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  1. BKiCe

    NHL bet

    booked a bet with makememaster via skype. my 7k to his 1k, i have the field and he has the anaheim ducks winning the 2011 stanley cup. he's escrowing 1k with me.
  2. BKiCe

    NHL bet

    err sorry posted earlier in the thread but deleted it, but i'll lay you my 6k to your 1k
  3. BKiCe

    NHL bet

    make me master if you risk 1k vs me you can increase your odds to 5.5:1 on 2k if you're interested
  4. BKiCe


    lol cmon. 100rs are that easy to scoop huh?
  5. also ftpdoug, you will remember a thread i started from a few years back that resulted in the sunday mulligan, one of the most popular weekly tourneys on full tilt. i clearly have a proven track record in suggesting good tourneys for full tilt so let's make this happen imo
  6. seems like full tilt's high stakes schedule is generally lacking at the start of a sunday so given ftpdoug's penchant for innovation and giving the people what they want, i figured i'd suggest a sunday morning turbo 100r to start the day at 13:00 EST (same time as the warmup on stars). full tilt has the 75 6max and the 50 cubed on the first hour of sundays and i don't see that this will detract from either of those fields, a turbo 100r would probably be a good mix of regs firing bullets and randoms enjoying 1 or 2 shots on a sunday morning/afternoon. could even possibly be a plo turbo 100r!
  7. wow, not sure if i've ever laughed more at an internet clip f awesome
  8. i would like to +1 aretheseutz's comment about havgin to re-enter the pin every 60 minutes or whatever it is if you're logged into the client but idle. i used to keep my AP lobby open so that i could send money to horses when needed but lately i jsut have to close it anytime i'm not actively playing on AP because of how it is always bringing the client to the front of the screen and asking me to re-enter my pin. please make the pin a security feature used at the login screen and then maybe when accessing the cashier or something, but requiring re-entry as often as you do is pointless and quite
  9. lol i graduated in finance from uiuc and both my parents were professors at the business school there. i'm out of the country now but will be back in champaign for the holidays, planning on calling this guy up and maybe trying to schedule a meeting with him. i don't understand his motivation but he sounds like a lunatic in this article.
  10. BKiCe

    blacksburg, VA

    man surely in this small ass college town someone knows where to find some bananas?
  11. BKiCe

    blacksburg, VA

    yo, anyone live around here? just got in and feelin pretty bored, was hoping to find something extracurricular to pass the time tyty
  12. +1 to just closing and reopening until it works, got it on the 5th try (on a mac)
  13. i prolly just fold to the initial raise, is AK really the kind of hand you want to go battle with for your tournament life?
  14. ahahahaha, just became a stuart patterson fan hit me up for ub $ next time
  15. play till you win one then never play again? brilliant!
  16. yes, all of this played very sick, but he and bushman did chop it evenlike hu
  17. edit: nm sorry only slightly insufferable for continuing to whine about running bad immediately after winning an ept
  18. BKiCe

    saturday omahas

    i really wish stars would swap the sunday plo 50 rebuy and the saturday 215 freezeout. the 50r has a lot more play which is better for a saturday morning/afternoon, the 215 freezeout is more or less a complete crapshoot and would fit better into the sunday schedule when everyone already has 10 tables up and are much less likely to care about the structure. i mean 5k chips would certainly be way better, the combination of starting you with less chips and having a much faster structure (compared to full tilt) is pretty awful.
  19. i sincerely doubt that ub reads this site or threads of this nature, but in case they do, i can more or less guarantee that moving this tourney up 2 hours would result in me contributing $100+ in rake every saturday via myself and my stable. as it is i'm pretty sure they get between $0 and $20 per week. that's like 5 +1's right there!
  20. BKiCe

    Lets be honest

    edit: lol, wrong thread
  21. i think this is a fold, almost all old guys live are never showing up with QQ or AK in this spot. also think your 4bet size sucks, i'd prefer 7700 or so, and this sizing makes it a lot more likely that he'll spaz shove a hand that isn't KK+
  22. don't know him that well but has always seemed like a homey when we've played together live, do work mang
  23. booooooooooooooooom, congrats mang

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