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  1. I'm hoping to tap into the collective wisdom of the forum to find the ideal location to open up a card room of my own, somewhere within the US. Do any forum members have any suggestions regarding the best city or state to open up such a room? I'm aware of the State Laws in Ohio and Wisconsin, but I don't want to limit my options and figured this would be the fastest way to search across the entire country for potential locations. Thanks for all of your input.
  2. Postponed until further notice.
  3. Event: Wisconsin Online Players Championship Date: August 14th, 2010 Time: 1:00PM Location: Player's Sports Bar in Madison, WI (P0ker H0's Bar) Buy In: $500+$30 (Tournament Director/Dealers) Freezeout Starting Stack: $25K Starting Blind Level: $25/$50 (Antes introduced later in tournament) Blind Level Duration: 30 Min Min/Max Participants: 27/54 (Tournament will not run without 27 confirmed players and is capped at 54 players) Qualified Participants: Players on the Wisconsin Top 100 Pocket Fives Leaderboard (Additional Exceptions may be made for certain obv qualified players) Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this event in this post. Michael Hanson aka BIG SH00TER
  4. With the crossover to the new forum, some of the updates have been lost. I'll try and correct this tonight. Feel free to repost here with anything that I may have missed.
  5. Stoughton's own, Ryan Beckwith [RBECKWITH] is currently sitting 87th of 276 remaining in Event #3 with $32,500 chips (avg stack approx $28K) after Day 1A. P0ker H0 will be playing Day 1B today. If you're from Wisconsin and want to have a chance to play with these players and more check out this post http://www.pocketfives.com/poker-forums/7/wisconsin-pocket-fives-championship-delayed-until-post-wsop-5495611?pageindex=3
  6. Well Steve, I'll wait to hear from you then if he's going to be able to make it. Obv w the WSOP I realize that a lot of people are up in the air for August cuz everyone has hopes and dreams, but Eric's might be a bit more realistic than others. :) You and Joe need to make it out to Player's on a Monday night (not this one) and play some cards!
  7. As of Aug 1st, this tournament will be open to ANY player from Wisco w a pocket fives account as long as there are seats remaining. Please post your interest in joining.
  8. If you're in Wisconsin, from Wisconsin, moving to Wisconsin or will just BE in Wisconsin on August 14th and you would qualify to be on the Top 100 list in Wisconsin AND would like to play in this event, please get a hold of me ASAP. I'm still holding out hope that we can the likes of basebaldy, amak and badgerpro to also play. Also, if you're in the top 20 of any other state leaderboard and would like to come and play, feel free to contact me as well.
  9. Come on Sconnie players! Let's get this event in the books. I've gotten more commitments over the weekend and I'm hoping w players like d1Rtyr1v3r, titantom32, UWOkid87, p0ker h0, rbeckwith that more Sconnie players will want to test themselves against the best in the state. I'm going to have a Wisco contact Baldy and see if he can play as well and I'm hoping that guys like Amak, badgerpro and CapTinBisKuit will be able to make it also. Those 10 players alone would make this the sickest tournament this state has ever seen. Sign up now and get a chance to play and more importantly, network, with the best players in the state as well as the country.
  10. I know H0 and Steve (Low__Chicago) would really like it if you could make it out for this event. I'm sure you'll see them both out in Vegas in June. [url]http://www.pocketfives.com/poker-forums/7/wisconsin-pocket-fives-championship-delaye[/url]
  11. One last note on GTDs, the min GTD on any tournament should be 100x the buy in for a freezeout and 300x the buy in for a rebuy. If you can't consistently get 100 players to play in a GTD tournament, that tournament doesn't need a place on the schedule as a GTD. Then when you run your Wed night schedule, you can run double GTDs all day as a way to entice players from other sites to give UB another chance. Sure it will create overlays on Wed for a little bit, but I'll bet dollars to donuts that there's an uptick in traffic on Wednesdays.
  12. I understand lowering GTDs if you consistently don't have the players to play a certain tournament. I think there are better options, but I understand. However, I have played the $10K GTD $75 PLOr the past two Sundays and it hasn't come anywhere near the GTD. As we all know, GTDs and overlays are used by sites to entice new players to come and play on your site, but it seems that UB is only courting the higher buy in tournament players. Here's the worst thing that I've seen on UB in the last month. I played over 150 of the $100K Leaderboard challenge events (10 tournaments/day; 11 on Sunday). In the beginning of April, 6 of the tournaments had a $3K GTD and 4 had a $5K GTD. [TLB points are determined in part based on overall prize pool] After a week, there were only 2 tournaments that had a $5K GTD and after two weeks, the $5k events were lowered to $4K events! How do you change the GTD on a tournament schedule in the midst of a month long promotion! Those players that scored well early in the month had an inherent advantage over players that started the challenge in the middle of the month. So wrong on so many levels. I know Susie is friends w Annie and I've talked to her a number of times too, but if this is Annie's idea of a solid tournament schedule, someone else needs to take over these responsibilities.
  13. Where to start? I think you CAN consider him as snug. That's your read, however you got it, trust it. Next, I don't like the 2.5x pre w no antes in play. I'm a firm believer in a full 3x bet in this situation. Now, when he reraises you to 8x pre you have a choice to make. Considering your read pre, I think you have to 4 bet here. Assuming your read is correct, you should have no problem putting him on a range after his decision, to the point where you can fold QQ pre if he 5bets you. If he flats however, now you have 1500-1600 in the pot and 4700 or so behind. If he bets out at this flop, I jam. If he checks, you bet 1200 or so. Even an over pair to the board, under pair to your hand from a nit is still check calling scared at best. If he jams on you, folding becomes the option you were considering, leaving you with approx 3500. The other suggested way to play the hand is to flat his preflop raise the way you did and then flat the flop and then re-evaluate on the turn. Here's the problem with this, you've now committed 1000 and still are stuck with the same info you had preflop. Too many nits bet pot because they don't know the proper bet and although I think bet size is extremely important in gauging hand strength, I think in this situation you don't get the necessary info. What happens when the J hits the turn and he bets pot again?
  14. 1st hand: Easy Shove or Fold Situation, If your read on the player is that he's generally agro, insta shove. 2nd Hand: Not sure how you don't repop a guy who min raises you after he just went busto then hand before. I'm making it $175 pre with no intention of folding to a shove.
  15. Because the field for this particular event is limited to the top 100 on the Sconnie Leaderboard, I decided against running sattys for this event. However, the Wisconsin Poker Championship in December will def have sattelite events.
  16. and player's sat 1pm $60, plus a variety of tournaments in Sun Prairie that I can more info on too
  17. Paul, You are more than qualified. Let me know if you want me to put you on the confirmed list.
  18. If you're pts in England would put you in the top 100 in Wisconsin, then yes you can play for sure.
  19. bandcamp, damn, I forgot about that... I'll have to make sure this doesn't affect too many others. As far as the meet and greet, that may still happen over Mem Day Weekend, it would probably be on that Saturday and I'm waiting to hear from Low_Chicago and Wisco to see if they're going to push for it to happen. We will definitely be running a tournament in December as the Wisconsin Poker Championship, after this tourney will get into the finer details.

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