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  1. Full Tilt Poker Game #24787695717: $75,000 Guarantee (186311199), Table 5 - 40/80 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:14:49 ET - 2010/10/17 Seat 1: BustedWadZ (6,080) Seat 2: acumen53 (2,860) Seat 3: Buckguy2200 (2,345) Seat 4: F Montenegro (2,730) Seat 5: Mario_Basler (5,507) Seat 6: bl0905 (2,680) Seat 7: pococyber (3,918) Seat 8: ronnyr37617 (7,139) Seat 9: GTGdou (2,550), is sitting out F Montenegro posts the small blind of 40 Mario_Basler posts the big blind of 80 The button is in seat #3 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to acumen53 [Qs Kc] bl0905 calls 80 pococyber folds ronnyr37617 folds GTGdou folds BustedWadZ folds acumen53 raises to 220 Buckguy2200 folds F Montenegro folds Mario_Basler has 15 seconds left to act Mario_Basler folds bl0905 calls 140 *** FLOP *** [5s Jc Ts] bl0905 checks acumen53 bets 310 bl0905 raises to 999 acumen53 calls 689 *** TURN *** [5s Jc Ts] [9c] bl0905 has 15 seconds left to act bl0905 bets 1,461, and is all in acumen53 has 15 seconds left to act acumen53 has requested TIME bl0905 has been disconnected bl0905 has reconnected acumen53: Happy Ganktober bl0905 has been disconnected acumen53 calls 1,461 bl0905 shows [Jh Qh] acumen53 shows [Qs Kc] *** RIVER *** [5s Jc Ts 9c] [9s] bl0905 shows two pair, Jacks and Nines acumen53 shows a straight, King high acumen53 wins the pot (5,480) with a straight, King high *** SUMMARY *** Total pot 5,480 | Rake 0 Board: [5s Jc Ts 9c 9s] Seat 1: BustedWadZ didn't bet (folded) Seat 2: acumen53 showed [Qs Kc] and won (5,480) with a straight, King high Seat 3: Buckguy2200 (button) didn't bet (folded) Seat 4: F Montenegro (small blind) folded before the Flop Seat 5: Mario_Basler (big blind) folded before the Flop Seat 6: bl0905 showed [Jh Qh] and lost with two pair, Jacks and Nines Seat 7: pococyber didn't bet (folded) Seat 8: ronnyr37617 didn't bet (folded) Seat 9: GTGdou didn't bet (folded)
  2. nice. we both run pretty bad with our slowrolls, I guess. lmao @ btw, hope this posts to the right one this time. last try it posted to jymaster's. I'm a posting noob obv...
  3. Full Tilt Poker Game #24498740617: $12,500 Guarantee (1r+1a) (189415421), Table 11 - 25/50 - No Limit Hold'em - 02:15:00 ET - 2010/10/07 Seat 1: EvanG01 (4,000) Seat 2: PrayinMantis (2,400) Seat 3: LucyWhyte (2,795) Seat 4: ramses64 (730) Seat 5: bizzyboy2x (2,750) Seat 6: acumen53 (2,920) Seat 7: compounder (2,605) Seat 8: natwise (1,160) Seat 9: wizfromoz (3,000) acumen53 posts the small blind of 25 compounder posts the big blind of 50 The button is in seat #5 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to acumen53 [Jd Ks] natwise calls 50 EvanG01 folds PrayinMantis calls 50 LucyWhyte folds ramses64 folds bizzyboy2x folds acumen53 has 15 seconds left to act acumen53 calls 25 compounder has 15 seconds left to act compounder has requested TIME compounder checks *** FLOP *** [9s Qd Ts] acumen53 has 15 seconds left to act acumen53 bets 135 compounder folds natwise folds PrayinMantis calls 135 *** TURN *** [9s Qd Ts] [7h] acumen53 has 15 seconds left to act acumen53 bets 311 PrayinMantis raises to 2,215, and is all in acumen53 has 15 seconds left to act acumen53 has requested TIME acumen53: its ganktober acumen53 calls 1,904 PrayinMantis shows [7c Tc] acumen53 shows [Jd Ks] *** RIVER *** [9s Qd Ts 7h] [7s] PrayinMantis shows a full house, Sevens full of Tens acumen53 shows a straight, King high PrayinMantis wins the pot (4,900) with a full house, Sevens full of Tens acumen53: haha *** SUMMARY *** Total pot 4,900 | Rake 0 Board: [9s Qd Ts 7h 7s] Seat 1: EvanG01 didn't bet (folded) Seat 2: PrayinMantis showed [7c Tc] and won (4,900) with a full house, Sevens full of Tens Seat 3: LucyWhyte didn't bet (folded) Seat 4: ramses64 didn't bet (folded) Seat 5: bizzyboy2x (button) didn't bet (folded) Seat 6: acumen53 (small blind) showed [Jd Ks] and lost with a straight, King high Seat 7: compounder (big blind) folded on the Flop Seat 8: natwise folded on the Flop Seat 9: wizfromoz is sitting out
  4. acuwein53 acuwomen53 squatwein53 weinbody53 acumenweinbody53 or if you want to run real good, jymasterwein11(or 53 obv)
  5. I just automatically agree with anything that JMaster130 says
  6. Congrats Jesse! Couldn't agree more with Lab Rat. You're an awesome dude and I've been loving watching you tear it up.
  7. Hey Appst08. I had TT that hand. Nice laydown.
  8. Well, I had a feeling this hand might stir up a little bit of discussion! Right play or wrong play, I thought I would offer up a little more insight into my thinking, the history behind the hand, and also add in the preflop action, which seems to be overlooked in most of the threads that I have seen. Jerry and I had battled quite a bit throughout the tournament and I had a feeling he would be gunning for me a bit at the final table. Little did I know that he would come out firing and gunning for the entire table, so first of all, props to him for completely changing up his play at the Final Table and really shooting for the win. One hand that I hope you all get to see from earlier tourney action at the featured table was when I put him to a decision with my TT for all his chips on a 9-high board. I had a strong feeling that I was ahead and that he could not call. He folded and I raked in a very nice pot. So, on to this hand. The preflop action was very important in my thinking and subsequent confusion about the hand. I raised UTG to 720K and Jerry reraised to 2 million. Logical thinking here would mean that he should have AA, KK, AK, maybe QQ (very very doubtful, since this is what I had, but of course possible – I did have an all-in with AA vs AA on day one of the tourney) if he is making that kind of raise of an UTG raiser when he is UTG+1. With the aggressiveness he had already shown, I thought there was a good chance that he might do this with less than those hands, especially against me, based on the number of hands we battled against one another throughout the previous few days. I also thought that he could pull this with any two cards, but it should at least be a pair or big A with 7 other players left to act. When the flop came 742, I led out not for information to see where I was at, but because I thought I had the best hand, but I did know that if Jerry had me beat, he would certainly let me know. I did not expect an insta-shove there and it completely caught me off-guard and very much by surprise. Possible holdings? I have heard 44, T7 and KK from various sources. KK is certainly the most “reasonable” based on the preflop action and the insta-shove on the flop – I would have probably done the same to not see an A or any more clubs. KK is the exact hand that Robert Williamson and Phil Gordon put him on and they think that I made a great fold. AcKc is a very “reasonable” hand as well based on preflop and flop action – and one that I may have to laydown the QQ against in that spot too. 44 is possible, but 44, 22, and 77 all seem unlikely based on the preflop action, at least for most players that I know. I think I had established a pretty TAG image throughout the tourney and to reraise my UTG raise with any of these hands with 7 players left to act behind as well seems a little odd – however certainly possible based on other hands I have seen that were shown down. T7? Wow, now that will be interesting if that is the case – especially based on the preflop action. If this was his holding, then yes, I really got outplayed and I think most would have on this one. T7 would be a very strange hand to RR the UTG raiser in that spot and to have the balls to push on that flop, I just have to give Jerry a lot of credit on that one. Throughout the tourney, I made some plays based on some very strong feelings about opponents holdings. I called an AJ preflop all-in with AQ because I specifically put the player on AJ – unfortuntately he hit two Js and doubled. I also laid down QQ once preflop when it would have put all of my chips at risk. I put a player on specifically AsKs and it was too early in the tourney to take a coinflip for all of my chips. He showed AsKs after I folded. The only reason that I laid down this hand was because I could not get a strong feeling of whether or not I was ahead in this hand and based on the preflop action and the insta-shove, there was certainly a chance that I was way behind. Yes, JJ and TT are also hands that I thought about, but again, I did not have a strong feeling one way or the other so I just had to let this one go. Sometimes you have to lay down the best hand and sometimes you just simply get outplayed. The reason for the show was to get some information out of Jerry. He looked a bit stunned to me when I showed, and to be honest, I don’t know if that was relief because he got away with it, or disappointment because he had me crushed and should have eliminated me at that point. So, I didn’t get exactly what I was looking for out of him, but that was the intention. Alex and Khan both felt he had AA or KK – Alex even gave me 2 to 1 that he had AA or KK and I took him up on it mainly hoping that I have to pay up next time I see him. So, now, on to the KJ hand. This was another spot that for some reason I had a strong feeling I was way ahead. Do I recommend calling off your chips with KJ? Absolutely not! Do I recommend trusting your gut and making decisions based on that? Absolutely! I got through this tourney making decisions similar to this and this KJ hand was the first time I had my entire stack at risk before seeing the board. It turned out that I was a dominating favorite and Jerry ended up hitting the 3-outer to knock me out. I give Jerry a lot of credit for coming out firing at the Final Table and making it tough for all of us. He completely changed up his style of play and he also ran very well. It will be very interesting to watch. Of course I hope that I made a great laydown, but if not, that’s OK. We all have to make good and bad laydowns through the course of any tournament and I can only hope that I have some more deep runs and provide more action for everyone to debate, critique, criticize and praise. I would have loved to last longer at the Final Table, and of course ultimately win, but all in all, I am very proud of the accomplishment – 7th place in the Main Event of the WSOP! Not too bad! Busting out when I did also gave me the time to spend with my wife and all my family and friends who dropped everything they were doing and booked their flights early Monday morning to come out and support me. We had a blast celebrating that night and while more money and the ultimate bracelet in all of poker would have been great, I think my run in this tourney was supposed to end when it did and I am thankful for my family and friends that were there to share the moment with me. I won’t be online too much in the next couple of days and probably won’t spend too much more time on this topic. I just wanted to share my thoughts with all of you for what it is worth. See you all online and in live tourneys soon! Lee

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