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  1. yea i can dig that point as a general statement, given the nature of todays dynamic...as soon as someone opens you already know the 3 bet is coming from pwnasaurus as cr8ive stated in the OP, thats why you see the jymaster11s and the moorman1s cold 4 betting almost instantly...my calling range of 10s plus and AK doesnt really change
  2. yea i dont see any reason why huni can't have 22 - 88 here, would be a good spot to shove those hands...i see that huni didn't enter the time bank though, so it makes me think his range is a little stronger? still wouldn't fold 10s or AK though
  3. JDsmith9

    99 in 100r

    seems like a really tough fold in this day and age i think i get it in
  4. JCamby, Kopkin was hilarious and he pretty much gifted me all the chips all I did was play tight and check when I had the nuts haha GG to you as well though sir you played well as always. and thanks again for all the love dudes, gotta get back in that top 100 where a playa belongs
  5. noodle is the man first and foremost but thank all you fellas...dreams do come trueeeee
  6. This. I have no questions, just a huge fan boy crush
  7. pretty sure i'm coming for the entire duration but we'll see
  8. JDsmith9


    congrats dude sick accomplishment
  9. I busted this fish and then busted like 44th cause I was too tired and tilted.
  10. looool epic billy madisonnaments ITT
  11. raise/calling isnt that bad considering a shove was pretty absurd with these stack sizes, but i like limp/shoving a lot better
  12. hidden valley manch tho congrats mang
  13. if i'm 3 betting with AQ i doubt im folding to a 4 bet shove EVER, let alone cutoff vs. SB
  14. met ender last summer, seemed like a cool dude...glgl homie
  15. JDsmith9


    the fact that he blocked you on AIM and didn't come at you straight despite your kindness is sooo scummy a;sfsajfjds I'm sorry to hear about your money loss, but glad to hear you kicked the habits and are back on your feet. You sound like a good person and I wish you all the best.
  16. that sucks, but worst luck in the universe? come ooon maaaaan
  17. kevin is pretty much the illest high volume mtt grinder in the game...crushes at all stakes, what a bauce congrats homie

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