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  1. Its been 24 hours and the guy is still on my AIM.. AOL is the biggest piece of shit site..ZERO help with this ,they closed the acount but cant get the guy off, he is still scamming under my name as we speak . Do your self a favor and get rid of AIM everyone..
  2. Hey Grayson.. shit happend to me yesterday AIM and facebook, both were worthless to help,, took me 24 hours to get them to shut bit down..im sorry to all that were asked to send money hopefully most people are smart enough , but im sure a few get tricked. after these last 24 hours im done with both sites,,,H0
  3. I was there last year ,really a cool place ..but really along flight..gl there H0
  4. Wisco got A LOT of game in both...btw good week wisco keep it up
  5. Sweeeeeet nice score it really couldnt happen to a better guy
  6. Im just looking forward to staying in a castle and doing some golf on the near by jack nickalaus course. I say all the UBOC entrants just chop the getaway and we all throw a huge poker bash???
  7. Team up guys, some great extra incentives for the winners. UBOC winners get a getaway valued at $4k!!!
  8. I probably fold here, knowing that if youre beat its a good laydown, and if youre not beat, knowing you will get his chips any minute now.
  9. chinese is so addicting. whats great is you can play it for 5 minutes or 5 hours.
  10. hes probably got a pair if hes limp calling a raise pre, so if its not a pair over 88 than its prob a set. tough to fold, but i cant see him reshoving anything you are beating except 44 or 66 here. Than again he might limp a7 suited or something like that.
  11. Interesting hand. Id probably call with qq here fairly quickly, but what if you have jj?
  12. P0ker H0

    Crazy Hand

    ive seen aa-qq in one hand but not aa-jj
  13. Hes 3 bet commiting himself, so we can assume hes not bluffing, but does this mean you have the worst hand? idk, i probably get it in. I dont see him doing this with qq to aa. I would shove those hands pre. JJ to me is only hand that is beating you atm.
  14. I would almost never do anything but shove here. You have what is probably the best hand, and not only that none of these stacks can end your tournament life.
  15. Sound like you know what the problem is but want others to reassure you. BR Management.
  16. shove every chip in pre and high five monitor
  17. I dont think its to much to shove, and its to weak to limp or fold. The only way im not shoving and just raising if its like half my stack, and i call a flop shove no matter what.
  18. You can also try controlling pot sizes better so your river decisions are easier.
  19. Im not raise folding with your stack to often, and like you said your hand is ahead of hands he will shove. I call.
  20. results speak for themself///GREAT job Eric....AGAIN standard

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