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  1. Anyone know what fulltilt Avatar is running best right now?
  2. Ship the Number One Spot to Forest Park, IL! Good Job Brah.
  3. Thanks for the update Adam, please keep em coming!
  4. 425k, 6 left. He is in third. Ten K/ twenty K blinds.
  5. 8 left, bel0w has about 362k, about ten percent of the total chips. Says he double up tran early with JJ vs. QQ, in a 1.3 million chip pot.
  6. Brady Quinn no.1 pick in 2007... yeah right mang! Brady Quinn won't make it in the NFL, but being a Notre Dame fan, I hope he's the next Montana. As it stands, Brady Quinn, uggh, I see him going in the second round mang.
  7. 16 to 20 Sngs at once???????????????????????????????????????? Are you guys fucking Kidding ME? Guess that really changes your perspective on a bad beat! I'm gonna try it. Of course the misclick factor must go way up..
  8. Hey man, thanks for the shout out. Peace. GFY?
  9. Cheers Mate! Some of my greatest victories have come with about 15 bush cans piled on the desk in front of me. Michael McGuinness Guinness Ownz.
  10. Well hopefully you're on your way to that rarefied atmosphere.
  11. Absolutely, a lot easier to handle when the turn of a card isn't going to give you convulsions.
  12. I took Poker as a Summer Job, and next thing you know its a year later, and the results are not good. I'm humping a job at a country club of all places (LOL). Prior to my year off I had a job that had a lot of stress accompanying it, but it was still my livelihood. What I needed was a vacation, what I did was quit. I didn't quit to play poker, but fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately as it turns out, I won 11 thousand a couple of weeks later. After that I went on a roll, I mean I played great. I cashed in a couple of tournaments and actually thought for a second I could do this for a livin
  13. Absolutely RIGHT ON MANG. That guy is very very annoying
  14. Swingy


    Lelie does put up some numbers sometimes.
  15. Swingy


    I don't know, he looks pretty happy...
  16. I think its "great", but each to their own taste.

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