked.
  15. This is less embarrassing than meeting on an internet dating site? You'd just say you met online, done. Anyway, I like her...I hope you stick around. If anything you will get your ego stroked by a bunch of random dudes. Way to turn this around. It's great how this went from people bashing you to guys telling you they will show you around if you are ever in their area...lol standard. That being said, next time you're in Munster I can take you to Three Floyds for the number one beer in the country. http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/food/beer-the-secret-behind-the-cult-of-three-floyds/2011/10/27/gIQA9hXhcM_story.html
  16. Just saw this tweet from CNN: Statute of limitations prevents charges in judge's beating of daughter, DA says http://t.co/B0ahuWCj
  17. God damn, didn't know anyone was up this late besides me
  18. Teenager is dead. If you watch the first scene he is in you can see him standing behind the psychiatrist while he is supposed to be sitting on the couch.
  19. Awesome, glad you guys can keep watching with DirectTV. Can't wait for the next episode
  20. Yea I don't know how anyone who has sat down and watched the first episode could dislike it...so well shot and the story would be great even if it wasn't creepy as fuck
  21. The show is shot so fucking well...so hard to tell what's real and what's not. Tons of questions need to be answered...loving it so far

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