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  1. I played the Colossus last year and it was def insane... I did manage to run it up to a 283rd finish though outta like 22k people. Payout wait was redic. I went back to Rio at like 3 am and it was still an hour wait but anyway I'm planning on going again this year. I would def pre-reg any flight you are going to play. I played 2 bullets and the second I started late wave and only 25 bbs. Wish I had more vacation time for the series. Sorry I won't be able to throw in on a rental I'll be with my family. I'd love to meet up with any P5ers that make it out to Vegas. Should be fun!
  2. Been waiting almost couple months on last cash out (4/16). Still in the processing stage. Just emailed the address macho posted. We'll see if that helps. I just wanna move my roll over to Bovada/WPN now.... if this check even clears.... this is excruciating.
  3. How did you end up doing AJ? I just got back from Vegas and played the Colossus. Made day 3 but busted in 283rd. Had a hell of a time and it was a roller coaster! Bagged just 17.4K on day 1 and then ran it up to about 130K to end day 2. Never got any momentum going into day 3 and lasted about 2 levels just shoving in position when I could. Finally shoved 12 bigs w/ K10 and up against QQ flop AK6...turn 10....river Q. LOL was a good time though. GL in Vegas whatever you play bro!
  4. UPDATE Received check on 10/24 put in my bank same day Funds available today 10/27 Took all of ten days from request to funds available. Really fast turn around. Very impressed.
  5. Requested withdrawal 10/17 Processed today 10/22 Will update when I receive the check and deposit
  6. Hey Trent welcome to the site! Played against you a bit on Carbon. Keep up the grind man!
  7. Damn AJ nice double ship the other day! Hope the run good keeps up for the series. BTW I'd like to have the link to contest page so I can follow. Thanks in advance.
  8. Sigh.... I'm out got an effin business seminar that would cut the events I planned on playing in half. So I'll be railing for the most parts but gonna try and play all the mains. Good luck to those who are in it!
  9. Will ship next week. Only gonna be able to play about 20 of the events for sure but obv gonna bink a few
  10. Pretty cool to see a lot of names I run into on Merge every time I play. This will be fun!
  11. Whoa that's pretty top heavy thought it would pay out at least 3 spots if we had 10 ppl in it. I'm fine for $50. I'll ship on paypal
  12. I'd be down for it.... just don't have a paypal account yet but that should be easy enough to get it. Not sure bout the volume I could put it but it would be fun for motivation and get to know more P5ers on Merge networks. S/n on carbon is JUSTaN00b
  13. This first hand just goes to show what a bitch variance really is.... In MP/LP you want to raise around 2.5x the BB, which seems to be the norm nowadays in MTTs. You WANT the BB to feel like they are priced in to call since they'll miss the flop around 75% of the time. My suggestion here would maybe C-Bet a little smaller say around 3.1k and save yourself the extra 1K when he shoves. Without any real reads here on your villain its really hard to range him here on the flop. The worst ever leak is knowing when you're beat yet "you have to see what he has" In the big picture would calling there r
  14. Anyone playing on Juicy Stakes?? How are they as far as cashouts?
  15. Requested cashout on Lock: 7/27 Processed: 8/16 Check in hand: 9/11 Check took two days to clear my bank. Cashed out my roll on Lock, not the same since it moved to Revolution. Just happy to get my money. GL to everyone else.
  16. I also had one instance where the Raise/fold/call buttons didnt show up and I watched as AQs got timed out....I could chat but couldnt press a button. Whattajoke. Schedule isnt bad for low stakes tourneys tho
  17. NM just started working after being frozen for like 10 mins :/
  18. I was just playing and all my tables froze on me... obv my internet is working cuz I'm posting this on here but J/w if this was happening to anyone else? I can't even close it as of now through the client itself....
  19. Thanks for posting this! Not really gonna complain about the lower gtds and similiar schedule. Im just a rec player LOOKING TO PLAY!!!! Thanks Tyson!
  20. I truly enjoy reading your blog! Keep em comin!!
  21. Looking for swap up to $300 Cake (avaLOS) to Lock Poker (JUSTaVILLAIN) Have done transfers on here and on PTP in the past. Will send first in small increments. PM if interested.

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